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2657 Po Box,Castro Valley,California 94546

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Walsh Property Management for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 5108888965 .. The address is 2657 Po Box,Castro Valley,California,94546,US in the Real Estate Agents sector.Location : 37.7039,-122.0812 (navigation code to find Walsh Property Management)


Q : What is the phone number for Walsh Property Management?

A : The phone number for Walsh Property Management is 5108888965

Q : Is there a key contact at Walsh Property Management?

A : You can contact at 5108888965

Q : Where is Walsh Property Management located?

A : Walsh Property Management is located at 2657 Po Box,Castro Valley,CA 94546.

Q : What is Zip Code 2657 Po Box?

A : The Zip Code 94546.

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Hello every one, i used to live in a place in San Pablo Richmond California. Its called Colin management it´s a really nice place if you have any problems they usually take care of within 1 to 2 months they just fix the problems. I wanted to get closer to my job because I´m spending four hours just in traveling, I decide to look for a place, I bought a place on D Street Hayward California is a condo. Between March or February I realize I don´t have power to my home so I call an electrician and the electrician came out and charge me $700 just to tell me that it was the pge smart meter panel, panel that connect to four different people home its outside on that same pannel. I called the property manager who takes care of D Street. He is really nice he send an electrician out and they came and they hook up half of my light off my lights is working half the light is not working my stove is not working the dryer is not working. He say you know let me talk to the board and see what we can do to fix, I say a cool. he talked to the board the board said that they going to spend the money to fix the PG&E smart meter box which connects to four different people. And the one the property owner the who takes care of this property on this street I tell him about my previous pass so I can´t eat a lot of fast food my previous past which I share my Pass with him and I say I can´t eat a lot of fast food. So it´s been like 2 months now so I decided to called HOA this phone number the one what´s on tap I try to explain it to them. You know I don´t have power we don´t have power at our stove dryer and some other parts of the house we don´t have electricity we need an electric we need electricity to get fixed and I you guys already came out. So you guys going to pay for it and all of that he´s going to turn and say that´s your problem you need to fix it and I just pissed me so I curse them out out. I why I pay $600 a month and you guys do anything I left with half power in my home. I understand if is just the smart meter that connects to my home if anything happened to that I believe I´m responsible which it 1000 I agree to fix it . but its connect to four different people whom I don´t want to pay $20,000 that´s not my responsibility. HOA responsibilities because that meter is connects to four different people with one panel. Turn on tell me tell me he´s not responsible for it. So this management there is not a good management I would not recommend you to buy any place with them they´re not a good management at all they don´t care about you. Don´t you just want to get their money I sit on it and not do anything. If I didn´t know this with this HOA I will not turn my money this home or the condo I mean.

6.5.2021 05:17:52

Can an outsider please look this matter it´s too long and seemed like HOA is going to help. Thank you

6.5.2021 05:33:25
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