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3727 W 6th St,Los Angeles,California 90020

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 2138140462 .. The address is 3727 W 6th St,Los Angeles,California,90020,US in the Lawyers sector.Location : 34.0638402900368,-118.303764268336 (navigation code to find Erick Garcia Law Office)


Q : What is the phone number for Erick Garcia Law Office?

A : The phone number for Erick Garcia Law Office is 2138140462

Q : Is there a key contact at Erick Garcia Law Office?

A : You can contact at 2138140462

Q : Where is Erick Garcia Law Office located?

A : Erick Garcia Law Office is located at 3727 W 6th St,Los Angeles,CA 90020.

Q : What is Zip Code 3727 W 6th St?

A : The Zip Code 90020.

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This attorney doesn´t deserve not even a one star review. If you are looking for a family attorney, do not waste your money, time and hope with this attorney. I was in an immediate need of an attorney, so an acquaintance of mine recommended him because he was so good and have known him for over 10 years. I was on a very very short time to file my response since the other party served me a day before my response was due. However, I didn´t bother to look for another attorney since I felt I would be able to trust this attorney with all that had to get done. Mind you, me working as a Paralegal, I was able to assemble MY FILE on my own and provide it to him with ALL the proper documentation and proof I saved him the work and time in other words. When we went to our first court appearance, it was an embarrassment. He definitely went unprepared and he obviously didn´t take the proper time to review MY ENTIRE FILE that I had provided him with. Judge had to give us a 15 min break for him to review file. After a brief break, the matter continued and by this point I was frustrated. He didn´t speak up for me, he pretty much let the opposing party´s attorney do all the talking and agreed to everything they wanted. He agreed to take my case to trial....and I can only think he agreed to that so he can take away more $$$$ from me. He charged me 2,000 for what?????????? He DIDN´T EVEN file the proof I provided him with. In addition, the declaration HE DRAFTED IN HIS OWN WORDS was only a page and a half which didn´t include anything I talked to him about. A week before court I asked him to provide me with a copy of what he was submitting as my response, but never did he send it to me. He showed me his one and a half page declaration the date of the hearing as we waited for the judge to call my case. He should be ashamed. I am a single mother who works hard to make my ends meet, and just for him to have easily charged me 2,000 to have done nothing really made me feel so devastated and completely taken advantage of. He was on top of and getting his money on time but not on top or concerned about my case. The few times I met with him in person and spoke to him over the phone, he always seemed as if he was in a rush. This attorney is not here to help, but rather just take your money. I highly feel as if he is not too experienced in Family Law as well. He became a nightmare and left me to not trust another attorney again. I asked him for partial of my money in return and he said no because all the work was done and still had the nerves to say I actually owed him more than 2,000 but he was just going to leave it at 2,000. HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR WANTS AND CASE, SAVE YOUR MONEY.

2.8.2019 08:46:23
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