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Phone number 3045347080 .. The address is 9503 Middletown Mall,Fairmont,West Virginia,26554,US in the Science Of Mind Practitioners sector.Location : 39.4851484356282,-80.1425635779638 (navigation code to find Dawkins, Angela)


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Q : What is the phone number for Dawkins, Angela?

A : The phone number for Dawkins, Angela is 3045347080

Q : Is there a key contact at Dawkins, Angela?

A : You can contact at 3045347080

Q : Where is Dawkins, Angela located?

A : Dawkins, Angela is located at 9503 Middletown Mall,Fairmont,WV 26554.

Q : What is Zip Code 9503 Middletown Mall?

A : The Zip Code 26554.

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: 04/24/2019I received my lab results yesterday, the second business day after my appointment.... the office called me and left me a voice mail. When I returned the call, I was assisted in going to the patient portal and setting up an account to view them.The 5 star review still stands!

I┬┤ve been going here for a little over a year seeing Dr. Maragh. She is kind, listens, and doesn┬┤t rush through appointments. I┬┤ve had no complaints until now. I had routine blood work done and was told the results would be posted to my patient portal unless they were abnormal in which case the Doctor would call to discuss. The results were never posted, I had to call and request to see them 2 weeks later. When I viewed them there were some abnormal results so I messaged the doctor through the portal asking to discuss them. The message was received but I did not get a response. I called the office a week later and again requested to discuss the results with the doctor. They apologized, promised the doctor would call me back right away, but again no response. I called 1 week after that, asking if Dr. Maragh was busy, could another doctor in the practice talk to me? I was told the doctors were all busy and no one could talk to me and they would just leave another message. It┬┤s now been 1 month, my Doctor has never discussed my results with me. I am now in the process of finding a new, responsive, primary care doctor. And I still have no idea if I should be concerned about the abnormal blood work. : 2 months after my failed attempts to get ahold of the Dr, the office finally calls to set up an appointment to discuss my abnormal blood work. I agree on the 1 condition I can see Dr. Marshall who owns the practice. I arrive at the office and learn that they messed up my appointment and Dr Marshall doesn┬┤t practice in the office that day. Do not go here! They do not know how to run a practice and have no regard for patient care.

I´ve been a patient of this office for several years now. I absolutely adore the care I receive from Dr. Marshall. She´s clinically savvy, current with the latest research, and  compassionate, you really could not ask for a better primary care doc. When I recently had pneumonia, Dr. Marshall called me to check on how I was doing. It´s obvious that she genuinely cares about her patients. I haven´t had difficulty getting appointments when I need them but have encountered significant wait times in the office reason I took off one star. I am willing to wait because I know I will get great care. It is also super convenient to get my PAP smear done with my annual physical. The new front desk staff are much better than previous years. Be aware that the office charges $25 to sign forms for work or school. Even if it´s a single page form that only requires a signature.

I┬┤ve been going to this office for a couple years. At first, the care was satisfactory. I chose this place because they advertise medical care designed for women, so I thought it was a good choice. I experienced some frustration in the beginning with scheduling appointments. I had a lot of problems transferring my medical records from my previous doctor to CWH. During the first few appointments at CWH, I checked with the front desk to make sure they received my medical history and each time they said no. I thought the problem was on my previous doctors┬┤ end, but after contacting them multiple times to send my records to CWH, the front desk got frustrated and said they┬┤ve already done this. CWH still did not have my records, so I gave up and moved on. I recently scheduled an annual exam appointment with Dr. Maragh using their online booking feature. I took leave from work and fasted, in preparation for blood work, before the appointment. When I arrived, they did not have my appointment in the system and said that booking online was an unreliable scheduling option. Why is this service on their website if it is unreliable?? I thought maybe it was a scheduling mistake on my end, so I let it go. I was told that Dr. Maragh was unable to see me that day and I asked if they could at least take my blood work because I┬┤ve fasted all day. They said no. I thought it was a little strange that they couldn┬┤t accommodate me in any way because there was literally no one in the waiting room. Anyway, I reschedule my appointment for the following week. Again, I took time off work and fasted before the appointment. I arrived early and was hoping to get in/out within an hour because I had a prior work commitment after. The waiting room was full, but patients seemed to be called in/out at a reasonable pace, so I didn┬┤t think there was going to be a problem. After a while, I noticed patients who arrived after me were being called. I double-checked with the front desk to make sure I hadn┬┤t been skipped and asked for a waiting time estimate, which they couldn┬┤t answer. I don┬┤t usually mind waiting, but because I had another commitment and because of everything I┬┤ve already been through with this office, I was frustrated. 35 minutes after my scheduled appointment time, I knew there wasn┬┤t enough time to get evaluated before to leave and I didn┬┤t know when I┬┤d be seen. I told them that I needed to cancel because I had a prior commitment to get to. They said that I still needed to pay the $50 cancellation fee, which is ridiculous, because they were running behind and could use the cancellation. Especially because of the inconvenience I┬┤ve already been through. I don┬┤t know if they┬┤re going to end up charging me, but we┬┤ll see. At this time, I also requested a copy of my medical records because I decided to look for a new doctor. They gave me a blank sheet of paper and told me to write my information down. It wasn┬┤t clear what info I needed to provide, but after writing what I thought they needed, they said I didn┬┤t do it correctly and needed to hand-write a formal letter. There┬┤s a standard HIPAA form doctors can give patients for medical record requests, but I guess they don┬┤t provide that. I decided not to file the request and left. From my experience, this practice is unreliable, disorganized, inconsiderate of their patients┬┤ time, schedule, money and effort to get to the appointments. I would not recommend this office.

During check in at a scheduled appointment front desk staff , Tuechana Lesesne,informed me of a $125 balance on my account from a visit on 2/11/2019. I said I didn´t know anything about it because I have been at the office since then. Ms. Lesene said she will have to speak with the office  business manager regarding why I was seen the day of 2/11/19 and how was the service was billed. I sat down about 8ft away from Ms. Lesesne to wait. As I sat I heard Ms. Lesesne call the office business  manager on speaker phone. On speaker phone Ms.Lesesne gave the office manager my full name and birthdate and asked of the service I was billed for. The office manager begins to itemize all assessments and treatments done the day of 2/11/2019. I heard everything! As the business manager is talking patients are walking up to the counter to talk to Ms.Lesesne and listening to the business manager on the phone while they look at me uncomfortably. I was so embarrassed. The patient waiting lobby was full and I if I could hear the conversation from 8ft away I´m sure everyone else could. I´ve already been diagnosed with acute stress reaction and suffer from anxiety. When Ms. Lesesne called me to the counter I asked her if she could please take the office manager off of speaker phone because it is in violation of the law to share my medical information with the public. She took the office manager off of speaker phone and told me what I already knew because I heard the office manager on the phone as I was sitting in the waiting room. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights.

Just a small . They still deserve 1 star. Nothing would make me would change that at this point. I just wanted to let everyone know that I received a call from a J. Hawkins whom I assume was the manager I spoke with last June who promised me that I would get my results mailed. She wanted to know more about the situation and to see if there was anything she could do to help. The problem is, we had this conversation last year and I was left with the reassurance that I would get my results mailed. Aside the fact that I had to go to another doctor for the same bloodwork, waiting for the results to be mailed. To this day, I have not received it. I think it┬┤s a good idea to leave well enough alone. Again, I warned you, do not go here.

Won┬┤t answer the phone, forget to call you to tell you when you have results, don┬┤t seem to use the patient portal, don┬┤t return calls. Really frustrating practice to work with. Sometimes they┬┤re great but it┬┤s really patchy and disappointing. I┬┤ve just spent 30 minutes on hold trying to talk to someone and still no luck.

The doctors and staff do not take a sincere interest in their patient┬┤s health. They do not bother to review medical records nor do they submit critical prescription refills in a timely manner. My mother and I always try to patronize minority owned businesses but this is not one that I would recommend for anyone who has onic medical issues.

This office is a joke. I had an appointment scheduled for 8am. I went a little early because this was my first time at that location and thought I would need to fill out paperwork before my appointment. I was in the office before the staff arrived. None of staff beside the receptionist greeted. First, I had to pay a balance I had no idea I had on my account . When it was my time, the assistant Danielle, which was pleasant bought me in the back. I informed the assistant I was in for a physical. She went to double check with the billing coordinator. She came back to the room to inform mthe Doctor was not in. Will never return back to this office. Disorganization, poor management to say the least! I am open to recommendations on women┬┤s wellness offices/facilities. Thank you in advance

This practice is wonderful!!! I am a new patient to the Glenn Dale location and have been here four times. Each time has been a delightful visit. I have seen both Dr. Ford and Dr. Parris and both were awesome and very knowledgeable. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles and pleasant ladies Ms. Tucana and Ms. Robin. The two ladies in the back were phenomenal Ms. Samantha and Ms. Kia both helped me feel welcomed the practice each time, taking their time with me.  In the past I´ve had terrible experiences with drawing my blood but Ms. Bree knows what she´s doing. If I could give these ladies more than 5 stars I would. They definitely represent the owner very well. Keep up the great work ladies...Mrs. D

I┬┤m posting this here, because the other business is unclaimed, and this is the practice I┬┤m talking about. I usually am seen in the Glen Dale office.This practice is wonderful. I┬┤ve been going since I aged out of pediatric care 21, 22? and have NEVER had a bad experience. I originally was seeing Dr. Marshall the founder, a former ELECTRICAL ENGINEER but now see Dr. Neal. Both doctors are so very kind and have impeccable bedside manner. They┬┤re my doctors, but from the front desk staff, to the nurses taking my blood, to the actual doctors themselves, coming here is a positive experience each time. I once had to call the doctor on-call for a problem, and she immediately correctly diagnosed me, and had me go to Urgent Care. This spared worsening of the problem, and them forward my information to Urgent Care was extremely helpful.Regarding Patient Portal, it is so convenient to have all of your test results from ever in one place that YOU can access. It helps with tracking any trends for yourself, and being involved in your own healthcare. I can┬┤t say enough about Comprehensive Women┬┤s Health, they┬┤re excellent.

NP: Sloan Ford was delightful! I had a great first experience at Comprehensive Women┬┤s Health. She was thorough, gave suggestions and very pleasant bedside manner. I was in and out quickly and felt very comfortable establishing care here. The front desk gave excellent customer service as well.

I just started going to this practice this year and my experience has not been good. The Good: Dr. Marshall. She┬┤s very warm and seems to genuinely care about your health. Also it┬┤s convenient not to go to a separate place for GYN visits.The Bad: Everything else. Seriously, like many others I was forced to come in, pay a fee and wait 45 minutes to receive test results. This was especially annoying as the results were ones that I had mentioned during my physical so I was being told information that wasn┬┤t new. I had to worry over the weekend that something was wrong and had the pleasure of paying $100 for the experience. Once upon a time I was broke and insurance-less and went to planned parenthood for my medical care and had an easier time reaching that office then I have had working with this one. A free clinic had better response times.However, the real reason why I┬┤m writing this review and going to continue looking for an office is the serious lack of communication from this office. I┬┤ve called and left voicemails, sent emails, everything short of a homing pigeon and still not response. Since health matters can often be time sensitive literally a matter of life or death, if you think about it this complete lack of responsiveness is unacceptable to me. It might not bother you as much, in which case give them a try but keep that in mind. I┬┤m really bummed because I did like Dr. Marshall but I┬┤ll have to keep looking for a great doctor who also has a great office.

I need a better office and doctor.After 5 years of nonsense ... im so done. Most off the time avoid them.Today waited an hour at the doctors for test results that were not abnormal results. Srsly? Cause they refused to tell me over the phone.Then they call me an hour after I leave to tell me my test results that they had told me the could not/would not give me over the phone.

AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!You never get to see your actual doctor because they are always booked. I went for a physical at 2PM and i didn┬┤t get called in until 2:30.Also one time they sent me inaccurate test results. How are these people still employed?The receptionists are unfriendly and overall this place really sucks. Oh and you can┬┤t call them either because they barely answer their phones

Meh. I┬┤ve experienced better is a perfectly appropriate description of the service you┬┤ll receive at Comprehensive Women┬┤s Health. I┬┤ve been a patient for several years, many of those years I was pretty happy, but as my needs have changed, the practice really hasn┬┤t so much. 1. Online booking. The people want this, and you have it, but you shouldn┬┤t have it if it doesn┬┤t work every. single. time. I got a confirmation that my appointment was pending, I waited for 3 days 60 hours and I eventually had to call and make that appointment. The point of the online booking system is to make it easier on the client. I was looking for a great user experience, but it failed me. 2. Lab results. When did you stop calling when results are posted? I had to call you, more than once, to get the information that I needed after waiting 13 days with no call - 9 of them business days. 3. Failed faxes. My appointment was over a month ago and I┬┤ve been back-and-forthing to get a very simple task accomplished. I never heard from you that my prescription that you planned to send had failed during attempted delivery. When I went to pick up my medication, it wasn┬┤t available so I had to call and request it again.I understand when minor things happen that don┬┤t go as planned. It┬┤s when the culmination of minor things continue to repeat, that┬┤s when as your client I begin to rethink my health strategy. My trust in you is slipping ground and I thought you should know. I would have submitted my feedback privately, but no on your website could I contact you.

Originally posted this review on their unclaimed page for the Glenn Dale officeExtremely disappointed with the service I┬┤ve received for my last few visits. Service at this practice has gone way downhill from when I first started coming here in 2014. 1. I┬┤ve had issues with bills and lab related documents being sent to my previous address multiple times after repeatedly changing my address on file in person and over the phone. The office staff┬┤s response to potentially exposing my PII/PHI were shrugs and that they couldn┬┤t figure out why it kept happening. 2. I came for an appointment and was not seen until an hour and a half after my scheduled time. The desk staffer who needs to improve his tone and professionalism over the phone and in person- why are you wearing a wrinkled hoodie to work? only said the doctor is just running a little behind after I paid my copay of course. 1.5 Hours late is not a little behind and Dr. Marshall did not even apologize or explain why she was late when she finally decided to grace me with her presence. It was also clear she had not taken any time to review the information in my file.The kicker: I┬┤d been called to come for a follow-up related to previous blood work. She didn┬┤t even bring it up, I had to speak to her again after my appointment and I was told oh it┬┤s nothing to worry about. So I took off work and paid a copay to be told it┬┤s noting to worry about? Seriously? The delay and clear disorganization is disrespectful to your patients. Literally as I was leaving a woman was complaining to the front desk staff about the lack of organization. My entire day was thrown off as I was late for other engagements and had to skip other errands. If you are going to charge patients $50 for being more than 15 minutes late then you should take my time seriously and pay me when you┬┤re 1.5 hours late to see me.I used to love this practice but I will be getting a new PCP instead going out of my way to Glenn Dale ever again.

Spare yourself the time and misery. Do not come here for any medical services. The staff is incompetent. The communication between staff and patients are poor. Today is the second time in less than two months that I have waited around for over an hour only to not be seen. Obviously my time is not as valuable as theirs.  The office manager Lakeisha is a joke. It has taken over a month to get a response about completing forms for school. Nobles does not return calls. And clearly messages are not returned by anyone. With very unprofessional staff and poor management it´s a wonder this office still operates. No wonder there´s high turnover even between the physicians. Save yourself the time and headache and go some you matter as a patient. Patient care should be number one and unfortunately that is not the case at this medical facility.

I was in need of a new primary care doctor and came here due to recommendations from a friend. I┬┤ve only been once but I have no complaints. The wait time was minimal and the staff and doctor were both very pleasant. I had an annual routine check up and got some blood work done.I had a 7:30 appointment and was still able to make it to work by 9:30 in Virginia.They signed me u p for a patient portal I can see all my vitals, etc. if I ever wanted to access them immediately. I will be back

This place only has two stars, and I still decided to give them a try. I made an appointment for a yearly exam. Although I was with the certified Physician Assistant Selinda Salazar, I felt like she was attentive and thorough. Regardless of the reasons for my visits, Salazar has always given me the best attention and knowledge. In addition, she has the warmest and friendliest demeanor. Here is the downside I have never seen Dr. Marshall. Don┬┤t get me wrong Ms. Salazar is awesome, but I have yet to see a doctor. If seeing a physician is your absolute thing, then this isn┬┤t the office for you. So far, I haven┬┤t had any major issues that made me question Ms. Salazar, and I will continue to come to this office for my exams and checkups.

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