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618 S Main St,Greensburg,Pennsylvania 15601

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 7248387439 .. The address is 618 S Main St,Greensburg,Pennsylvania,15601,US in the Liquor Stores sector.Location : 40.29625,-79.5436 (navigation code to find Dawgs Bottle Shop)


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A : The phone number for Dawgs Bottle Shop is 7248387439

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A : You can contact at 7248387439

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A : Dawgs Bottle Shop is located at 618 S Main St,Greensburg,PA 15601.

Q : What is Zip Code 618 S Main St?

A : The Zip Code 15601.

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Visiting Pittsburgh and wanted to find the local flavor of this industrial town. Turned to man vs food and this gem popped up so I just had to try it out. Arrived on a Sunday afternoon around lunch time and was surprised to get a seat so easily especially since I was told that there is always a crowd. Maybe it was lucky day. Even though the menu had other items like pizza, sandwiches and burgers, my main focus were the hot dogs, brats and Kabasa sausage. Food came out and I was impressed with the taste of everything we ordered. Definitely a hidden spot in a nice looking neighborhood to check out.

I searched the best reviewed restaurants in my area and D´s came up. I decided to take a chance and ended up finding one of the best places I´ve ever eaten at in Pittsburgh. First, the service was impeccable. It was if Rhiannon went to server school and got a degree in customer service. Everything was taken care of and in a busy restaurant, she made us feel like we were the only people there. The food was comfort style. Loaded with bacon, cheese and ranch - just how I like it. Hundreds of beer in their beer cave for the most picky of beer drinkers. This is the place to go. Skip the chain restaurant. Support this fantastic local dive. Thanks for the great time. - from the family who tried the Bronx beer for the first time.

Haven´t been to this place in a minute, but this is awesome if you´re looking for a casual night with good food and great beer. The beer cave is INSANE and there are just so many options they carry Dogfish Head 120 minute which is hard to find, super expensive, and was my favorite before I became gluten free.The atmosphere is so chill and the service is pretty quick! I got the chihuahua burger if I remember correctly, and it definitely was spicy if I remember.Overall, this place is pretty cool if you´re looking for a cool environment to be in with a pretty basic but delicious menu!

Came here at around 2:30 on a Monday after reading the reviews. I don´t remember the last time I had a hotdog, but the pics were intriguing. We sat at the bar and were helped by Briannian? I´m probably not spelling her name right, sorry! She was very nice. I love that they have turkey and veggie dogs for non beef eaters. We both got a sizzler dog, which is a fried dog and then you can add whatever topics you want. There are a bunch of sauces and toppings to choose from! It was fun playing around with different flavors. The dogs were delish! We also had the veg pub fries which have cheese, avocado and ranch. The fries were just okay. If you´re a beer lover, the have 1000 beers in their loft section!This place is a great staple! Would definitely come back here when in the area!

I just ordered a chili cheese dog to-go. The atmosphere is that of an ordinary bar, their hot dogs are pretty good! Served on a poppy seed bun. The chili and cheese was plentiful so I was defiantly happy with the quantity, the quality of everything was also fantastic! It was all around a good hotdog.

Local favorite! It´s often crowded, but it´s food and vibe are with the wait. Surprisingly good pizza for a place that specializes in hot dogs.

Came D´s for lunch on a Sunday and it was packed, which was great.  Lots of folks watching football, shouting back and forth to other customer and the wait staff.  Great vibe.  I sat at the bar to leave the remaining high boys and tables for larger groups.  I was quickly met with a menu and an offer for a beer. The beer list was extensive.  I couldn´t partake but I was jealous of those around me.I was debating between the Big Ben and the Angry Tiki.  I asked the bartender, explaining that it was my first time and that I was deciding between those two unless there was something else he´d recommend.  He said that if it was my first time, I should try their hot dog of the month, a Thankgiving themed concoction.  I said sure.  This thing was composed of a turkey dog, stuffing/dressing, corn, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry sauce on the side.  I liked 80 of it.  All of the component parts were good EXCEPT the turkey dog.  It just lacked the good snap/bite of a standard dog.  Because it was so soft and all of the other textures were soft it was just kinda bleh.  It needed some sort of crunchy textural element.  The cranberry sauce was served on the side and was homemade I think.  It was very tasty.  Fries were good.  Well seasoned.Service was busily kind and warm if that makes sense.I´ll definitely return to D´s cause I want to have beers and try more dogs.

I liked this place a lot. Great beer ion..Cool food options. Had a fun time with friends and found the environment comfy until it was an entire hour before closing time and they started cleaning up and wrapping up soo much.. chairs were going on top of tables all around us.. they were closing drawers and wanted us to pay. It was clear as workers sat on their phones and chatted to one another, that they were beyond ready to be done for the night

Geez Louise is it a fun time at D´s! Six Pax & Dogz! Me and a few buddies were hanging out on a Saturday afternoon and decided we wanted get a good bite and grad a few brews while we were at it, so D´s is what we went with. I think we made a solid choice! Once we sat at the bar, didn´t take long before a nice waiter asked what we were drinking. They had a large ion of beers on-tap, and tons of IPAs as well. Now, getting to the phenomenal part of our trip, the DOGZ! I was feeling rather hungry this day so I got 2 dogz. I went with the Roethlisberger, which included coleslaw, french fries and cheese sauce. Unbelievable. For my 2nd Dog, I got the chili cheese with dijon mustard and grilled onions. Both I got with the K-Boss option, which is the kielbasa. Let me just say, these dogz were on point! The bun was fresh and soft, the kielbasa had just enough snap to it, and well the toppings.. the toppings were what brought these bad boys to life! Each bite left your mouth watering for more. Plus their daily deals are sweet and cheap!This place was the perfect chill settings, all the staff and waiters were friendly, nice and chatty in a good way that was welcoming. Plus, they let us taste samples of the beers. If your in the area, highly recommend you stop by D´s Six Pax & Dogs, get you a weeny and enjoy the vibez!

A friend of mine recommended D´s as he said it´s he and his girlfriend´s go-to chill spot to enjoy a nice, cold beer. I´m so glad I finally stopped by, because this place is definitely a new favorite of mine. D´s is a little divey, but has a charming simplicity being that the menu is centralized around hot dogs and beer, and it doesn´t get much better than that!I started with a Bronx Summer Pale Ale while my boyfriend and I waited on another guest. Their list of beers was decently sized and decently priced. I think my beer was some around $6, which is standard in the city. This place scored major points for veg friendly options including their veggie dogs, which was what I opted for Big Ben style. It was a close call between the Big Ben and the Hot Valentine, but the Big Ben won me over with toppings that included a hefty portion of slaw, cheese sauce, fries, and grilled onions that I added. The Hot Valentine will be my choice next time, and that one has sweet potato fries and sriracha slaw as toppings. Every topping was generously portioned on my dog, and it tasted even more wonderful than it looked in that fluffy poppy seed bun.The daily specials at D´s are something to consider, and the one my boyfriend seemed to be most excited about was the $5 burger night on Sundays from 5 to close. I´m not much of a burger eater, but this is a good deal. On another day, Wednesday if I´m not mistaken, they have any style hot dog with fries for $6. Other specials include wings, pizza, kielbasa, brats, hot sausages, etc on different nights of the week. All of them sound like they´re worth trying! On the topic of specials, they also feature a monthly special style of hot dog. This month was a Yankee dog with baked beans, potato chips, and I think cheese on top. Baked beans on hot dogs is an amazing creation, and my boyfriend even mentioned coming back monthly to make sure we try their special dog.Only thing I would make note of is that it can be pricy to build your own 6 pack at around $4 or more per beer, but they have a massive ion of beers in the beer cave. To any friends that are looking for a solid cheat meal or even just a good, tasty treat that won´t break the bank, come to D´s and they´ve got you covered! I´m definitely looking forward to coming back.

this place is a local hidden gem! who would´ve guessed that an unassuming tucked away beer cave would serve deliciously creative hot dogs?it definitely feels off to shell out over $5 on a hot dog. but these hot dogs are worth it - they´re cooked well with just the right amount of juicy snap, the buns are fluffy, and they hold up the mountain of unlimited toppings you add, so feel free to order to your heart´s content! I ordered Angry Tiki style bacon, pineapple, double dip, hoisin which provided the perfect amount of savory and sweet and adding sriracha slaw gave it much needed crunch. one hot dog plus a shared serving of french fries was plenty!the waitstaff was extremely friendly throughout, accommodating our group of 10 and giving thoughtful suggestions on the beer ion and hot dog toppings! it´s a wonderful place for a casual meal with friends!

If there was ever a place whose name didn´t do the establishment justice, it is D´s Six Pax and Dogz.  Obviously, as the name denotes, they have 6-packs and hotdogs...but they have so much more.  The menu is actually a quite nice version of bar foods and pizza.  They have outdoor seating in the summer and they are located in a great little part of Regent Square.  BUT THERE IS MORE.This place has one of the best beer ions in all of Pittsburgh. Their Belgian beer ion is off the charts.  They give a 20 discount on all carry out beer and you can walk back to the beer cave and any beer you want to drink at the bar.  If you like good beer, this place is wonderful.

If you want a spot for a good hot dog and beer, this is the place. Can´t beat the steamed buns and the beer ion is usually good too! My go to is the chihuahua dog guac, salsa, shredded cheddar and fresh jalapeños with fries with cheese. On Wednesday´s you get free fries with the dog. Try to snag seats outside if you can. Only downfall is table service isn´t always the best, but bartenders are always very attentive and you can have front row to the dog assembly behind the bar.

They give you a lot of food for the money. They´re also very quick with their service. The cheese sauce tastes like real cheddar cheese unlike other cheese sauces. Something else that impressed me was the unique assortment of flavors you can try from. For example, they put poppy-seeds on their hot dog bun and even threw in some pineapple with the bacon and cheddar cause ... I like the creative idea and it actually went well together. It´s a nice choice if you want unique and jazzed up hot dogs, I also appreciate that they have a vegan option as well.

Wings were amazing !!! The siracha golden BBQ sauce is amazing ..!! I´ll def be back for the wings , service was really good too ! So excited to have a decent restaurant in the area :

Amazing local place for dogs and beer. Always a bunch of great beer on tap, and literally 100s more in the beer cave. The dogs and wings are also really good. Everybody comes here, kid-friendly.

We had a great time! Our hot dogs were tasty and the wait time on a Saturday night went by quickly. Tons of draft beer to choose from. I would definitely go back.

I´ve been to d´s dozens of times and i can´t say how great it is enough! They have my favorite beer on tap often- Unibroue la fin du monde & their food is solid! I love their BLT salad- I wish it was bigger and I love their wings. We love their burgers and hot dogs. What led me to write this review tonight is that there was a mistake on the order-  no big deal but I brought it to their attention and they fixed it without issue and with great customer service- above and beyond - it further confirms why I love this place as our local spot! The staff was Eli and he was great!

Ds is awesome. There isn´t anything here that I don´t like. Service is wonderful. Decor is interesting and comfortable. Food is always perfect and has ton of vegetarian options to choose from. I´m so thankful I can have a delicious veggie Chicago dog again. They have a massive beer ion in which you can pick a bottle from their beer cave or cooler. They also have a full bar and great draft beer options on draft. So again, Ds is great and should be visited if you like beer and/hotdogs.

I´ve always loved this place so much and was always a returning customer. This past visit, I sat at the bar for close to 10 minutes with a pile of dirty dishes in front of me and the place was not busy. The bartender promised to clear them out of my way, then preceded to stand in the back on his phone. Disappointed. Will never be back.

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