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848 Lantana Rd,Lantana,Florida 33462

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 5615085641 .. The address is 848 Lantana Rd,Lantana,Florida,33462,US in the Nonclassified Establishments sector.Location : 26.5863310753939,-80.0604539348695 (navigation code to find Daw Inc)


Q : What is the phone number for Daw Inc?

A : The phone number for Daw Inc is 5615085641

Q : Is there a key contact at Daw Inc?

A : You can contact at 5615085641

Q : Where is Daw Inc located?

A : Daw Inc is located at 848 Lantana Rd,Lantana,FL 33462.

Q : What is Zip Code 848 Lantana Rd?

A : The Zip Code 33462.

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Pictures on Booking.com are no near compared to the actual way the place looks. Was not clean, AC was off therefore room was hot and humid when we got there. Not what we expected at all. The room was terrible, at least we know now though we will not be staying at no Days Inn again.

Stayed at this location on 1/19/19The location was great but the inside is a different story. The room looked like it had water damage. The paint in the room was different colors. I reached out to the location and their GM emailed me to say this is a newly remodeled room. I think not. Reached out to Wyndham and for 5weeks they refuse to call me back or try to reach out to me.

Not impressed with the look and feel of this place, which is suprising for a days inn. Outside doors dont lock like there supposed to.

Full trash cans upon arrival, huge stains on sheets, plastic bag tied around smoke detector, used soaps, long-dark hair all over sheets. Spend the extra money and go some else.

Not horrible, but definitely not great. A good place to rest your head for a night or two, which is what we did. Check in was easy, and staff was friendly. Room was basic, but comfy. Nothing broken or dirty. There were some shady characters hanging around, but we didn┬┤t have any problems.

This place is nasty!!!!!!!Need to be shut down .. just nasty!!!!NastyNastyNastu

This place and its manger are one in the same.....Terrible. The staff was very rude and confrontational. Calling late at night waking sick sleeping kids. The breakfast was very basic with over cooked sausage and runny eggs. Too the stay off with extra charges were applied to my bill. When I tried to speak with the manager he was very confrontational and refused to have a conversation. The back door was wide open throughout the stay despite several requests that we made to ensure hotel security. In short I highly recommend you seek another establishment in DENTON!STAY AWAY!!!!

Horrible customer service! I called to make sure my boyfriend could check in after 12 am, they said yes as long as I put the check in date for the next day. When he got there they said he couldn┬┤t check in until 3 pm. I specifically called to make sure it was okay and now they were saying it was their mistake. So my boyfriend literally had no to go. Never booking here again. Always try to scam you.

The place is old and dirty. Smells like mildew. Shower and toilet dirty. Sheets and carpet damp. Air condition didn┬┤t work properly. Very humid in room. The whole hotel smelled bad. Outside doors left unlocked. Could hear cars go by at nearby freeway all night. Wyndham shouldn┬┤t want their name on this place. We went for parents weekend and everyplace was sold out otherwise I would┬┤ve walked out and gone some else.

This has to be by far one of the worst places to stay at... let´s begin with the small AF bed and bathroom, the rip on the carpet as you walk in, the broken blinds on the exterior, the hole on the door behind the front desk, the rude staff but let´s end with the sheets that have stains on them, the pillows that are flat, the carpet that´s outdated, the elevator that you seriously have to and i quote push the button and wait for the light to come on.  For what they charge I´m better off sleeping in my car for night and getting a better place next town over... Thank you for ruining my weekend Days Inn

If you like bed bugs then you will love this place! Had several of our employees stay there and they never complain about any hotel but, stated this place had a huge bed bug problem! If I you I would not stay here unless you want to get bitten and gave these critters go home with you! The manager did not help what so ever with the issue not even an apology!

My husband and I went on a mini vacation to the days Inn in Denton Tx. We occasionally just pick a nearby place and go on mini trips just to get away and have a night out. The hotel itself wasn┬┤t to bad. Good area, small and quite. Small rooms, and pool but ok for just the 2 of us. No way could we stay here with the kids with how little the space was. Breakfast was ok just REALLY greasy. My main issue is we booked the room online. My husband is a firefighter and most hotels will give a small discount if he has his ID. If the hotel doesn┬┤t offer one it┬┤s no big deal but if they do great! When we booked the room the website said they offered government discountpolice, firefighter, etc just to have your documents ready to show at front desk. Upon check in when we went to show the girl she kinda laughed and said no we don┬┤t offer that and wouldn┬┤t even check. We stayed anyways but the next morning when we checked out I asked another lady why they didn┬┤t give the discount when it even states they did online. She tells me its only if I book my room online. I told her we did. She immediately said she couldn┬┤t help me.....

Can┬┤t give zero stars. This place is horrible. Smells old for starters.. looks old too. Oh, it is old. Fitness room, I asked. Oh yes, he said, as he pointed two doors down. Really? A worn out tread mill and a horizontal stationary bike. Oh, and a few weighted balls, but no place to do anytbing with them as the room is not much larger than a storage room. I got to my room on the first floor and found the AC was not on so the room was hot. I turned it on and set it to 68. Nope, it got to 70 and stopped. The guy up front came down and poked at it like a caveman seeing a push button telephone for the first time, and same result, cut the compressorat 70. So he got me another room... On the 3rd close to the roof in this nice warm climate, and again, the AC was off. 85 degrees in the room. Turned on unit and set to 68. With everything in the room so warm, this will be one lousy night┬┤s sleep. So excited to see what surprise breakfast will be. Meanwhile, there are nicer, newer, higher quality hotels literally next door. Never will I let the business manager make my hotel reservation again.

Spent a long weekend here. BIG mistake! Place is pretty run down. Free WIFI does not exist since there was barely any signal. I have traveled for work for about 17 years now and this is the 1st time I have ever been to a hotel you have to request your room to be cleaned dueing your stay. Plus I was not told that was necessary at check-in.

Excellent value - good hot water and wifi! Stayed at another close by hotel that costs 50 more but I liked the Days Inn better -  at that other place last week only one of us got hot water and the wifi was spotty. Accidentally booked this hotel  by mistake and was a little worried about it frankly.Not fancy but if you want value this was a good choice for me. Hot water and good wifi. Seemed to be lots of oil field service people, a few families traveling. There is road construction so it is a little hard to find but that´s the case with other places near here.Had to step over some wires and around a ladder - They appear to be working on it which is maybe why the price was so good relative to the competition.

This place is a complete joke. The external appearance of the hotel is that of a mental institution and, interestingly enough, the surrounding neighborhood just might contain one. The room is small, which isn┬┤t bad, but the bathroom... oh, the bathroom. I┬┤m a normal sized guy 5┬┤11 and athletic and I can barely fit in there, but I digress. There are at least two spots on the floor it feels as though I might actually fall through. Considering I┬┤m on the ground floor, this is rather peculiar. The decor of the room is that from a freshman┬┤s dorm room in the late 70s, and in about the same condition. The mattress is as uncomfortable as laying on a cholla cactus. The provided fridge doesn┬┤t work, even after being plugged in and turned on for 9 hours. Found trash from a prior occupant ON THE SINK COUNTER, so clearly cleaning isn┬┤t a priority. Room service? Yeah, right! Up and out of the room by 1000, took the DnD sign down, came back around 2200 to find NOTHING had been done. Multiple days, no less! Complained to the front desk, who said the house keeper said they stopped by around 1300 and a DnD sign was still on the door. Outright LIES!! The wifi doesn┬┤t work at all, either.I┬┤m not going to continue, because if you┬┤ve made it this far and are still considering booking this place, you belong in said mental institution. Next time I┬┤ll pony up the extra money to stay at the La Quinta down the road... if there IS a next time.

This motel  is a dive dirty the elevator works sometimes .. Front desk lady is rude not friendly at all .. Charged a women for a room the refused to give her a room cause she had a pet my aunt was put up stairs in a wheel chair and then asked if she can walk down the stairs in a wheel chair .. Rooms were dark and smelled musty . Sheets had hair on them so makes me wonder if they washed them .. Total Dump

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