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1298 Noguchi Mews NW,Atlanta,Georgia 30318

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 4043523050 .. The address is 1298 Noguchi Mews NW,Atlanta,Georgia,30318,US in the Graphic Arts sector.Location : 33.7928942808552,-84.428753365835 (navigation code to find D A Willis Inc)


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Q : What is the phone number for D A Willis Inc?

A : The phone number for D A Willis Inc is 4043523050

Q : Is there a key contact at D A Willis Inc?

A : You can contact at 4043523050

Q : Where is D A Willis Inc located?

A : D A Willis Inc is located at 1298 Noguchi Mews NW,Atlanta,GA 30318.

Q : What is Zip Code 1298 Noguchi Mews NW?

A : The Zip Code 30318.

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Steve, Jeff the warranty guys and Jason the plumber were great today. I appreciate them taking out the drywall once they found out that there was mold back there from the leak we previously got from their plumbers work on our water line. Hopefully we wont have to use their service again but so far so good.

These guys are as good as it gets. I have been a condo President in two complexes they did the restoration of building fire damage. Not cheap, BUT, they are as good as it gets. Professional workmanship, and great communication during these difficult repairs. I would never consider any other vendor. Honest and perfect

Parker Young is a one stop shop! They will take care of you from start to finish with you water damage claim. Call the pros at Parker Young.

My family had a water pipe burst while out of town, so you can imagine what we came back too. Parker Young and Firestar provided immediate emergency service to us. Friendly staff. Very professional and efficient company. Customer service was more than I could have asked for!!! I highly recommend them. I´m very pleased with our overall experience with these companies!!!

Our involvement with them after my house burned down and my insurance company subcontracted them to handle putting a temporary roof with framing and tarps and removal of our remaining salvageable interior clothes, items and furniture, including artwork, memorable items.  Much of what we feel could have been salvaged and kept were tossed dumpsters and they did not follow direction on what to pack or not and clean or not which ended up with 100s of extra boxes and cleaning which we were charged for including THEIR REQUIRED transportation and packing blankets going to the warehouse and to external storage or home.  My insurance company should them as a vendor.  We have lost many thousands of dollars through this process primarily due to this companies unscrupulous actions and internal operating processes.

This is a first class organization.  I had flooding in my unit from sprinklers 5 floors up and when it came time to perform the construction and repair, these guys did a fantastic job.  6 floors and multiple units were damaged in my building and unlike other companies, they completed their work ahead of schedule.  Of particular note, the superintendent, Joe, was stellar.  He kept me posted literally every step of the way even though he had other jobs to work on.  The work done was exceptional.  It feels like a new place to me.   Thanks guys!

This place was so careless and unprofessional from day one I cannot express to you in words how disappointed I am on their boxes it says saving you dollars in days they did the exact opposite they costed me an extra 36 days in a hotel on top of the five months I was displaced except the extra 36 days I had to pay out-of-pocket because they failed to get the proper permits and they took their time coming back after the permits were approved to finish half done work they cut corners with everything they do the improperly fixed quite a few things they returned a refrigerator full of mold that had been sitting with mold for six months instead of replacing it Like any other company would do when they the ball no not this one they inconvenience me even more and now I´m without a fridge for two more weeks They put cabinets and shelves in the wrong places and painted around them and the tempted to leave cabinets with spilled paint all over them up nothing they put back was the way they found it they don´t like to return phone calls in a timely fashion they tried to point the fingers and pass the billl to everyone for their mistakes this is a bad company I wouldn´t recommend at all . Broken things returned and nobody takes responsibility. Lazy workers I can go on and on . The only ones that are decent and treated me like a human being were the movers . Besides them the rest of the company is horrible . Please save yourself mental emotional stress and save your things ! They´re not to be trusted

Unfortunately, I am not able to critique their actual work. A representative from Parker Young came out to our home a few weeks ago to survey some damage to our home roof, fence & siding and to, we thought, provide us with an estimate of the damage. The gentleman came, and took measurements, and told us he would email an estimate to us within a few days. To date, we have not received an estimate of any type. I am assuming our damage wasn´t warranted to be severe read: profitable enough for their company to repair. This has happened to us now a couple of times now, so we are hopeful we can get this damage repaired soon.

Many thanks to FIRESTAR & PARKER YOUNG  amazing teams! Due to major water damage my condo was in a very bad shape. I had no experience with such matters and I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of formalities, insurance dealings, paperwork, phone conversations etc.I am so grateful these wonderful people helped me navigate through the process/should I mention HOW MUCH PATIENCE they had with me?-Tony Grier and Brad Ford from FireStar were in charge with the water extraction and furniture storage. Fast, professional, kind, always available and genuinely upbeat - a pleasure to communicate with. There were absolutely no issues - Thank you SO much to both of you and your teams!I would also like to express my immense gratitude to Rodney Dodd and James Palmer from Parker Young.They were in charge with the complete remodeling floors replacement, repairs, repainting etc. Wonderful professionals with an obvious extended experience as well as wonderful human beings. Very attentive, punctual and kind! Rodney and their designer Desiree were extremely helpful and kind in helping me decide what wood color to go with. I am also very pleased with the paint color Rodney had chosen. The work is immaculate - the final result - excellent - my condo looks and feels like new!I cannot say enough good things about Parker Young and FireStar teams!You saved my condo and my sanity!From the bottom of my heart I thank you all very very very much! I d highly recommend these teams to anyone looking for trustworthy great professionals to remodel their homes.

Parker Young has been doing work on our condo building after a broken steam pipe caused considerable damage to a number of units. We have had minimal damage to some of the walls and floor area in our unit, but the work they have done has been quality- and when they start a job it´s finished as soon as possible. Of course this means some of the work ends up a little sloppy, but when insurance is paying, beggars can´t be choosers. This review is really for the construction team who have been incredibly professional and courteous.

Parker Young Construction has done a fabulous job putting our house back together from our water damage. Joe, the Job Supervisor was absolutely great on getting everything done in a timely manner. We are moving back in, at the end of this week and the house looks beautiful. This is the second time we have used Parker Young Construction, two years ago we had a tree come through our roof and Joe was the Supervisor of that job and just like this time the repair to our home went absolutly great and that´s why we requested Joe to be on the current job, he is very thorough and very nice to get along with just like everybody else has been at Parker Young. I would highly recommend them.

Parker Young Construction recently completed a remodel of my condo due to major water damage. They repaired wall and ceiling portions, re-textured the ceilings, repainted, and replaced my entire floor. Their sister company, Firestar, did the water extraction. I have only good things to say about them. Everything is perfect. All the gentlemen who did the work were polite and tidy and I felt comfortable with them working in my home while I was not there. The wall areas which they repaired are even smoother than they were before. I am thrilled with my new floor. I had suggested upgrading to hardwood and they actually encouraged me to save money and use laminate, since their laminate is such high-quality. They were right and my floor looks beautiful and convincingly wood-like.Highly recommended. Units in my condo community use them as a main resource.

I had water damage from a messed up water heater and my HOA contacted firestar sister company of Parker young. I decided to continue work from a ripping floor boards and drying perspective with them as they seemed like they knew what they were doing. The PM on the project was Mike Dale who was a really nice guy. The first thing I asked him was what happens if you guys mess something up or break something and his response was that they will fix the damage. Now all went well with water mitigation until I noticed my granite slab had been taken off and snapped in half AND my faucet was incorrectly ripped up by to the point it was not fixable per couple plumbers opinions. Back to the granite slab - this was a 10 foot 100 pound piece of slab that was snapped in half firestar would not take responsibility for. They said I did it. I´m not strong enough to crack a 100 pound 10 foot slab right in half. Initially they promised to apoxy and smooth over the piece which was a bandaid fix but I was ok with it. Had no other choice. After that promise I spoke to their manager, Derrick baldtree and he essentially went back on his word saying they didn´t do it and have pictures to prove it. The pictures they provided were birds eye view you cannot see the crack. Someone could have easily put it together on the ground taken a picture and made it seem like it was fine. Not only that I asked for time stamped pictures a picture is only a snapshot in time. and I was promised time stamped pics but I got really bad quality pictures that showed nothing and of course there were no time stamps. I was very disappointed at their back and forth promise and poor customer service. I was not even making them pay to replace my whole counter top. I just wanted it done and just to save a couple hundred dollars they left me out to dry. I trusted mike dale when he said they he would look out for me and my stuff - however I was lied to. I had other construction needs and I was going to recommend them to my family members - but that won´t happen. I want nothing to do with a company that has zero accountability to customers and who make empty promises.

This company brought out 10-12 fans and 4 dehumidifiers to my house after a hot water leak in our basement. The set up took approx. 30 minutes.  Then they came 2 days later to exchange a dehumidifier that was leaking which took about 10 minutes. Then they picked up the equipments after a total of 4 days and charged me $3543.76. This is why insurance premiums are outrageous because companies like this are RAPING them and homeowners. This fee is outrageous and ridiculous. There was less than 2 hours of man power time so basically I just rented the equipment for almost $1,000 a day. NEVER do business with these people. They are raping you and your insurance.

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