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14156 Magnolia Blvd,Sherman Oaks,California 91423

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 8188255789 .. The address is 14156 Magnolia Blvd,Sherman Oaks,California,91423,US in the Marriage & Family Counselors sector.Location : 34.1645672313082,-118.441986563925 (navigation code to find Asefi, Anna)


Q : What is the phone number for Asefi, Anna?

A : The phone number for Asefi, Anna is 8188255789

Q : Is there a key contact at Asefi, Anna?

A : You can contact at 8188255789

Q : Where is Asefi, Anna located?

A : Asefi, Anna is located at 14156 Magnolia Blvd,Sherman Oaks,CA 91423.

Q : What is Zip Code 14156 Magnolia Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 91423.

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Just the most horrible ´help´, and I use that term loosely. I´ve never thought I´d be talked down to and given the most negligable advice imaginable. That adive being basically get over it and your problems are all your fault. Their so called experts´ way of dealing with an emotionally vulnerable person is to talk to them like a four year old for half an hour and sending them on their way. The root of problem wasn´t found and they disregarded hurtful past experiences. Please if you value your time and mental health avoid coming here as it will only leave you feeling worse than before. It´s clear they aren´t equipped to deal with real mental health problems and offer only bandaid solutions. This place has damaged my perception on therapy, I open myself emotionally and they end up using that to hurt me more. What a horrible way to treat people your supposed to help.

22.11.2021 11:16:10

Anna Asefi Shumway has no experience. She talked more about her problems then I did. Okay, you saved your drug abuser husband. Who cares about you or your personal life!! I was so turned off by this whole experience that I did some more research and found the perfect match at another center with a more experienced MFT. I would never refer anyone to this service and recommend that the staff get more experience before picking up new clients. Geez, get a real life and some experience.

23.11.2021 08:06:53

My experience has been mixed but ultimately bottom line. Its hard to build trust with a therapist that is condescending and doesn´t respect my values. I don´t get my therapist and her steps. Definitely have a new one that works with helping me process vs laugh and poke fun in inappropriate times. I had this thought over the course of 5 months. I figured its my first therapist and i need to be open minded. Granted their job is difficult...i have no sympathy really especially with her education. The last secession just sealed it for me. I told Anna Asefi that she´s unexperienced and her advice does more harm than good.

26.11.2021 10:25:31

Anna Asefi took advantage of me, my time, and money. DO NOT work with her. Is she a good therapist? I don´t know, but I can only guess that if she broke my trust during the initial free consultation, it´s not going to be good thereafter. Upon arriving to her office in Sherman Oaks I let her know I ONLY wanted to spend the 1/2 hour with her because I didn´t want to pay $125 for an hour of getting to know each other. I´d rather invest that $50 toward an actual therapy session. After asking a few times to confirm the 1/2hr, she continued to say why don´t we talk first? Given I had already expressed my clear request, I went ahead with the initial consult. The clock on the wall sat directly in front of her behind me, so I trusted her to keep track of time and to honor my request for the 1/2hr consultation. 20min it I turned my whole body toward the wall behind me to look at the clock and told her I wanted to STOP at 1/2 hr and she said yes, I know you have to go soon. She asked me some questions about my past and then proceeded to go on and on about who in her network including herself would be a match for me. 50min after the consultation I started to freaked out about the time knowing I was past the initial free 1/2hr consult. I figured that because I had expressed my request for 1/2hr numerous times, she was being generous in helping me figure out the best therapist and that she would NOT charge me the $125. Lo and behold, she failed to honor my request and charged me $125 for an hour of time I never wanted to spend hearing about her and her network´s therapy methods. I feel taken advantage of and straight out DISRESPECTED by this woman. I would NOT recommend anyone to work with her because if she exhibits such a lack of integrity in an initial consultation, what kind of behavior can be expected in a therapist-client relationship? She obviously cares more about tricking clients giving her money, instead of looking out for them and respecting them.

10.1.2022 05:39:15

I went to see someone in her practice about a year & half ago. It was the worst experience I had, when it comes to therapist. The women I saw only saw me twice because she was leaving the practrice.She didn´t tell me in the first meeting, instead she called me to tell she would be leaving.. It´s kind of bad matters to expect a new client, knowing well a wear that you are leaving. I was not give a re feral & I wast $300 which is a lot of money for me.

1.2.2022 09:51:14

In my opinion, Anna Asefi who works with Wynn Helms another lousy therapist is a dreadful, abysmal, abrasive, hostile weirdo who gave me the worst therapeutic advice I´ve ever received. I saw her individually so I don´t know about her whole marriage shtick but seeing her individually was horrible. The advice she gave me was hugely detrimental, unethical and caused me great, great suffering. The thought of her makes me cringe.

19.2.2022 11:02:33

Anna Asefi Shumway AKA: Anna Asefi who is the owner specializes in narcissism which is actually quite ironic because if you spend anytime talking with him you will soon see that she herself is very narcissistic! She thinks he´s got it all figured out and that she is the next Freud or Jung. I just hope she has a good therapist of her own.. Client´s beware. Go else. Keep in mind, podcasts, books and blogs DOES NOT = good therapist.

7.3.2022 06:34:48

I have nothing positive to say about this scam artist Anna Asefi. I would not recommend therapy with her. She talks down to you, is a racist, and unprofessional. Is it ok for a therapist to check her emails and personal calls during a session which we pay for and very expensive, Or eat in front of you and interrupt you in the middle of your sentence ?? A doctor of disrespect is my opinion and others whom I´ve spoken to. Expensive therapy ove $180.00 per session, only to walk out from there feeling worse than you did when coming in. She talks too much about herself in the sessions and appears disinterested and arrogant. I don´t recommend this racist loud mouth to anyone.

30.5.2022 06:45:29
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