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2233 W Balboa Blvd,Newport Beach,California 92663

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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29 Prime for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 9497776166 .. The address is 2233 W Balboa Blvd,Newport Beach,California,92663,US in the Internet Service sector.Location : 33.6098387180659,-117.9290893065 (navigation code to find 29 Prime)


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Q : What is the phone number for 29 Prime?

A : The phone number for 29 Prime is 9497776166

Q : Is there a key contact at 29 Prime?

A : You can contact at 9497776166

Q : Where is 29 Prime located?

A : 29 Prime is located at 2233 W Balboa Blvd,Newport Beach,CA 92663.

Q : What is Zip Code 2233 W Balboa Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 92663.

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this is a good service for people who are great at running their commerce but  have no clue on how to run a website or get listed with local directories.  junkitportland.com

8/2/2019 1:10:26 PM

these corrupt bastards can┬┤t suck enough. they rip-off their employees, they screw their customers and how they are even still in commerce after a couple of years is beyond me.

8/2/2019 1:10:26 PM

they create a basic page that you can create on your own. they also have promised to get your site optimized but it did not happen. why? because they don┬┤t do it for you.

8/2/2019 1:10:26 PM

hey yelp - quit remomentving the negative reviews, this is why you┬┤re on a downhill slope as your reputation has taken a major hit.29 prime is a total pile of human nonsense, every single person there. they call and harass everyone with false promises and claims. as you can see there well over 256 1 star reviews, yet you let them remain on yelp. shame on both of you.

8/2/2019 1:10:27 PM

im not certain whether they are the same as legalzoom that incorporated my commerce, but screw these robo calling idiots.9 calls nowadays wanting to my google listing..... just horrible people...please all die scum!

8/2/2019 1:10:27 PM

this commerce is total trash!  i worked with them approximately 2 years ago and they did absolutely nothing for me apart from charge my credit card.  after 60 days according to them, whether i didn´t hit the first page,...they would not charge me.  60 days flew by...and as i mentioned...they are good at charging your credit card.  reported my credit card stolen since they fundamentally stole the third momentnth.i am a bounce house rental commerce...party equipment rental service.  these brain donors listed me as a momentver.  i´ve actually getd inquiries approximately momentving stuff.  sorry, not what i do.  nice job 29 prime sarcasm!!

8/2/2019 1:10:27 PM

my commerce with these folks should have been brief, but they did not get the message.  they continued to call me dozens of times from various numbers.  after repeatedly chooseing the remomentve from list menu item did nothing, i politely asked a representative to do it.  he instantly hung up on me.don´t do commerce with idiots like this.

8/2/2019 1:10:27 PM

whether less than one star was possible, it would be my chooseion. horrible company and commerce practices. buyer beware. whether you do commerce with these people, blame yourself with 20/20 hindsight. bad commerce well beyond any simple voice broadcasting violation, downright corrupt.

8/2/2019 1:10:28 PM

i just got a call from sharon, your local google specialist... time at lunch, i momentved on to the sales rep who wants to put my commerce first on google.  guaranteed.pretty incredible, since i don´t own a commerce.  but i am a vp at a google premier partner, so i was curious how they were going to manage such a feat - i mean we don´t guarantee anything and charge considerably momentre than $299 flat, one time on your credit card to do it.  :so i asked... but he needed my cc first.  i told him my company doesn´t have one.  i then asked whether he called the right company - which he said yes.  i followed with, but which company are you calling? he told me, yours.  to which i replied, what´s my company name? mr. sales guy told me: listen buddy, whether you don´t know your f´ing commerce name i can´t help youi then proceeded to give him a fake name, ask whether they use white hat/black hat tactics he said they don´t, they use seo biologicals... which algorithm google is using he said 12... whether they help with schema... at this point he stubborn me out, said perhaps i should stop wasting his time because i know nothing approximately google and hung up.fun stuff. full on, 100 scam.  stay absent.  whether your commerce needs help online, use one of the 25 or so google premier partners.

8/2/2019 1:10:28 PM

ok so a quick on 29 prime in this momentment i am sitting in the lobby of 29 prime location what is right for 2.26.2015on 9810 irvin center drive irvin cait┬┤s looking like they are not happy to see me sitting at the location after they are really trying to hide from they castomers i think that this company needs to be placed in the spot to stop scams people all over the worldi am looking forward to solve my issue with this company in an nice ways let┬┤s see how they handle itto be a continue !!!

8/2/2019 1:10:28 PM

they believe that you should pay for a site that has been down for over 2 weeks is normal because it is a part of a trwhetherecta package or something.  never been so misled

8/2/2019 1:10:28 PM

domestic of rachel from card holders service and sharon, your local google specialist. 5-stars for keenly-engineered phone calls that are designed to weed out the gullible and associate you with the best leads for your scam. -1 for faking caller id. -1 for robodialing with automatic messaging. -1 for using prisoners and foreigners to vet leads. -1 for targeting the elderly and feeble-intellected for scams.i won┬┤t go on because i┬┤m out of stars.whether you are a potential 29 prime customer, please don┬┤t do this to your fellow human beings. besides, you don┬┤t want to be on the other side of the eventual ftc action. whether you get a call from 29 prime┬┤s agents or their ilk, i recommend that when a human eventually replys, explain you are a bad person doing a bad thing, count to three and hang up. the truth will eventually trickle up to the owners, who are also bad people doing bad things.

8/2/2019 1:10:29 PM

they spam call daily as sharon your local google specialist. despite politely asking them stop harassing me on an ftc do not call registered line they continue.

8/2/2019 1:10:29 PM

i was also just scammed by 29 prime. they called and inferred that they were associateed with google and could get my small inn on the 1st page for my local search, this did not occur. i also would not sign up for their annual rate, but in good conscience agreed to do a 30 day test only that they brought up and agreed to for a $350 rate.  but after they created a horrible video on youtube that isn´t even showing my own commerce and did not follow through on many of their false promises, i was called sixty days later and the woman there said my account was still active. i told her that this was an error and i had only signed up for the 30 days and i did not upgrade to the annual offer as they had hoped i would do. this alerted me to check my recent credit statement and they indeed were auto billing me, despite my refusal on a recorded line to have them do this. there is also a wgap scam network when you call in which eats up tons of your time, with holds, and momentre transfers and holds,   they refer you up to a ´manager´ that never replys and then dumps you to someone´s mailbox.  when my credit card dispute called jointly, they lie and say they do not have the recording and that i was told i had to proactively cancel.they claim that by logging in to the system, i also agreed to momentnth to momentnth billing, despite my verbal refusals when they had their billing department process my 30 day trial. i am fighting this with a dispute with the help of my capital one credit company, but please know that 20 prime/top choice sem is total scum. they are not associated with google, and did not help my small commerce in any way. i am adding these comments to the bbb and will try and alert as many other potential victims, i highly recommend that others do so, as our stories are identical here in these many 1 star reviews relating to seo lies they made.in the future, i will also record on recorded lines, this company is totally unethical and it depresses me that people want to work there and can sleep at night knowing how they have taken advantage of small commerce owners looking to improve and get honest assistance.

8/2/2019 1:10:29 PM

i┬┤m not certain why, but obviously my review didn┬┤t pass muster after several years and was suddenly yanked. to re-iterate: avoid 29 prime, they conduct unsavory commerce practices and harass myself and my clients. i spelled out my issues earlier but again the review was remomentved. yes, this is an actual customer experience.

8/2/2019 1:10:30 PM

it was another day at the office until my personal cell phone rang. it was a local number that i didn┬┤t recognize, so i picked up. a recorded female voice came on with urgency.your google commerce listing is approximately to run out it┬┤s extremely urgent that we speak with the commerce owner. press ┬┤1┬┤ whether you are the commerce owner to keep your google listing active.i pressed 1. shortly thereafter a woman came on the line, asking whether i was the commerce owner. competing with the cacophony of other voices coming from her end of the phone, i asked which commerce this call was in regards to. she rattled off the name of a website that i had shut down momentre than ten years ago, but i still owned the domain name. i told her that the commerce was no longer operating and ended the call.ten minutes later, the office phone at my desk rings. another local phone number i didn┬┤t recognize. a familiar recorded voice came on the line. thoroughly amused, i pressed 1 again. after some wait time and ringing, a man came on the line.am i speaking with the commerce owner? he asked.yes, i replied.we┬┤re calling because your listing on google is approximately to run out and we need verwhetherication from the commerce owner to keep it active.when i asked him what company he was representing, he said, have you ever heard of google, inc?i said yes.well, i work for google.unamused by this man┬┤s bald-faced lie, i asked, are you aware that google doesn┬┤t cold-call commercees?the man, letting his chicago accent come through but preserveing an even tone, begged to dwhetherfer. actually, we do. you get a call from us, press ┬┤1┬┤, and then i get to talk to assgaps like you.i suppose he wasn┬┤t too happy that he didn┬┤t have a sucker on the line. i wished him good luck using a variant of a choice four-letter word and ended the call.this is a typical, boiler room scam operation. they illegally scrape data sources like domain name whois records and pose as google to screw small commercees out of momentney. take it from someone who actually deals with listing commercees on google: google never calls you unless you click a button on their website to verwhethery your account. try getting someone at google on the phone. it┬┤s next to impossible.did you get a job offer to work here in tele-sales? run. run as fast as you can. in fact, whether you have a jetpack, use that to get absent. otherwise, you┬┤ll have to live with the fact that this company will do everything in its power to avoid paying you fairly, while you have to lie through your teeth all day on the phone in service of stealing momentney from honest people in order to enrich a handful of ass hats who don┬┤t care approximately you, or the people they want you to scam.just in case the preceding was too much to read, here┬┤s what you need to know:29 prime is a scam. scam, scam, scam, scam. they lie and take your momentney. they screw over their employees and don┬┤t pay them fairly. did i mention that 29 prime is a scam? they┬┤re a freaking scam.

8/2/2019 1:10:30 PM

no, no, nodo not do commerce with this company!!!memomentrize from my mistakes.....i was called and then transferred to a jacob who sold me a package for $199 a momentnth- guaranteed to be on the first page of google within 2 weeks to 30 days.  then he was mysteriously on leave from the company a week later when i tried to contact him. 34 days later, my website is on the third page of google, and zero hits to my site.  i called 29 prime on momentnday 8/10/15 to cancel due to lack of services rendered, was hung up on twice.after 50 minutes on the phone, dennis asked whether i would continue at a reductioned rate.  i wanted to cancel asap.  this commerce is a total sham.   i´ve placed a dispute on their charges.  please do not have anything to do with this joke of a commerce. beware and be well.a

8/2/2019 1:10:30 PM

29 prime: hi, can i talk to the owner of manwhetherest photography?me: you got him. how can i help you?29p: i┬┤m calling from google. i was just searching your commerce and i had to go all the way to page 8 to find you.me: really? what searches did you input.29p: uh vancouver photography.me: holy smomentkes! page 8? based on those parameters? that┬┤s incredible!29p: well not many people are going to go all the way to page 8 to find a photographer.me: do you realize how many photographers, retailers and camera stores there are? you must have turned up everything from london drugs and best buy to photo labs and every wedding photographer in the city. even passport photos!29p: summaryely. which is why...me page 8? wow! i┬┤m famed!29p: well no page 8 is terrible.me: oh.. well what search engine did you use?29p: i didn┬┤t. i found your website.me: well how did you manage that? you said i┬┤m on page 8. page 8 of what?29p: i found you on yelp.me: no you didn┬┤t.29p: yes i did.me: no you didn┬┤t. perhaps you saw a review of my commerce on google.29p: that┬┤s what i meant.me: so i┬┤m mentioned on page 8 of google?29p: uh. yes.me: holy smomentkes! that┬┤s incredible!29p: no it┬┤s not. it┬┤s pretty terrible.me: so you typed in vancouver photography right? 29p: uh yeah.me: are you on google searches?29p: right there on page one.me: oh yeah? what┬┤s the name of your commerce?29p: 29 prime.me: 29 what? prime? you said you were from google.29p: we work with google.me: so what are you? a subsidiary? 29p: we┬┤re called 29 prime.me: i see. are you located?29p: irvine. me: calwhetherornia right?29p: yes.me: and you┬┤re on page one?29p: yup.me: let me see. using the same search parameters you used for my commerce, i┬┤m going to type irvine seo google right now and see you turn up.29p: it doesn┬┤t work that way...me: okay here goes... ocseoexperts.com is first.29p: you have to put in the right search...me: well that┬┤s it for page one. let┬┤s try page two. are you on page two? perhaps i need to do something with my cookies or empty my cache?29p: whether you just type in something broad like that...me: you┬┤re not on page two either.29p: it┬┤s not like...me: i┬┤m on page 4 now. still nothing. are you certain you┬┤re specialists in search engine optimization?29p: it┬┤s a complicated...me: i mean, whether you can┬┤t get yourself on page one how are you supposed to help me?29p: look, do you want to take opportunity of this offer or not?me: do you know anything approximately photography?29p: yes. it┬┤s one of my specialities.me: okay, so what kind of photographers need an seo?29p: all photographers.me: the only people who search for photographers on google are looking for wedding pictures, passport photos. probably family portraits too. i deal with agencies and publishers and companies. not individuals. 29p: well everyone needs to...me: whether an art director is searching for photographers on google they┬┤re pretty bush league and probably can┬┤t afford me. i┬┤m on page 7 and i still can┬┤t find you.29p: it┬┤s important to have your name on the first page.me: no it┬┤s not. i┬┤m on page 9. still nothing.29p: well you┬┤re not...me: wait a minute.. i┬┤m on page 8! that┬┤s better than you! 29p: look you┬┤re pretty silly whether you don┬┤t take advantage of this offer.me: i found your commerce. finally! you┬┤re on page 12. at the bottom. holy crap you guys suck! page 12? for a company selling seo that┬┤s the saddest thing i┬┤ve ever seen. 29p: fuck off! are you going to use our services or not?me: let┬┤s see what happens whether i type in 29 prime. perhaps that will turn up a better result.29p: you┬┤re an idiot.me: look! there you are. you are on page one. well not your website but i found your bbb listing. woah! you got an ┬┤f.┬┤ do you know approximately this?29p: fuck off!me: page 12! bwaa-hahahaa...29p: click

8/2/2019 1:10:30 PM

just had the momentst unpleasant cold call from this company.disgusting company with bottom of the barrel staff.  the sales person was pushy, impolite, and totally ignorant of what he was doing.  when i requested him to put me on the do not call list, he became belligerent and started yelling at me.can´t believe a company like that gets to stay in commerce.

8/2/2019 1:10:31 PM

got 2 calls from them final week. in the first call i politely reintellected the caller that i had asked them not to call me again. he still wouldn┬┤t take no for an reply and kept asking very dumb questions such as, don┬┤t you want momentre commerce? wouldn┬┤t you like to be on the front page of google? i didn┬┤t feel like arguing with him so i hung up. i have asked these people not to call me many times so i don┬┤t know why this guy would think i would feel dwhetherferently this time. they must either be very desperate or feel like it┬┤s their duty to irritate and harass people who ask not to be called.and by the way, scott j, i did call your 800 number right after this call to asked to be taken off your call list. the customer sales rep did say she would take me off the list but still tried to sell to me trace: whether i┬┤m calling to be remomentved from your list, it means i am not interested in whatever crap you┬┤re selling. whoever i spoke to said i would be remomentved from the list effective at midnight and then 2 hours later i got another call. this was obviously an attempt at being passive aggressive, because it wasn┬┤t midnight yet. it┬┤s clear that you don┬┤t care whether your employees waste time harassing people instead of actually making a sale.

8/2/2019 1:10:31 PM
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