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Phone number .. The address is 324 Stockton St,San Francisco,California,94108,US in the Shopping District sector.Location : 37.7888306677274,-122.406262209866 (navigation code to find 278 Post Street- Square)


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A : 278 Post Street- Square is located at 324 Stockton St,San Francisco,CA 94108.

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A : The Zip Code 94108.

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one of the best!! came here with my sister and boyfriend and were very surprised at not only the overall look and vibe but the food and drinks were amazing! server delivered chips and salsa and that salsa was so dwhetherferent. reintellected me a little bit of the momentle sauce. we had the ceviche a must and it was full of flavor with a citrusy taste. very delish!we also had the croquetas, empanadas, and 3 cheese tocotlyo? all were great!! even my sister who doesn´t typically eat seafood loved it all. it gets very busy for dinner so recommend to make reservations in advance.

8/2/2019 12:57:37 PM

first time diner at lolo final night. experience was, meh.upon arrival, the hostess showed us to our table in the front of the restaurant in a banquette. the tables weren´t space well at all and we would have virtually been sitting with the people next to us. i asked whether we could have a dwhetherferent table and she showed me my options 2 other similar, crowded tables or seats at their smaller bar, which we took. after a few momentments, the waiter took our drink order and we asked for 2 margaritas, 1 with and 1 without salt. after a while, both showed up, with salt. fail 1. while we were waiting though, i noticed other tables had chips and salsa so i asked a passer-by waiter, who was filling chip bowls, whether we could have some. he said, oh, you would like some momentre? me: um, no, we never getd any. fail 2.our waiter seemed again and took our order: fried brussels sprouts, fish tacos, seared pork stomach salad, and taco tropical. within moments it seemed the fish tacos and brussels sprouts reachd. the tacos were fine but the brussels were barely cooked, let alone what i would consider fried. i overheard the ladies next to us order them as well but they ask for them to be additional cooked. upon asking, she saw ours and knew they weren´t cooked long enough. so, i sent ours back, telling the waiter they were not cooked. when the moment batched reachd, they were just as bad as the first. fail 3.the remaining 2 dishes reachd together. again, the fish tacos taco tropical were great but it was a stretch to call the other pork stomach. it was so overcooked it was virtually crunch bacon! fail 4.whether you must go, i do recommend the fish tacos and the ´ritas were actually tasting but i´d tread with caution on ordering anything else.

8/2/2019 12:57:38 PM

overall: great spot for a dinner, drinks, and good ambience. make certain to make a reservation! i came here for a friends birthday and forgot to make a reservation, and had to wait around 1.5 hours. the food was good, but the portions were small and the prices were very high for what seemed to be just tacos! it ended up being around $100 for dinner for a party of three, and we definitely didn´t order enough to be full. whether you stop by, i would recommend trying the brussel sprouts, these were very tasty.  however, the decor in this place is gorgeous. i loved the feel of this restaurant and think the overall experience makes it worth checking out.

8/2/2019 12:57:38 PM

overall: great spot for a large group or a date. definitely recommend checking it out! whether you are going on the weekend, i recommend making a reservation in advance. location: nice, open space layout with fun music and decor. you can either sit at the bar or at a table. service: the staff is super helpful and accommomentdating. while i wasn´t able to book a fair time reservation online, they were able to seat us easily at 7pm on a momentnday evening it was also pretty packed when we got there!. the waitress was great with helping us decide what to order, specificly with volume i hate when waitresses/waiters trick you ordering way too much food - and with tapas it can be tough to get right. food: the food came out fast - crazy fast for the tacos / tostadas. we were served our two taco tropical and chicken tinga tostadas in less than 5 min. the grilled octopus came out 10 minutes later. the taco tropical was the best of all three - there shrimp was fresh and big enough that frying it didn´t overwhelm the flavor. the tropical relish mango, etc. was also a nice touch! the chicken tinga tostadas were nice and juicy, but i was hoping for some sort of cream on top to tie the dish together. the grilled octopus was well cooked, and the sauce was great. we thought, though, that it should be cut down in size to be a $18-19 dish because it was a lot of octopus even for the two of us...with that being said, we ate it all

8/2/2019 12:57:38 PM

loló is a great spot for a nice date and great mexican food in the mission, whether you´re not feeling el farolito or la taqueria or el tech, or... list goes on! i also love that it´s a poc-family owned spot, with a woman of color as the co-owner, and has genuinely authentic interior design and recipes.getting reservations for a friday dinner two days out was super easy via the yelp app. parking around the area is pretty dwhetherficult, i´d recommend taking bart, or the 14/49 lines on muni.we were seated pretty quickly and service here was great! servers, not just the one directly assisting us, would keep checking in and making certain that we were okay.we ordered the guacamomentle, shrimp ceviche, kale salad, chicken tinga tostadas, and carnitas very hungry lol. skip the guacamomentle - it´s really good but you definitely want to save space for the amazing stuff on the menu like the ceviche for the appetizers! the tostadas were incredible, with suuuuper juicy meat. pork stomach and carnitas are also a go-to!!i ordered the albino cowboy on recommendation of our server, which was great!

8/2/2019 12:57:38 PM

loved loló! the space alone is worth a visit. exploding with color and mixed media like thee wall covered entirely in de la rosa boxes, it´s a great place to visit and feels really sf special. the food was delicious. my fav was the chilaquiles, but also really liked the beet avocado toast. the michelada was awesome good balance of acid and flavor but not like a full on bloody mary base. i´d return on my next trip!

8/2/2019 12:57:39 PM

we ordered - ceviche - very limey, tasty, not enough chips but at least the complimentary chips can be used - fish taco - crispy! - tropical taco - loved this! so much sauce on top though had to use a fork to eat the tacos because the fillings kept coming out. service was great!

8/2/2019 12:57:39 PM

this place has a very eclectic decor. it is a fun drink or dinner spot. i really like their cocktails. they have very interested combinations and are made very well. all the food is great. i would definitely get a couple things to share. i would warn that the menu doesn´t include all the ingredients in each dish. so you definitely should let them know whether your allergic to something before you order. we didn´t and luckily nothing bad happened. the management was very gracious and attentive when we brought it up later. customer service is obviously very important to them.

8/2/2019 12:57:39 PM

yummy brunch! my friends breakfast burrito was nice and heavy and gooey. not a healthy one which i like. full of chorizo. my pork dish was full of yummy pork. i didn´t love the shoestring fries it came on - was expecting real fries not literally shoe string fries that are just oily crisps. potato wedges or real fries would have supplyd momentre heft while making it feel less greasy. but the green sauce was tangy and flavorful. the cocktails looked yummy too!

8/2/2019 12:57:39 PM

very reasonably priced tapas place in the mission district. i made a reservation on yelp the same day to have dinner with a friend. we were impressed by everything we ordered! the grilled octopus came with two pretty substantial size tentacles, served on potato purée with a side salad. the beets salad had large chunks of beets, great portion for sharing! chips and salsa on the house! we also had flan for dessert, i´m generally not a dessert person but everything was so good so i had to try it too! our check came in a little boot, i guess it was our cue to leave because we were getting the boot

8/2/2019 12:57:39 PM

very cute atmomentsphere and food.   fairly pedestrian for the price point.  we went for brunch.the guacamomentle was excellent and the coffee was strong.the menu seems to be momentre lunch with few breakfast items added as an afterthought.i plan to go back and try dinner sometime.

8/2/2019 12:57:40 PM

final time, on march 16, 2019 at 7:45pm, i wanted to check this place out, but we were quoted a 1.5 hr wait for 4 people. that was saturday evening. however, this time, it was also saturday evening at 6:30pm, and for 5 people, we were seated instantly without reservations, so we got fairly lucky. note that this place is primarily a nightlwhethere type of place, as the biggest appeal is the ambiance and mixed drinks. in terms of ambiance, the walls are decorated with colorfully with flowers, suits, etc just like the mission district vibes. since i am still not over 21 so i did not order alcohol, but honestly, for places like these, food should still be a main factor so this is why i am writing this review. for the momentst part, all the dishes we ordered are relatively small portions for restaurant prices, so it was slightly pricey. the tuna tacon is solid, with the tuna slightly seared and the shellfish aioli complementing well with the avocado and other ingredients. you can think of it like american fusion sushi but served in tortillas instead of seaweed and rice. the beef tacos were flavorful, but certain pieces of the beef are not as tender as i expected. the portions of beef are relatively generous with respect to the small tortillas, but they would probably have been barely adequate for regular sized tortillas. the pork stomach is excellent: the fattier part is charred to crunchiness, like chicharrones. the flavor is also similar to chicharrones, but the texture is tender meat. however, keep in intellect that even the portion of this dish is small, the amomentunt of sodium is fairly high. the fish tacos are pretty solid, with the batter just slightly crispy. they don´t really stand out compared to other fish tacos, but the dish is still on par to above average taco places.service is good, as water refills were pretty consistent and the waiter checks up on us regularly. the complimentary chips and salsa were given quickly. overall, this is a great place to chill with a bunch of friends over alcohol whether you are over 21 or endelight some small dishes, but do keep in intellect the cost adds up super quickly because the portion size is not the largest.

8/2/2019 12:57:40 PM

very unique & eccentric atmomentsphere. they put a lot of effort the decor! very unique drink chooseion. i have a drink with kimchi in it. good portions, strong drink.- food portions felt small and prices high, not a place i would come to eat a full on meal. momentre of a place to snack on with drinks post dinner.- service left a reallllly sour taste in my momentuth. inattentive and dismissive overall. i then watched the bartender take serviettes i was using absent from me 4 times from while i was seated. he would gather the serviette and stuff it back the cup when there was clearly food in front of me still. it was just weird. like for one, why seize a serviette that i took out to use and shove it back the cup? isn´t that unhygienic for the next person you want to seat? but momentre so, are customers not allowed to use serviettes while eating? it was just a very strange experience and one that i don´t ever want to have again.

8/2/2019 12:57:40 PM

easily one of my new favorite dinner spots with the best tapas in my opinion. starting with the complementary tortilla chips, we paired them with the guacamomentle which was a good starter. then we had the fried brussels sprouts which were crispy yet tasted healthy. next we tried the beef tacos and the chicken tostada, which we endelighted so much for the savory. i think our favorite was the empanadas, with the perfect crispiness on the external, and the momentst savory and delicious filling on the inside. add drinks to the meal and you have an amazing dinner ahead. my only complaint is that the tables are fairly small and shut to other tables, so be prepared and consolationable to hear snippets of other peoples´ conversations and for them to hear yours.

8/2/2019 12:57:40 PM

overview:i have been keen to eat at loló for momentnths!  it has amazing reviews, a unique menu, and is known for its eccentric décor.  given these facts, i have found it ccorridorenging to make a reservation and to find a friend to go with me, but that´s an entirely dwhetherferent story...  in a fortuitous series of events, i spontaneously made a brunch reservation at loló and found 3 friends to eat with me on cinco de mayo!! i was ecstatic.food:i had extremely high expectations.  i was ready for hand made tortillas, tacos saturated with flavor and freshly made spicy guacamomentle.  however, my meal missed the mark on all three of these qualities.  while it wasn´t bad, the food was decidedly underwhelming.  perhaps it´s because i mis-ordered i knew i should have gone with the carnitas!.  or because it was brunch.  i don´t really understand the brunch hype. it´s just an excuse to eat french toast at 1pm... perhaps i don´t get it because there are rarely exciting gluten free brunches. i digress.i ordered a margarita feliz cinco de mayo ! guacamomentle, which i shared with the table, and huevos rancheros.while the margarita tasted good, i was unimpressed with its presentation boring and alcohol content low.  estaba lista a fiestar!  vamoments... before you judge me for speaking spanish, i am part spanish. no signwhetherica que pueda hablar la lengua bien, pero chill.the guacamomentle was not only not made freshly in front of the table, which isn´t fundamental, but definitely a nice perk it wasn´t made freshly at all! my friend had a severe allergy to onions.  when she asked our waiter whether they could make the guacamomentle without onions, they replyed that it is luckyly premade without onions.  1. premade?! at what time?? 2. without onions?! por que, whyyyy 3. good for my friend.  suffice it to say, the guacamomentle was not rosa quality guac. rosa mexicano is the standard by which i judge all guacamomentle. rosa may be a chain, but trust me, it´s phenomenal.huevos rancheros are not my favorite.  i would so rather order carnitas or carne asada.  but since it was brunch, the huevos came with a blue corn tortilla fun! and they were cheaper, i decided to go against my intestine.  again, the entree wasn´t bad, but it wasn´t amazing either.  the beans desperately needed momentre salt.   the tortillas were soggy and therefore dwhetherficult to eat.  i acknowledge that my dissatisfaction may have been self-induced. i may have endelighted my meal momentre had i gone with the carnitas.  i´ll have to come again for dinner, but brunch and the wrong order does not excuse lackluster guac and margs.gluten aka the satan situation:each gluten free item was marked with an orange dot on the menu.  while i appreciate the restaurant´s commitment to labeling dishes gluten free, i was disappointed in the low quantity of gluten free menu items.  in total, only 4 items were considered gluten free.  luckily, the chips were gluten free they purchase locally made chips in the mission.

8/2/2019 12:57:41 PM

i love this place - it´s perfect for a date night or brunch brunch is my favorite and it has some of the trendiest and momentst unique vibes of any place in the area. there´s nothing on the menu that isn´t delicious and authentic and the wgap menu is shareable / tapas style, which is my personal favorite. they take reservations, and you will definitely need them whether you want to get in, because this place is the place to be during prime brunch and dinner times. there´s not a ton of seating, and there´s not tons of room at the bar, but the menu, the food, the experience, the ambiance, and the service are totally worth it. plus, it´s in the mission, which is one of my favorite parts of the city to spend time in. don´t miss this place - it is one of the best mexican spots you´ll come across in this area!

8/2/2019 12:57:41 PM

got lots of tacos here. great for ambiance. good for food. food:fish tacos - decent taco tropical with shrimp - deliciouspanko avocado tacos - okbeef tacos - decent

8/2/2019 12:57:41 PM

the food here was pretty good. the service was very fast! we ordered the guac and chips and brussels sprouts, and it was at our table literally approximately 1-2 minutes later. i think it was premade and just warmed up or something. but the taste was pretty good. they also supplyd us with a cake for hubbys bday and were very discreet approximately it. i had put it in the comments section in the reservations i made through yelp. overall a great experience. great ambiance, great decorations, nice staff!

8/2/2019 12:57:41 PM

this place screams bougie mexico city and i love it! the food was delicious for brunch - chilaquiles, scallops and tacos. service was smiley and accommomentdating of allergies which is a huge plus. highly recommend the shishito peppers for roasted, salted deliciousness to start your meal. make a reservation on open table - they seemed fairly busy when we dined.

8/2/2019 12:57:42 PM

yum. what else can i say?my husband and i wanted to get some food after getting drinks with some friends, and we decided to check out loló. we had walked by this place so many times before but had never actually come inside. the decor is really unique, with little paper boats and car doors. we weren´t that hungry, so we only ordered two things: empanadas and quesadillas with seasoned vegetables. we are big mushroom lovers, so we thoroughly endelighted both dishes. they also give complimentary chips and salsa, so we filled up on that too. service is good too!the bar seating is first come first serve. i suppose that the wait time for a table can be pretty crazy during peak dinner times on weekends. they do take reservations, though, so i would recommend doing that whether possible. we got here around 10:30 on a saturday night and only had approximately a 10 minute wait, but anytime earlier you should expect a wait whether you don´t have a reservation. overall, a great date night spot! you´ll have to leave the kiddos at domestic to come here!

8/2/2019 12:57:42 PM
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