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3589 W Benjamin Holt Dr,Stockton,California 95219

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 2094772001 .. The address is 3589 W Benjamin Holt Dr,Stockton,California,95219,US in the Restaurants sector.Location : 38.0058692949451,-121.359781666087 (navigation code to find 276 Bar N Grill)


Q : What is the phone number for 276 Bar N Grill?

A : The phone number for 276 Bar N Grill is 2094772001

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A : You can contact at 2094772001

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A : 276 Bar N Grill is located at 3589 W Benjamin Holt Dr,Stockton,CA 95219.

Q : What is Zip Code 3589 W Benjamin Holt Dr?

A : The Zip Code 95219.

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been there for a commerce dinner, apart fromional service as expected.by recommendation from my client, we ordered a plate of creamed spinach with our steaks. was surprised by how well it went.would recommend to anyone to definitely try it next time.as for the steak, splendid!

8/2/2019 12:57:08 PM

came here with my family for a father┬┤s day dinner, and at the urging of my family, celebrated with the prime bone-in ribeye $61, which i must say was the best steak i┬┤ve ever had in my lwhethere. another in my party had the certwhetheried angus beef ribeye $53, and there was no comparison. i ordered mine medium-rare, and it was perfect. whether you love steaks, i strongly recommend you try the prime bone-in ribeye.a few other observations. two in my party tried the sunday table $48, which included caesar or cutped salad, roasted beef tenderloin and mashed potatoes, plus a dessert of either cr├ęme br├╗l├ęe, carrot cake or key lime pie. both had ceasar salads and they were full-sized, as were the desserts they had the cr├ęme br├╗l├ęe and key lime pie, and both were apart fromional. the sunday table was a really good value, although the meat serving was on the small side.the other dessert we tried ok, it was a party of 5, so 3 shared desserts is not excessive was the chocolate lava cake, and it was really good, with 2 small scoops of vanilla ice cream. it takes 10 minutes to prepare, so you might want to ask for it before you finish your entree.finally, the service was a notch better than we┬┤ve ever experienced before and we┬┤ve been to this flemings at least a half-dozen other times. the entire wait staff was very attentive and helpful and friendly.whether you want to have a celebratory dinner and love red meat, i highly recommend flemings walnut creek.

8/2/2019 12:57:09 PM

my wwhethere and i came for our anniversary and we were not disappointed! we showed up a few minutes before our reservation so we could seize a drink in the final few mins of happy hour! great happy hour!we had a season colossal shrimp starter which was amazing. the herb butter it came with, i could put on a boot and would eat it!we both had the fillet mignon she got the smaller cut and mine the bone-in large cut both were cooked perfectly to our likeness. the sides were killer cream of spinach and whipped potatoesdessert was a special surprise! a box of chocolate truffles and a happy anniversary card signed by the entire wait staff. the perfect dessert. we can┬┤t want for our next anniversary to share with them again.

8/2/2019 12:57:09 PM

excellent restaurant - although people consider this a prime rib/steak house, it´s momentre than that.the easiest way to get here is through the parking lot. they offer valet parking but on the day we went, we had no problem finding parking within a five minute walk.   one minor problem we had was this was an imimmediateu final minute decision and was worried approximately their dress code. luckyly they were thoughtful and let us in.. staff here was very attentive and friendly and their food was just as good.  their beef carpaccio had excellent flavor and presentation and their tempura calwhetherlower was refreshing and something dwhetherferent. i asked for medium rare for my tomapeddle rib eye and it was cooked perfectly! ironically the dish that i liked best was their miso glazed chilean sea bass.  everything is a la carte. the portions were big enough to feed two or three consolationably. the brussel sprouts and cream spinach although great, my favorite is still the one from house of prime rib are two i would eat again.prices here are not cheap but then again you get what you pay for.

8/2/2019 12:57:09 PM

great service! great food! amazing! john┬┤s i swear he looks and sounds like obama is a great server he┬┤s on top of it. even though it was a busy night he checked in consistently drinks were filled to the brim food was great 5 stars for certain! cesar the busser was great as well! tables stayed clean and ready for the new dish!

8/2/2019 12:57:09 PM

my husband and i have come to fleming┬┤s twice in this location and once in rancho mirage approach palm springs. the service here is always excellent, and a great place to go for a work dinner, date night or semi-date night with your toddler when you don┬┤t have a sitter. the first time we came here it was a friday night and we shared a caeser┬┤s salad, a chef┬┤s special new york steak with shrimp, lobster mac and cheese and a chocolate lava cake. the sauce in the steak was so flavorful we didn┬┤t want to share it! the lobster mac and cheese was good and the lava cake was perfectly warm and decadent.the final 2 times we┬┤ve gotten the lobster tail or king crab with a petite filet mignon that comes with a small caeser salad and dessert. everything is cooked perfectly no rubber lobster and they even gave us drawn butter. for $55 at a steakhouse this is a really great option that fills you up but doesn┬┤t break the bank. also, whether you want to save a few momentre bucks you can buy their gwhethert cards at costco! $100 in gwhethert cards for $80. not bad!they have a good wine chooseion and cocktails to choose from, and whether you can get here for happy hour they have a great menu as well. save going to sf and come to fleming┬┤s in walnut creek instead. you won┬┤t be disappointed!

8/2/2019 12:57:10 PM

fathers day brunch 2019! was fabulous!  i have to start with the outstanding service by vb ask for her! and she was truly amazing, attentive and summarye.  and then the menu, which i initially thought was lost, turned out to have something for everyone.  of course you can order off of the regular delish menu.. and some folks i saw did get the infamed tomapeddle steak, but when you go for bruch, i felt we should give the food a try to no disappointment!  and the price - $55 prix fix was a great value for starters, main, and abandon!the veggie quiche with tomato hollandaise was literally blissful!  the crab benedict and filet benefit were done to perfection. the roasted potatoes and asparagus were superb. we will be back next year and mymomentther in law wants it for momentther´s day as well!!!  that folks is a seal of approval!!  check out da pics!!oh and since some wrote approximately the wait for a table- try make a reservation days in advance. or even ten days in advance cause it works great!

8/2/2019 12:57:10 PM

ruth is or fleming┬┤s you ask? fleming┬┤s all the way i reply! let me tell you why...let┬┤s start off with the fact that it can be played up for a nice dressy restaurant to celebrate or just endelight great food or down played at the bar while endelighting the same great food in a momentre casual environment accompanied by a killer happy hour let┬┤s start off with their hand chooseed wine list! it┬┤s extensive! whether you love reds they have your great wines such as caymus , stags leap, frank family and silver oaks to name a fewfor ctough... they carry my 3 fave in this orderrombauer because i like my chars buttery, frank family and grgichthats just the wines. their cocktails are excellent as well! next their happy hour! served at the bar from 5-7we had the burger which was great quality , flat bread and buratta which came so gooey and creamy! i had a glass of happy hour cab and my husband the beerlet┬┤s talk dinner! i have ordered their seafood tower and let me tell you... it certain doesn┬┤t disappoint! at the time it was 3 levels of prawns crab and a lobster tail. decently a way to impress someone! for dinner i generally stick to my filet but i top it with the crab lump they have to offer! it┬┤s a must try even whether it┬┤s just once! as for sidesthe brussels and bacon are a hit , lobster mac and cheese you just can┬┤t go wrong, creamed spinach is fresh not baby food consistency and their corny potatoes that they are known for! i do wish to see things on the menu such as truffle butter topping or sides of king crab, perhaps even a salad that is one of a kind...all and all the place is a hit

8/2/2019 12:57:10 PM

all of the food was amazing as always! when we first walked in they were running behind and there were a couple of parties sitting in the waiting area, so they all decided to give us some free champagne. i appreciate that they have such a high regard customer satisfaction! all of the food was very well portioned. we ordered the crab cakes which were in a creamy tomato sauce- they were delicious. the crab cakes were fresh and the sauce was addicting. the calamari had a sweet and sour flavor to it which i wasn┬┤t expecting, but it was still yummy. the sea bass and the wagyu were the stars of the show though. the sea bass was so tender it melted in your momentuth and the flavors were super fresh and light. the wagyu was so perfectly cooked and had the perfect ratio of fat to meat. i had a great experience and can┬┤t wait to do it again!

8/2/2019 12:57:10 PM

i took my carl here to celebrate his birthday. ┬áagain we had a great, delicious meal with excellent service. ┬áwe ordered a couple of fun rum drinks and the bread pudding for dessert. ┬áboth times we┬┤ve left very convinced and happy that we made the right decision to come here. ┬ájust a tip, go to costco in harmomentny to purchase flemings gwhethert cards. ┬á$100 for $80. ┬ái┬┤m getting two next time.s3-media3.fl.yelpcdn.comÔÇŽ

8/2/2019 12:57:10 PM

boyfriend and i came in on a momentnday because we getd a gwhethert card from his parents. awesome, but we recently momentved and now live approximately and hour and a half absent. we both had the day off so decided to trek on over and have a good meal. i made reservations for 5:45pm and we were seated summaryely at that time. we sat down and were served bread and water. then we sat....and sat.... and sat.... time was 6:06pm and i finally got the attention of a waiter and asked our server was. approximately 5 minutes later our server tatiana came over and apologized because she was not told we were her table. we understood, but by this time i was irritateed and i do feel bad i was a bit snippy with my tone. i couldn┬┤t help it, i was hangry. tatiana took our food and drink order at the same time which was appreciated. when she brought the drinks over she let us know the first round was complimentary. incredible gesture that my boyfriend and i were both thankful for. the manager also came over and apologized for our wait and reiterated the first round was complimentary. everything after that small mix up was absolutely wonderful. i had the best lobster i┬┤ve ever had, best caesar salad i┬┤ve ever had and a perfectly cooked filet. this only cost $55.00 on their momentnday night special! it also came with two desserts which we ended up being taken to-go because we were just too full. as an appetizer we ordered crab cakes which were a crab lovers dream. just enough breading to hold it together and a gentle tasting sauce that complimented the crab. even after everything tatiana came over and offered us a box of special occasion truffles because she really felt bad we had to wait so long. talk approximately over the top service! this was probably the best service we┬┤ve ever getd. i┬┤d recommend everyone to come in and try flemmings based on their wonderful service and food. perfect place for a special occasion, but even whether you┬┤re on a tighter budget their momentnday/tuesday night specials and happy hour make it affordable for anyone.

8/2/2019 12:57:11 PM

my boyfriend took me here to celebrate my birthday. we both have never been here before and decided to try it out. this place is somewhat hidden. the entrance is through the park garage. we made reservations for 5:15pm they open at 5pm and there were already 2 other parties seated. slowly as the night progressed this place filled up. i was surprised. specificly since we came in the middle of the week.we came in on a tuesday and luckyly for us we were able to try tomapeddle tuesdays! had no idea approximately this but it helped us decide what we wanted. such a good deal. basically you get 2 salads, split a tomapeddle ribeye, pick 2 sides and 2 dessert at the end of your meal for $120! not only was that such a steal but the food was delicious! steak was cooked perfectly to our liking of medium. the sides we chose was flemings potatoes and mushroom. both so good! for dessert we got the lava cake and the creme brulee. i know their lava cake is their signature dessert but i really endelighted the lava cake. for my birthday i was also gwhetherted truffles. food was delicious and now i┬┤m questioning why we haven┬┤t been here before. we┬┤ll definitely return. also - costco sells gwhethertcards for flemings. $80 for two $50 gwhethert cards!

8/2/2019 12:57:11 PM

i think fleming┬┤s is overrated. we had lobster bisque, surf & turf and ribeye with jumbo lump crabmeat. there were good but not memomentrable. no complaints approximately their food nor service but nothing stands out either. at this price point, there are other better options.

8/2/2019 12:57:11 PM

the happy hour is great, but the main dining room was underwhelming. the food comes a la carte, and they take that very seriously - meaning no garnishing of any sort. this leaves much to be desired in presentation, and flavor was no dwhetherferent from the cheesecake factory across the st. in my opinion, you could take your momentney else and get fairly a bit momentre of an upscale dinner.

8/2/2019 12:57:11 PM

long story short: the food and service are not worth the final bill. whether you┬┤re in the momentod for a fancy steak dinner don┬┤t go to fleming┬┤s. take your momentney to a local steakhouse or a chain like ruth┬┤s is. you can get the same quality of food and better service for 50 less. normally i don┬┤t like to make the bill a focus of my review, but the price of a meal at fleming┬┤s is so discrepant from what you are served that i must point it out.my dinner at fleming┬┤s finally cost $275. that included two 11 oz. steaks, four drinks, and two desserts. at a tregret five-star restaurant that is certainly a fair price, but fleming┬┤s simply is not a five-star restaurant. the food was delicious and of excellent quality. the steaks were tender and juicy. the drinks were well-made and satisfying. the dessert was unique and great way to finish the meal. but compliments end there. our server was polite and professional. however, it was clear the staff was overwhelmed on a busy night. throughout the night i felt our table was not visited frequently enough. as someone that will criticize the staff for visiting at an irritateing rate, it is saying something whether i feel the table has been disregardd. in fact, it seemed part of the problem was the service coordination several dwhetherferent staff members served the table throughout the night, creating a lack of continuity in the service. everyone seemed to be assuming someone else was taking care of the table.at the startning of the dinner, i noticed that the steak knwhethere at my table had a spot of food on it. for a restaurant that charges $275 for a two person meal the silverware ought to be spotless. so when a bus boy came to take absent the bread plates i asked that a new knwhethere be brought. however, it was not until after my steak was delivered that a new knwhethere reachd. when it came time for dessert, a piece of carrot cake was ordered. when the desserts were delivered, a cr├Ęme br├╗l├ęe a delivered instead. the staff member that delivered the cr├Ęme br├╗l├ęe departed so quickly that a rightion could not be made. it then took several minutes so get our original server and have the right dessert brought to the table. finally, the atmomentsphere at fleming┬┤s is not that of a five-star restaurant. while the fixtures and furnishings are of good quality, the volume of the restaurant was entirely too loud. the vocal volume at which conversation had to be held was too high and remomentved the intimacy of the dining experience. a restaurant that charges $275 for a meal ought to serve fewer customers in order to have momentre space and foster a momentre intimate environment.in conclusion, the food at fleming┬┤s is five-star, but the rest of the experience is not. fleming┬┤s is far too overpriced, you can get the same food and a better experience at a number of other steakhouses in the bay area.

8/2/2019 12:57:12 PM

oooooh fleming┬┤s, you have been on my bucket list for a while now and i┬┤m glad our company luncheon was held there!the ambiance is dark and romantic. it┬┤s definitely a place to take the special one here for birthdays, celebrations, or just simple date night. it just screams high lesson without the prices being too expensive. salad - light and dressed really well. the cheese and balsamic dressing made the salad just pop. 4 starsfilet mignon - medium rare. the meat was soft and easy to cut through. each bite had a generous light vinegar taste but didn┬┤t overcome the meat. 5 stars.mashed potato - creamy! great addition to the steak. 4 starscreamy spinach - corny?, creamy, and addicting! 4 starscheesecake - i couldn┬┤t put my finger out the flavor but whether i could guess i┬┤d say it┬┤s orange/lemomentn cheesecake ?. it was very rich and couldn┬┤t i couldn┬┤t handle the sweetness. 3 stars.i could tell that the wait staff was overwhelmed by our party. they were bit irritateed when we asked for momentre bread and coffee. my coworker got coffee when she ordered tea. we couldn┬┤t flag any of the wait staff to come and when they finally did they seemed irritateed. i ordered coffee and they tried to make me drink my coworkers discarded coffee that was sitting there for 10 minutes.i would have rated this place 4 stars but was honestly put off by the coffee situation. oh well, back to momentrton┬┤s steakhouse for me!

8/2/2019 12:57:12 PM

this is probably my favorite steakhouse, by far. went here for a father┬┤s day lunch and they had a special menu for that day 3 course lunch. my dad got the tomapeddle, i got the filet mignon and my momentm ordered the salmomentn. everything was perfect. it comes with a appetizer, a choice of lobster bisque or caesar salad, the entree, sides grilled potatoes and asparagus and dessert. it was one of the best lunches i had so far. service was superb! will definitely come back again.

8/2/2019 12:57:12 PM

had an amazing dinner here with my boyfriend. we had a gwhethert card and finally decided to use it on black friday.we were seated immediately and an assortment of breads with butter seemed.  since we were hungry, we started chowing down.  our server was very nice and offered some great recommendations.  we ordered lobster bisque, caesar salad, and split the ny prime steak with a side of diablo shrimp and brussels sprouts.the steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare like we asked for and it was absolutely delicious. i could tell there was some butter cooked in it too.  the shrimp in the diablo sauce was creamy with a trace of spice and the fried brussels sprouts were amazing.  we were so full we couldn´t even eat dessert.  i felt like i needed to run a marathon to burn off the calories but it was so worth it- i want to return to try the other tasty cuts of meat!

8/2/2019 12:57:12 PM

the waiter was great. the food was okay not fairly worth the price.  finally, the place needs a facelwhethert, very old inside and smells musky.  the flemmings in scottsdale is much better and fairly momentdern!

8/2/2019 12:57:13 PM

my sister and i wanted to do something dwhetherferent for thanksgiving vs cooking the traditional turkey dinner.┬á fleming┬┤s it was and we were not disappointed┬á┬áupon arrival, finding parking was the easiest i have ever experience.┬á the parking garage had signs directing you to fleming┬┤s entrance.┬á there is no street entrance.┬á this makes it very convenient specificly whether it is raining out which it was.┬áthe entire staff at fleming┬┤s did a great job on thanksgiving day.┬á whether i could give them 10-stars, i would.┬á i┬┤m certain the day was deemed as all-hands on deck. in addition to a special thanksgiving menu, their regular menu was available to order from as well┬ácustomer service 5-star:┬á after checking-in for our reservation, complimentary champagne was offered to us as we waited to be seated.┬á nice touch!┬á throughout our experience for dinner, every member of the fleming┬┤s staff was professional, courteous, kind and accommomentdating.┬á our server, jared was the best. we had many questions prior to ordering. each and every question was replyed accommomentdating our requests.┬áfood 5-star: 3 meals were ordered off the thanksgiving menu and 1 off the regular menu.turkey dinner with dark meat w broccolini special request2 tenderloin dinners childs┬┤s plate w fruit salad and adult plate with lobster bisqueappetizer - crab cakes in lobster cream entr├ęe` bone-in ribeyethe presentation of each item served was excellent.┬á turkey meat was momentist and tasty. all the beef dishes were cooked to perfection.┬á as for my ribeye, i asked for medium rare, but momentre on the rare side...perfecto!┬á one thing i will highlight is the crab cakes. ┬áthe best crab cakes ever. the cakes were probably 90 crab with very little breading, celery for filling.┬á┬ádining experience 5-star:┬á our dining experience was very relaxed.┬á our server jared was very attentive and humomentrous with us.┬á even those who assisted jared were also courteous. one even told us he had been working since 9:30am.┬á┬ái highly recommend fleming┬┤s specificly for that special occassion.

8/2/2019 12:57:13 PM
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