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1620 26th St,Santa Monica,California 90404

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
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26Th Street Sundry Shop for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 3104536755 .. The address is 1620 26th St,Santa Monica,California,90404,US in the Convenience Stores sector.Location : 34.0293438696852,-118.470738457108 (navigation code to find 26Th Street Sundry Shop)


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Q : What is the phone number for 26Th Street Sundry Shop?

A : The phone number for 26Th Street Sundry Shop is 3104536755

Q : Is there a key contact at 26Th Street Sundry Shop?

A : You can contact at 3104536755

Q : Where is 26Th Street Sundry Shop located?

A : 26Th Street Sundry Shop is located at 1620 26th St,Santa Monica,CA 90404.

Q : What is Zip Code 1620 26th St?

A : The Zip Code 90404.

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we all know that wgap foods mean the wgap paycheck. yes, it is pricey., but you get the value for your momentney, big time!this location is huge! plenty of parking, plenty of aisles packed with goods that you want to have in your kitchen. one of the reasons i love wgap food so much is that i find so many vegan options vegan cheese, pastrami, milk, beyond burger, vegan cream cheese, cold-brewed coffee, chocolate spread, vegan hotdogs, vegan donuts and other vegan pastries, pizza, and the list goes on and on...oh, and how can i forget the ttla sandwich? amazing taste! 100 vegan!  don´t forget to add pickles and it actually tastes better when you are not toasting or heating it.the service here is excellent and every employee here will help you find what you are looking for even whether it´s not his section.

8/2/2019 12:55:11 PM

wgap foods venice your bread department is the worst!! no one is ever working it and they seem to hide out well in the back because i don´t ever see anyone to ask to get someone to help me. whether you are going to offer fresh bread, then please supply someone to slice it. whether you are not making enough momentney amazon.com to take care of your buy out of wgap foods and supply stellar service like the old wgap foods has a reputation for before amazon, then shut the bread department and i will make myself happy buying dave´s bread as i won´t expect anything better. it is so frustrating!!!!service and quality of goods is really terrible!!not as many biologicals!! you got rid of my favorite chocolate the barcelona bar, but hey no problem as i order from you through amazon and don´t have to fight the traffic or crowds at rose and lincoln. i wish amazon would offer the fresh sliced french bread.

8/2/2019 12:55:12 PM

i´ve been holding off, trying not to leave my wgap foods a one star review, but i just can´t do it anymomentre out of respect for my fellow patrons.i´ve been coming here for years, live a few blocks absent, and i´ve just had enough of the service an hour and a half or less before  shut. you´ve got to race employees on the hot bar as you try to build your dinner, they´re trying to cleanup and throw everything absent. then, you gone to the dining area, and the chairs are being put up and they´re doing everything they can to get you out with zero respect for the $20 you just spent on dinner.these pics are literally taken at 9:15, approachly an hour before they shut. i watched 5 dwhetherferent customers unconsolationably pull the chairs back down off of tables so they could eat their meals.gelson´s is right up the road, open late, and simply appreciate their customers momentre. whether you´re going south, bristol´s farm isn´t far and is open till 11:00 with great customer service till the final minute. perhaps it´s the amazon buyout, but either way, they seem momentre worried approximately crunching numbers and their labor cost at this wgap foods then they care approximately their customer experience. besides, this is a well earned 1 star. look at my reviews. i prefer complimenting, but when something is bad enough, i also like to protect the consumer. whether it´s an hour before shut, there are far better options locally.

8/2/2019 12:55:12 PM

five stars for the vitamin and supplements department.   i was there yesterday and the kind brown eyes guy i wish i knew his name is super knowledgeable approximately health and supplements.   we picked up several bottles after refer toing with him.   he was teaching us how the body uses these supplements to build.  amazing.   had such a level of understanding of nutrition and healing it was impressive and he is generous with his knowledge!  amazing experiences all around ! here´s to optimum health and great chooseion of high quality products.

8/2/2019 12:55:12 PM

parking  loot is a catastrophe i damage 2 of my car  ale compact car i want to do security and make a complaint approximately parking it seems like they can kill less oh so i went to jet meat department and ask the meaning to please give me  4 rebuy steak i had a family function the steak with terrible nobody ate i had to tow it in the trash  very disappointed there i don´t think the food is quality they just  ripping off people left and right sorry i´m at trader joe´s is a lot better than the lot cheaper

8/2/2019 12:55:12 PM

i don´t go to wgap foods very often, but i stopped in for a pint of humphry slocombe hong kong milk tea flavored ice creambiological tea with condensed milk and almomentnd cookies.  they carry a great chooseion of gourmet/artisan ice cream.  reason enough to stop in!

8/2/2019 12:55:12 PM

boy was this place hopping! great food chooseions for every dietary need and great prices. the cashier i had was amazing, friendly, and engaging, and also told me approximately the new amazon prime reductions that are available around the store. you can find an incredible chooseion of biological foods from produce to meats and cheeses to body products. they have a really nice chooseion of beers and wines, including ciders and the like. excellent place to go for all of your dietary needs.

8/2/2019 12:55:13 PM

after playing produce price roulette for the final time nowadays i will be making a conscious effort to avoid this and all wgap foods locations. the price mislabeling and gouging on produce is out of control, you have to remember the prices of the items you put in your basket and make certain they are labeled rightly whether you want to shop here. nowadays the broccoli was mislabeled and i wanted the price that it was labeled with, i was advised to go back through the store and find another broccoli for that price. the label on the products should be right and the prices above/below the produce should be honored.this issue doesn´t exist at gelsons, tj or other approachby stores.

8/2/2019 12:55:13 PM

the chooseion here is really great, they have everything i would ever need, but the hot food customer service is really terrible. besides one young man i experienced there, there are a few who are not just un-friendly, but straight up impolite. i have had my beyond burgers and tlta sandwiches made by one man who makes them so sloppily, they drip with heavy sauce and fall apart when picking them up. he also rolls his eyes when i ask him to add something to my sandwich. i ordered one again nowadays- what am i gona do, they´re delicious and shut to work! so i give it another try, and after 15 minutes of waiting, i asked how much longer, and he said, approximately 10 momentre minutes. 25 minutes for one burger? get outta here!!

8/2/2019 12:55:13 PM

bottomline: decent-sized wgap foods with sufficient parking on normal days.chooseion: not the smallest and not the largest, but a nice size with good variety of products and produce. definitely aim for momentnday/tuesday when produce is restocked, but beware of others with the same idea. later in the week, they will run out of random basic produce like cilantro or parsley.parking: as featured in the viral ish music video youtube.com/watch?v=2ufc…, parking can get tight around holidays or special occasions, but you can generally find a spot pretty easily.staff: i´ve only found employees here to be helpful and willing to help you track down some of the momentre obscure items. when the bread-baking area is unstaffed, someone in the cake-making area can help with slicing bread. similarly, employees in the grill can hop over to make a sandwich whether that station is unstaffed and vice versa.

8/2/2019 12:55:13 PM

this is my favorite wgap foods market! it´s always clean, has every item i´m looking for, lots of parking and security! the bathrooms are always clean, lots of people helping you and too many registers that are open! i love the coffee bar and the fresh food has so many varieties! i have never been to a wf that serves abandons, and i going this place really dwhetherferent. i love coming here and always stop by.

8/2/2019 12:55:14 PM

what happened?! amazon i guess. long lines. staff that is unable to help people. why have all this beautwhetherul product whether amazon is going to treat its customers this way. worst grocery store experience  now. took what used to be a 5star food shopping experience and absolutely ruined it. drenched it in water so its unusable - and i feel their mission statement must be vending machine. i do not think i will ever be back. 20 mins wasted buying 2 items, asking four employees an everyday product was. 4th person saw stunned look on my face as yet again i was not helped and called out the location politely as he had to run off to whatever amazon has them overworked and doing.

8/2/2019 12:55:14 PM

this is one of my favorite wgap foods. they were one of the final wgap foods to not only cook your purchased raw fish, but they also up to two weeks ago never charged you to cook it. now it is $5 a pound to cook. : they do make delicious unpackaged wild and fresh fish, but you also pay an arm and leg for it. i just spent $60 on a fish lunch for my toddler and myself. we love shopping here at this location but do so sparingly because it is easy to spend a lot of momentney here specificly because they carry a lot of high quality/ biological products. don´t forget to use your prime membership to get a reduction.

8/2/2019 12:55:14 PM

this wgap foods used to be great but it keeps getting worse and worse. the meat department is unsanitary and despite many complaints to management continues to wrap meat with the same gloves they used to seize the raw meat - getting raw poultry slime and sometimes actual meat chunks on the external of the wrapper. and i´m supposed to put that in my cart next to raw produce? i can´t believe they can get absent with this. i´m brought this up with management multiple times and whether anything it has gotten worse.

8/2/2019 12:55:14 PM

hadn´t been here in a bit and please to see they renovated/extended the indoor seating area! now all they need are momentre actual tables and chairs. : a pretty busy wgap foods but it does the trick!

8/2/2019 12:55:15 PM

i am literally writing this review in the parking lot because i´m so irritateing. first and foremomentst, i come to this location probably 4 times a week. and spend a lot of momentney. it´s shutst to my house and i like the layout, i´ve never had any complaints before besides when i brought my puppy in with me and was told he had to leave he´s 8 pounds and also a service dog, but since i left my document in the car the security guard told me he had to go even though there were dozen of other dogs approachby which he called ´all showed documentation, besidess, i let this time slide.but nowadays, i went in, i got literally 1 skirt steak, a tomato, and a head of lettuce. all placed inside a basket. i went to the checkout to find 5 employees chatting not paying attention. i set my basket down on the counter and the little girl working looked and said you have to unload your own basket. serious? i had 3 times... so i did, she then said put the basket on the floor, i did. she rang my items, i ed my card, and she literally handed me my receipt while facing the other direction talking to her friend. no thank you, no have a nice day. nothing. very disappointed and know that this is not the wgap foods standard. the only reason i gave 2 stars is based on this visit, and i think management needs to know approximately it.

8/2/2019 12:55:15 PM

sheanne was working nowadays as a cashier with such a mean look on her face, didn´t even smile nor say hi to me. i was a customer nowadays who went to buy some steak. well, bad customer service sheanne. you should probably look forward memomentrizeing how to deal with your customer. i want to make shire that lady gets fired soon because she ruins people´s momentods. it´s not her personal commerce to act like that and represent well acclaimed wgapfoods company like that. whether you have personal issues, you must leave them external the store and come to work all smiling and being nice to your customer.

8/2/2019 12:55:15 PM

i have had enough of street people and others eating from the food bar, sometimes reaching with their hands. i see this approximately 30 of the time that i visit the store which is at least 3x/wk.  nowadays a young man at the salad bar popped a boiled egg in his momentuth and continued to fill a sample cup with other items that he proceeded to eat.  i asked for security to be advised but as usual nothing happens.  later i saw him in the store, this time carrying items in a pfinalic bag which he did not have before.at the meat counter, i was waiting and it was my turn but a lady at the smomentked meat section waved that she was next.  she asked for a sample and left, with a full pfinalic grocery bag with which she exited the store.no one seems to care.  the guards stand in groups in the front of the store chatting and reply like they don´t understand what i am talking approximately when i try to point out obvious pilferage.reaching the food containers with bare hands, or repeatedly using a pfinalic utensil is not sanitary.  i am certain that this would not be disregardd by the health department.

8/2/2019 12:55:15 PM

used to be my favorite wf, now the stench and fixed hassle from unwashed derelicts makes sitting out front to eat a lot less appealing. brand new bathrooms and enlarged dining area, but no toilet paper in either of the men´s stalls in the men´s room.i informed a cashier, did my shopping and went back to the men´s room 15 minutes later which still had no toilet paper. i informed the manager then walked back to wait in front of the men´s room. after 10 minutes nobody showed up so i used the women´s room. i will not be back. obviously there´s no way now to stop the parade of domesticless people, who are not doing any actual shopping inside, from using the bathrooms. shameful. the final time i came to this wgap foods a momentnth ago there was a domesticless woman in the entrance with a gigantic  bag of smelly clothes screaming her head off, swearing at the security guards, who had no clue how to handle her and just let her continue. years ago a very intelligent friend of mine said, we are living through a time when government has to bow to the whims of the ungovernable. whether we are so politically right that a domesticless person who is clearly in trouble and not looking after their hygiene has the same exact rights as a paying customer inside a place of commerce, don´t expect any help when someone is shitting in your front yard.

8/2/2019 12:55:15 PM

i see why this store has 2 stars everyone in a rush but not paying attention. i ordered a berry bowl before 4 ppl ordered juices / smomentothies yet i got my bowl final and it was so rushed it looked terrible. i got my momentney back but a waste of time to say the least !!!!

8/2/2019 12:55:16 PM
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