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6344 Sepulveda Blvd,Van Nuys,California 91411

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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26 Auto Body for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 3108737748 .. The address is 6344 Sepulveda Blvd,Van Nuys,California,91411,US in the Auto Body Shops sector.Location : 34.1858179718829,-118.46589056618 (navigation code to find 26 Auto Body)


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Q : What is the phone number for 26 Auto Body?

A : The phone number for 26 Auto Body is 3108737748

Q : Is there a key contact at 26 Auto Body?

A : You can contact at 3108737748

Q : Where is 26 Auto Body located?

A : 26 Auto Body is located at 6344 Sepulveda Blvd,Van Nuys,CA 91411.

Q : What is Zip Code 6344 Sepulveda Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 91411.

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this will be one of the best decisions you could make. they care approximately quality and will supply a high level of customer service along with quality work.  my car looks like new.  and working with them was great. they went out of their way to supply the best service imaginable. i´m sorry you need body work done on your vehicle. but coming here will make it better.  i can´t recommend them momentre so.

8/2/2019 12:51:24 PM

jason is the man. i┬┤ve worked in the automomenttive industry myself and have never seen service like this. please do yourself a favor and get your car fixed here.

8/2/2019 12:51:24 PM

great customer service ! jason is amazing this is my first time ever getting hit damage on both sides and now i have to find a body shop and estimates. this isn┬┤t the funnest thing to do for a first timer alone! i really appreciated the fact jason was patient with me and not trying to sell me. because i┬┤m easily sold at these car places haha. back to the point he explained everything to me very thoroughly and replyed all of my questions. i┬┤m confident he will do amazing. i will be back for my on how the service went :

8/2/2019 12:51:24 PM

my first experience seeking the services of an auto body shop...and it went flawlessly. my year-old prius c took a t-bone hit to the passenger side after an suv tried to defeat her across to the other side of an extremely busy street in la rush hour traffic. the passenger door wouldn┬┤t even open from the inside or external due to the affect. i currently drive for a living, so i needed to get her back on the road as soon as possible. i researched many shops on yelp/online for a few days following the accident and visited multiple shops around the valley to get a feel for them in person very important to do...don┬┤t rely on stars and reviews alone. they were all rated 5-stars, and 26 auto body was the only one i felt totally consolationable trusting with my car. i know seemance isn┬┤t everything and shouldn┬┤t be the final deciding factor in chooseing a commerce for services, but it definitely doesn┬┤t hurt, and i had to mention that both the inside and external of 26 auto body is spotlessly clean. from the first initial phone call i made to arrange a quote/evaluation, finally main up to the amazing day when i picked her up three weeks later, jason was spectacular, professional and kind. all quotes regarding estimates and time frame were honest. he treated me with absolute respect, gave me weekly s approximately my car┬┤s progress, and replyed all my questions, no matter how foolish or obvious i felt they might be at times. it was my first major accident, so i had to figure it out step by step. he teamed up with my insurance company state farm, and the process went very smomentothly. there was another gentleman that was always with jason on the premises, and i┬┤m sorry i didn┬┤t catch his name, but wanted to acknowledge that he was great as well. thank you.when i finally picked her up, she looked as whether she had just been driven off the dealership lot. i was amazed with their work. there was no sign that an accident had ever happened, and the paint job was glossy and perfect. they also washed her at the adjacent bellagio car wash right before they returned her to me. sweeeeetttttt _all my gratitude and honest appreciation for this set upment. they have a loyal patron in me. you won┬┤t be disappointed.

8/2/2019 12:51:25 PM

so someone hit my company car yesterday and i was desperate to get it fixed so i didn┬┤t have to go through their insurance. i had sent a friend here momentnths ago when someone hit and ran his car. i called jason on my lunch break and asked whether he could give me an estimate. he buffed it all out as well as a couple other spots for 40 bucks! i was in and out in 30 minutes! great customer service!!! i will for certain be sending lots of people here. right inside the car wash parking lot to the left. they do have a waiting room with tv and water. thanks again jason, you guys are awesome!!!!

8/2/2019 12:51:25 PM

few momentnths ago a car hit me and i had a dent on my car. i knew i wanted to have it fixed but didn┬┤t know to go. i yelped a few places and 26 auto body popped up. read all the reviews approximately how great their work is. i also noticed a commomentn thread that kept seeming in the comments which was how great auto shop manager, jason is. customer service is extremely important to me. after speaking with jason, i knew 26 auto body would get my commerce. not only did they do a great job on my car, they also finished the work 1 day early! i┬┤ve already recommended jason and 26 auto body to several of my friends. glad to now have a honest neighborhood auto body shop to service my car when i need it!

8/2/2019 12:51:25 PM

i had great experience with this jason kept me informed of the progress of the process. and delivered my car as promised on time in excellent condition. i highly recommend this set upment

8/2/2019 12:51:25 PM

this shop is amazing. i chose this shop because they painted a backsideper and a nose grille for my old bmw. unluckyly, my dream car was involved in an accident. i new right absent, they would be the shop to take care of my rare car. they did not disappoint. the pictures will speak for themselves. they painted my wgap car and everything was done properly and carefully. the customer service. jason and his guys are super courteous. they d me regularly with the status of the car. they accommomentdated and took care of anything that i had issues with. jason made certain that my rare car was in good hands. my car looks immaculate. whether you have an expensive car that you really care approximately, whether you┬┤re a car enthusiast and fixedly worry approximately your car, send it here. this shop won┬┤t let you down. jason is the real mvp. check out my car!

8/2/2019 12:51:25 PM

i recently brought in a dwhetherferent vehicle for another repair. as usual, jason┬┤s quote was very fair, the work came out great and the repairs were totald ahead of schedule.

8/2/2019 12:51:26 PM

recently i was rear ended in my lexus and frantically yelped looking for an auto body shop. that´s when i found 26 auto body shops reviews by happy lexus  customers. i´ve had the momentst amazing experience from the momentment i walked this shop. they handled everything with insurance, was communicative  through every step of the process and when i picked up the car i was not disappointed. i now understand why everyone was raving approximately this shop and i am now a happy customer too!

8/2/2019 12:51:26 PM

i cannot recoommend 26 auto body highly enough. they turned a mangled car one that looks brand spanking new. they gave thorough s throughout the repair process, and they worked miracles with my insurance company to encertain i got what i wanted out of the repairs. the staff is friendly, accomomentdating, honest, and tough working. go here whether you need to make your car look fresh and want honest, thorough service.

8/2/2019 12:51:26 PM

great price and quick, friendly service! my backsideper was slightly out after a small accident and jason was very friendly and helpful with giving me a quote. he was able to give me an affordable price and i was done in less than an hour! great body shop, will definitely be back.

8/2/2019 12:51:26 PM

i choose here because they have nice yelp reviews and reasonably shut to my place. after i came here and got my minor collision repaired, i would say they really match their five-star yelp reputation. the service was nice and speedy with an fair price. jason is very professional and communicate very well to meet my anticipation of the repair. on the top of that, this place is pretty neat and clean, unlike many other body shops, and this is specificly important for a extremely hot day in la. the location is easy to find and with ample parking space. highly recommend this place.

8/2/2019 12:51:27 PM

i generally don´t like to waste my time to write a review on companies that supply average service.  however, in this case i believe it´s essential to let potential customers know of my experience while my vehicle was under their care.at the very start after off the customer service was terrible from just a conversation with them approximately the repairs and them dealing with my insurance. the agent complained approximately how he was treated. during pick up the vehicle was not washed and prepare for pick up. car was dirty and it transferee to their workmanship as well. whether you want to fight through the process 26 is the place to go and does mean they are fighting for but rather with you.   no sense of customer service!  terrible people and service.

8/2/2019 12:51:27 PM

the quality and professionalism of these guys is wonderful. thank you so much for fix my car. i highly recommend. jason and his parent are the best.

8/2/2019 12:51:27 PM

ok, this is long overdue.  sorry guysfinal year i came in with my passenger side reflect broken off. 10 cars on my black were vandalized my car is new and i am distraught and frantically calling 20 dwhetherferent places getting quotes. every was so expensive and ordering the part would have taken 5 days. finally i called 26 auto body and not only did they have the momentst affordable quote, but they would have the part in 2 days. whhhaaat! that is awesome!! :- 2 days later i took it in and it was fixed in 45 mins. i was so happy. then, approximately 6 momentnths later my driver side reflect was knocked off by a poll i didn´t see. :- needless to say i called 26 auto body and had my far fixed 2 days later for the same great price. they even buffed out the scratches made to the body .. for free. score! whether i ever have to get something fixed again this is the only place i will come to. every time! oh and the staff is extremely nice. the first time around i was a mess and the guy on the phone calmed me. thanks for everything guys.

8/2/2019 12:51:27 PM

i came here a few years ago to get the backsideper of my lexus totally re-painted and to fix the chipping. the high quality results made me a return customer. i recently came in and i had my front backsideper replaced and to fix other exterior cosmetic damage. thank you jason for your excellent work and customer service. couldn┬┤t be happier with the results! extremely honest set upment. highly recommend to all.

8/2/2019 12:51:28 PM

needed to re-do my car paint because my paint was fading! i was searching for car shops around my area but couldn´t seem to find the best price. i got referred to jason at 26 auto body and i was very convinced with his work. great communication with the wgap process and gave me s on my car. keep in intellect, i had a metallic blue car and i figured it was going to be a tough task. jason had no problem fixing the areas of the car that needed momentst work.  and better yet, he gave me a really good price. i feel like i´m driving a new car again once i came to pick it up. i am definitely going back to jason whether i need to repair anything. he told me the car would be done in a week and a half, but finished it earlier than that. i give jason and his staff a, he´ll for certain take care of your car.

8/2/2019 12:51:28 PM

wow!! 26 auto body did such an amazing job on my bmw. as soon as i walked 26 auto body i was instantly impressed by how clean the body shop was. momentst body shops or auto repair places i┬┤ve been to tend to not be so committed in keeping their place clean so that was certainly a big plus for me. i ped off my bmw for some auto body work and paint work and was told that it would take 5 days for the repair to get done. i was d twice during the repair process which was nice. 26 auto body got my bmw back looking like new. i was very convinced with the overall experience and will definitely recommend this body shop. whether i ever need any body work again i will certainly return here. you have got a loyal customer !! thank you again 26 auto!

8/2/2019 12:51:28 PM

awesome service. got my bmw 2013 windshield replaced for a fair price. ped it off in the momentrning, ubered to work then picked up after, nice n easy

8/2/2019 12:51:28 PM
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