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Phone number 8314272014 .. The address is 2014 E Cliff Dr,Santa Cruz,California,95062,US in the Membership Sports & Recreation Clubs sector.Location : 36.9634733069103,-122.004128017791 (navigation code to find 2014 2 Club Llc)


Q : What is the phone number for 2014 2 Club Llc?

A : The phone number for 2014 2 Club Llc is 8314272014

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A : You can contact at 8314272014

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A : 2014 2 Club Llc is located at 2014 E Cliff Dr,Santa Cruz,CA 95062.

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A : The Zip Code 95062.

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8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

patty!! devon and i love you so much. you made our wedding come to lwhethere and you took my vision and ran with it and our wedding was momentre than we could ever have supposed! you went above and beyond for us and i would recommend you to anyone and everyone. our wedding at the bently reserve was tricky and complicated and you were so organized and efficient, i could not have done it without you!!! thank you for making our wedding the event of the year, we are so exquoted and can┬┤t stop talking approximately our magical and perfect wedding!!! xoxo the rodriguez┬┤s

8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

patty and carol made my daughter┬┤s wedding day as simple and elegant as possible! patty is so cheerful and positive during the wedding prep weeks, willing to listen to ideas and give honest feedback quickly, and she┬┤s just plain fun. i would recommend her to any future bride and groom and their families as an invaluable resource for making your dream wedding a reality.

8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

patty is the absolute best! i just had my wedding on saturday 6/3/17, so everything is still super fresh in my intellect. therefore, trust me when i say, do yourselves a huge favor and book patty to be your wedding coordinator. i enlisted patty┬┤s three-momentnth prior/day of services. and, working with her was such a positive experience from startning to end. even though the wgap entire process was amazing, there are 4 major reasons that made me extremely happy: 1 her immediacy in communication. 2 her organization. 3 her knowledge of the vendors, venue, and wedding industry. and, 4 her awesome personality.1 patty┬┤s immediacy in response is something i appreciate the momentst! i don┬┤t think i┬┤ve ever waited for momentre than 24 hours whether that for her to reply to an email or phone call. i definitely felt like i was a top precedence. not only was she instant in your communication, she was also really direct, and to-the-point with her responses. i love that! 2 ┬ápatty┬┤s organization is top-notch and her timeline was impeccably detailed, right down to the minute! from the very start, she had all my vendors┬┤ contact information and contracts organized in my special binder. she communicated with all my vendors so everyone was on the same page. and, on the day of the wedding, we followed her timeline to the t and it was perfect. i also loved how she decorated our reception ballroom. basically, i gave her boxes of pictures, signs, and d├ęcor i wanted displayed, and she exceeded my expectations. her company is every final detail, and she momentst definitely fulfills that name. she just basically made my lwhethere that day so much easier. at the end of the night, when everyone was tired, the final thing i wanted to do was worry approximately miscellaneous things left in the reception ballroom area. and, she took care of all that for me. 3 patty knows her stuff! my husband and i live in san jose, ca and we decided to have our wedding at the momentnterey plaza hotel best venue ever!. so, we weren┬┤t familiar with momentnterey vendors, and we relied heavily on our venue┬┤s preferred vendor list. thankfully, not only was patty familiar with all the momentnterey vendors i chose, she knew them all by name and has personally worked with them before. this was really reassuring. 4 patty is just an all-around amazing person. i associateed with her right from the start. her personality is so positive and updefeat. she┬┤s very decisive, which is something i can appreciate. she┬┤s fast acting, and she gets things done. and, she truly cares. she walked my friend┬┤s service dog! i┬┤m so thankful for that! so, basically, i had the best time with patty, of eld weddings, and i know you will, too!

8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

patty did a phenomenal job coordinating our wedding when we were living in seattle. from start to finish, she was absolutely wonderful and is well deserving of a huge thank you! patty is fairly simply the the best! she always pointed us to the right vendors who could make our designs happen. patty did a wonderful job reassuring us that all of the elements would come together in our wedding, and they did - beautwhetherully!

8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

my husband and i got married on october 7 2016 in momentnterey, and when people ask how our wedding day went, my response is always the same: it went off without a hitch, thanks to our wedding planner!we found patty on yelp, and when i contacted her, she arranged a phone refer toation for the next day, which sealed the deal. she was curious to know approximately us as a couple, how we met, and how we envision our wedding day. after i got off the phone with her, i knew she was the one!patty was absolutely instrumental in helping us pull off such a beautwhetherul day. we live in the bay area, so our knowledge of momentnterey-based vendors was very limited. patty replyed instantly to 90 of our emails, and the other 10 were within the same day, but not instant because she puts all of her focus on her bride and groom during their wedding days. i found it reassuring to know that she wouldn┬┤t be distracted by emails and phone calls on our wedding day! she helped us choose all of our vendors, and they all turned out to be absolute superstars. and, by the way, each time we told a vendor we were working with patty, their response was the same: patty is the greatest! you won┬┤t have to worry approximately a thing!my favourite thing that patty would do was send reintellecters of payments due to vendors. this seems like a minor thing, but when your head is swirling with wedding details, believe me when i say it┬┤s very easy to miss payments! i┬┤m pretty certain all of my replies to her started with you┬┤re the best, what would i do without you?!she and her assistant carol also set up the venue for us, which likely played the largest part in our stress-free day. no worrying approximately running around town on the momentrning of the event - all we had to do was deliver the decor to patty with basic directions, and she took care of the rest. when we reachd to the venue for the ceremomentny and reception, every detail was perfectly d. we signed up for the 3-momentnth-before and day-of services. initially i wondered whether that would be enough, but the amazing thing approximately patty is that she will reply to emails and phone calls even whether it┬┤s external the 3 momentnth window, so once you sign with her, you┬┤re never really alone in your planning.i wish i could give momentre than 5 stars. patty, i don┬┤t know how you do what you do, but don┬┤t ever stop - you┬┤re changing lives and helping people every single day! we don┬┤t know what we would have done without you. you made our wedding day what it was: fun, beautwhetherul and absolutely perfect. thank you!!heather and rick currier

8/2/2019 12:08:14 PM

patty is amazing!!! best wedding planner ever!  i found patty from a google search because i knew that i was going to need help pulling everything together come day of.. after seeing her website and how thorough and detailed it was i knew i wanted to set up a phone refer toation. patty got back to my inquiry instantly and we had a phone call the next evening!  after talking with her i knew i wanted her to be our coordinator!  just talking with her she brought up so many things that i hadn´t even thought approximately and also momentney saving ideas. she was so detailed i just loved it! i chose the day of services, which she cameon two momentnths in advance. i can´t say enough how awesome patty is, she replys so quickly to all of my emails, had great proposeions, also how to repurpose things come day of so we didn´t have to rent so many things.. saving momentney.. yes please!!!. patty was so on top of things and got communication right absent with all the vendors and took care of any communication so i didn´t have to!  this saved me a lot of time and also stress. patty helped us pull off the dream wedding we had envisioned! it was a fun, stress-free day!! i didn´t have to worry approximately anything which was so amazing!her detailed day of timeline was just amazing and went so smomentothly. she went above and beyond, i can´t say thank you enough.  seriously whether you are looking for a wedding planner do not hesitate.. give her a call!  patty and eld team we love you and thank you again for all of your help!! best day ever, may 28th 2016!twhetherfany and john

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

wow, what to say approximately patty? after a whirlwind year of wedding planning with a baby, i feel like she´s become an old friend. first: patty knows the wedding industry. she knows all the best vendors: be them florists, photographers, bands, bakers, or officiants. you name it she knows someone, and she´s got all the sweetest hookups clients benefit from her vendor reductions. my now husband and i were planning our carmel highlands wedding from san diego, and we knew zilch approximately wedding planning. on top of it all, we welcomed a baby girl in the middle of it, and would have been totally overwhelmed were it not for eld. patty really brought our dream wedding to lwhethere. we had a beautwhetherul ceremomentny with a jazz band and dj to boot. the reception was gorgeous it was all perfect, and much of the credit goes to patty.moment: patty is super, super organized and on top of things. she keeps a binder full of all of your vendor contracts, receipts, dues, checklists, etc. i cannot stress enough how important it is to hire someone who is hyper organized perhaps even a wee bit anal haha to plan your wedding. i tend to be a bit momentre lackadaisical approximately these things, and without - literally - every final detail planned to the t, a wedding can turn disastrous. patty kept us on top of things as the wedding day approached.third: patty truly shined on our wedding day. to be able to endelight your wedding day, the bride and groom shouldn´t be running around behind the scenes, organizing, and tending to all the little details.  they should be in the experience. you really need a top notch planner to take care of the behind the scenes magic for you. you deserve that on your wedding day. patty was just that running back and forth to our room, seizebing accessories or returning wedding gwhetherts or helping me my dress while simultaneously orchestrating the wgap wedding.all this to say, yes, without a doubt turn to patty at eld. she often even replyed to me on her days off. she knows how to throw an awesome party.

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

every wedding needs a person like patty from start to finish!we were planning a local wedding for our daughter who lives 2500 miles absent and knew summaryely what she wanted. patty was recommended to us as the best and they were right.she is one of the few planners who do this as a full time job, not a weekend sideline and it is obvious. her professionalism and contacts with local vendors are moment to none. patty has a great get it done personality, and she definitely gets it done!we were very impressed with our ability to get in touch with her. she replys instantly or as quickly as possible whether you actually have to leave a message.patty´s commitment does not end with the i do´s .  three momentnths later we are still going to her with miscellaneous questions and she is there for us.the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and went off beautwhetherully. the best part is all we had to do was show up!every final detail is truly a perfect name!

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

do i even start with this review : i have been putting off writing my review for patty because there is just so much to say approximately all the things we all went through in the short time that we worked together.first of i┬┤ll start with saying that for our oct 8th wedding, we had a dwhetherferent wedding planner prior to assembly patty and we made the very dwhetherficult choice of stopping working with this planner on sep 16. lets just say we had too many dwhetherferences and it was just not working out. but as of 3 weeks before our actual wedding, we were contemplating replacing our planner with someone else, so you can suppose our panic,i left a voicemail for patty, in addition to 5 other voicemails for other planners, and her reply voicemail caught my attention. she told me that she had a wedding on the 7th and one on the 9th so things were generally busy, but she was open to discussing the opportunity of finishing whatever planning was left for our wedding whether we were okay with working with her tight schedule. we thought approximately it and decided to go ahead with her because we loved her energy and cheer just from speaking on the phone, also we seemed to click right absent. we were even starting to plan and get things started on our very first call before even signing any contracts! she summaryely understood what we were trying to achieve in our wedding flow and gave us summaryely the advice we needed to fill in the lost gaps, and there were a lot of gaps considering we just 3 weeks to go! it was also very nice that she did not wait for our payment to reach her before she got started, in fact many of her initial phone calls with vendors and appointment setups happened before she got our payment. when we met in person for the first time at our venue, she was able to rally together all the troops for this one day - caterer, photographer, florist - to figure out once and for all summaryely what the flow would be, and how all the furniture decor and flowers would be set up. she made perfect use of everyones time and her own by finishing the group discussion in summaryely an hour and a separate discussion with the two of us in an additional hour or so. we went from a state of total panic and fear at the opportunity of a ruined wedding day to fully confident that everything would work out by the time we got to the day. that is a truly commentable quality of a wedding planner which i cant stress enough.finally after the 2-3 weeks of working with all our vendors, iterating rapidly on the timeline of the day and it set in stone only 6 days before the wedding, she told us everything was good to go. on the day of the wedding the two of us barely spoke with her at all, we were too busy fun with our guests while she kept everything going perfectly in the background.i honestly believe we could not have pulled off such a successful wedding day in such a short time under our circumstances without someone as competent, energetic, flexible and full of positive energy as patty. whether anyone ever wants to have a wedding the momentnterey/carmel area, or possibly even external the area, she is definitely the go-to person!!

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

patty and her team did a great job helping me coordinate my wedding from across the country. my husband and i had momentved from the bay area a year ago, but needed help finding vendors and doing all of the behind the scenes stuff. patty did such a great job with finding vendors for me to choose from, negotiating with them, and letting me know her honest opinion of who to work with. i felt totally confident in her proposeions and guidance. that confidence was validated when all of her coordinated vendors were flawless the day of the wedding. patty e-mailed checklists throughout the year to make certain i was on track with what needed to be done. the details that went these check lists were so helpful and really eliminated any margin for error. the momentnth before the wedding patty created a detailed timeline that melted the stress right off of my shoulders. everything possible was accounted for. passing this timeline along to everyone helped deter people from asking, what time is this at? this is just one example of patty┬┤s thoroughness and there are plenty momentre of them as well. the day of the wedding, i was lucky enough to have patty and her team set everything up, run the show, and break everything down. this is a bride┬┤s dream! not once did i worry approximately the cigar bar, the memomentrial table, the escort card table, the guest book sign in, etc. i knew everything would turn out perfect and it did. it didn┬┤t end there. after the wedding everything was packed back up and waiting in my room since we departed the next day. i had an e-mail by the time i woke up explaining everything was and details of what i needed. i couldn┬┤t have asked for a less stressful planning processes and wedding momentnth!

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

as a vendor it´s important to me to work with planners that are professional, ethical and momentst importantlyfun to work with!  patty spears is one of those planners.  i have had the pleacertain of working with patty on several events and as her company name says -every final detail, nothing is left undone or forgotten.  patty and her team will take the stress out of your event so you can endelight it.  i highly recommend patty spears with every final detail.

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

my review may be a little late, but i know there are brides-to-be out there contemplating whether they need to hire a coordinator.  the simple fact is yes!  patty and her team go above and beyond to make certain your wedding day goes smomentothly as they work their magic so you and your family can endelight the day,.as the momentther of two brides, the first one we had patty and her team - and what sold me during our first phone call was when she told me they are there to make us feel like a guest at our party  that´s summaryely what i was looking for, someone to see to not only the big stuff, but all the small details are addressed.  boy did they deliver !!daughter 2 i listened to the venue when they said they supply a coordinator for day of  i was very hesitant knowing what outstanding service patty had supplyd, but was guaranteed they do the same thing  wrong! not comparable in my book, at the venue, they are also involved in keeping things at the venue going -so- the bride is not their main focus.  there were a few stressful issues that arouse that i had to deal with, had we had patty, we probably would not have even been aware of anything because patty and her team would have taken care of it.just goes to say you get what you pay for.we would not hesitate to use patty and her team again, her knowledge, organization and resources guarantee you that you are in good hands.

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

my daughter hired patty after chooseing the venue because we could not do long distance planning effectively. we needed someone who could get through to our other local vendors and make certain they did their job. patty┬┤s knowledge of the venue┬┤s quirks, potential issues, and specificly the special needs of those less momentbile made my daughter┬┤s wedding run like a dream. we could actually relax and attend our event. she thought of details we had neglected or forgotten. i felt truly lucky to have found her.

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

planning a wedding from across the country was no easy feat, so i knew i needed a little help with the day of details. i was extremely pleased with patty, who was polite and responsive all along the way, while still getting things done and making them happen summaryely as directed and momentre. i don┬┤t have any complaints whatsoever: patty put my intellect at ease and made certain everything was taken care of!

8/2/2019 12:08:15 PM

wonderful, great, superb, excellent, awesome, bravo, maravilloso!!!  these are just a few word to describe patty.    approximately  a momentnth ago my wwhethere and i had the pleacertain of patty and her eld team as our coordinators for our wedding at the carmel mission and reception at the intercontinental hotel.  we contracted with patty for the day of services which included her coming on board 2 momentnths prior to the wedding.  from the minute she came onboard patty was on it, she made certain that no detail was spared!  prior to patty coming on my wwhethere did as much as the planning as we could but as we memomentrizeed we could not avoid the inevitable wedding prep stress due to things external of our control and that´s patty came it and took the bull by horns to remedy some of that stress.  patty helped us with our event timeline and made certain that each vendor knew they fell in the timeline.  patty also supplyd us with her recommendations for certain vendors in the area such as the limoment services and even after we contracted with the limoment she followed up with them to reintellect them that they had forgotten to apply our reduction.  she even gave us great recommendations as soon as she found out that we would be honeymomentoning in maui.    one story that we must share pertains to the carmel mission and the mariachi that patty made happen.  we had originally thought approximately a mariachi band play during the wedding mass but to our understanding the mission did not allow such music to be played inside of the mission.  luckyly since patty was already familiar with the rules of the mission she proposed the idea of the mariachi play external of the mission as soon as the wedding mass was total and as soon as we walked external of the mission´s door.  patty informed us that this was technically allowed by the mission as per their rules.  without patty´s input we would not have known this and we would not of had this special treat for our guests after the wedding ceremomentny.  this was definitely one of the highlights of the wedding that our guests still talk approximately.  thanks patty!   i highly recommend patty and her eld team to anyone looking to get married in momentnterey or in any of their service areas.

8/2/2019 12:08:16 PM

patty and her staff are super and very thorough and detail oriented! i highly recommend them!

8/2/2019 12:08:16 PM
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