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Phone number 6269376555 .. The address is 15848 Halliburton Rd,Hacienda Heights,California,91745,US in the unkown sector.Location : 33.9964927257895,-117.966129414709 (navigation code to find 2011 Noodle House)


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A : The phone number for 2011 Noodle House is 6269376555

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A : You can contact at 6269376555

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A : 2011 Noodle House is located at 15848 Halliburton Rd,Hacienda Heights,CA 91745.

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A : The Zip Code 91745.

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whether you are looking for the typical taiwanese finger foods, this is a fun place to eat!!i now and then have a craving for ground pork over rice and some popcorn chicken. when i have this craving, i run to bfc.the ground pork in sauce is delicious, the popcorn chicken batter inst too thick, and best of all, you can get any meal with a boba milk tea from next door!service at times can be really slow, expect this when you go.but friendly staff try their best to satisfy.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

in terms of value, this place definitely has value. foe their low prices you can get a lot of delicious fried taiwanese snacks like fried tofu, calamari, popcorn chicken etc.i brought my parents and grandma here, and they came from taiwan and they fairly endelighted it, specificly since they give large portions for a cheap price, asians yknow.service here was friendly, food came out relatively quickly, i would definitely come here again whether i want a nice taiwanese cafe type of place to hang out at.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

been here a few times and tried a few dwhetherferent dishes.  my faves are the crispy pork cut, braised pork stomach over rice and fish and tofu clay pot.  popcorn chicken is pretty good too.  prices are very fair and portions are generous.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

the new breadfish cafe location is a lot less crowded than the one in rowland heights. this location is very clean, a lot momentre spacious, and has momentdern decor. the staff here is super friendly and helpful. i decided to order togo and ordered the braised pork bun $3, sweet potato fries $3.75, and the large minced pork bowl $5.85. the braised pork bun was pretty big for a bun. inside was the braised pork stomach, pickled mustard, and cilantro. the flavors were on point, i highly recommend this! the sweet potato fries were super crispy and had the right approximately of plum seasoning on it. the minced pork bowl was huge! it came with rice, minced pork, an egg, and pickled mustard. the meat was kinda dry but the flavors were there.overall a solid place with a little above average food for cheap prices!

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

i was in the area and i found this place. i thought why not right? i was really hungry and i was so happy that the food came out really fast. i ordered a fried chicken cut which i really recommend! it comes with so many huge pieces and it is so flavorful! i also ordered a dry noodle bowl. unluckyly, it was lost a lot of flavor. i was hoping that the dry noodles would at least have some kind of sauce that would stick to the noodles. nope, it was very bland. i had to pack it for to go. i think it would taste a lot better with sauce. the restaurant was very clean. simple and cute interior. the server was very nice and attentive. overall, i would come back to try out momentre dishes! i┬┤m exquoted to try their appetizers for next time!

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

food was delicious. liked the meat ball & beef noodle. three flavor hicken was ok. favorite is the momentchi! service was attentive. it was really stuffy in there. don┬┤t think they had ac on when we went in.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

anyone craving beef braised soup? well get over to breadfish cafe. the portion is huge so whether your really hungry you will definitely leave full. whether you get full fast either share or save for later. the broth was momentuth watering good. this place will for certain have you coming back. service was fast and pleasant with no problems.

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

every once in a while, i need to reintellect myself of my taiwanese roots, and breadfish is a great place to do that. the food isn┬┤t blow-your-intellect amazing, but it┬┤s always beyond satisfying and the prices are great.it might be a little trickier for you whether you don┬┤t speak chinese...just approximately all the servers spoke slightly broken english. but! to combat that, they have an easy peasy ordering system. their menus are laminated and come with expo markers for you to mark your chooseion! pretty ingenious. but whether you don┬┤t know what you want yet/you have questions for the servers, they can still take your order the old fashioned way and just mark the menus themselves. braised pork bun $3 - it was covered with what my bf thought was brown sugar but i believe it┬┤s crushed up peanuts with bits of sugar...sounds weird but it is amazing. the pork is fatty and salty and the peanuts just make tie it all together. there┬┤s only one bun, but the price is fair for the portion. honestly, i should have ordered five of these rather than one.sweet potato fries $3.75 - cut too thick for my preference, but still crispy!taiwanese sausage $4.25 - served on a bed of lettuce and accompanied with sliced garlic. this was too dry, even the garlic seemed old and dry. this one was a miss. large stewed pork rice $5.85 - comes with a side of ?? suan tsai aka what i always just called ┬┤chinese kimchi┬┤ but i was trying to explain it to my bf so i googled it and obviously it is known as chinese sauerkraut!, bean sprouts, an egg, and loads and loads of stewed pork. and of course, beef noodle soup $7.95 - your choice of thick or thin noodles i┬┤m judging you whether you picked thin in a huge bowl, and with at least three huge chunks of cooked beef. it was not fairly as flavorful as i┬┤m used to, but i┬┤m hoping this means it┬┤s easy on the msg, or perhaps doesn┬┤t even have any!we ordered like, a billion things, and the bill didn┬┤t even reach $30. amazing. aside from the food: i had a great experience here. breadfish is a play on the famed bible parable of the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. you┬┤ll see it in their little logo! so yes, you may hear aunties in the back talking approximately church, or chefs shouting to their church friends from the kitchen, but it weirdly soothes me - reintellects me of my own family. they also have another location in rowland heights but that one is much smaller and it┬┤s always crowded. this one is such an improvement, and it┬┤s only approximately 5 miles absent. there┬┤s no lack of taiwanese food in the area, but none make me as happy as breadfish!

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

typical taiwanese food.  drinks are from next door quickly.  they seriously need to get help.  one person, specificly during lunch, is not enough to man the entire dining area.  i always feel so bad for them!  momentst of their servers speak at least a bit of english.  but salomomentn is the best!  i always get 1 - pork cut over rice.  they make the pork so crispy - it´s always really good.  i don´t really care for their side dishes though.  they serve bean sprouts and kelp/seaweed.  i´ve tried the taiwanese meat ball, the squid noodles, beef noodle soup, and momentchi dessert.  i´ve never had a problem with them - even whether i was getting them to-go.  i like that they´ll pack the pork cut separate from the rice whether it´s take out.parking is really tight here, so leave your car on the farther side to avoid any accidents.

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

i just order beef noodle soup togo, but no beef in the soup!!! no beef! i was domestic and put everything in a large bowl, and found there is no beef! i don┬┤t want to bother to go back. so just eat the no beef noodle soup. but i was very upset!

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

this is the new breadfish location which is a lot bigger than the original location. the service is a bit slower though, so whether it gets crowded you can expect some decent wait time. i generally get the fried pork cut with dry noodle, you can also opt in for the fried egg on top $1.25. their popcorn chicken and minced pork rice combination is also really good. my girlfriend┬┤s favorite menu item is the braised pork rice w/ fried egg. tips: accepts credit card with transactions over $15i will probably start going here instead of the other location since we always had to wait for a table at the other location. i really endelight how you can alter any menu item to have either rice or noodles. makes the menu kind of fun and you can have a dwhetherferent experience every time. i noticed that they have added additional items to their menu so i will definitely need to try those out on my next visit. overall, a great spot for lunch, and it┬┤s super cheap as well!

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

my first time trying this place out and i am actually decently impressed! my boyfriend ordered the beef fried rice and i ordered the beef noodle soup with wide noodles. both were extremely flavorful and portions were humomentngo! try eating the fried rice with their spicy chili flake sauce for an additional kick. the beef in the noodles were huge chunks both still super tender and not drying. i┬┤m obsessed!! will definitely be back :

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

oh man. my recent trip to taiwan had be craving braised pork over rice. my wwhethere has been to their rowland heights location and she only said good things approximately it. we decided to come here for lunch and we were not disappointed. she got the fried pork cut over rice and i ordered the braised pork over rice. we shared their fried combination which was fried squid, fishballs, popcorn chicken, etc and hot momentchi. the fried combination portion was pretty big but it was a big heavy. the hot momentchi was amazing though... would order that again. the braised pork over rice was really good. they gave me 2 slabs of super tender pork stomach and there was minced pork on top too. the sides of seaweed and beansprouts were great. the pork cut my wwhethere ordered was really good too. their batter has this sweet and savory taste to it which was great. the only person working external the kitchen bringing the food, setting tables, cleaning tables, refilling the seaweed & water, and getting the bills was a rockstar. super friendly and good service even though he was all alone.

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

do you like your crispy chicken cut to be overcooked to the point of being burnt black?  well, you certainly have come to the right place! ordered the crispy chicken cut with rice and the chicken had been cooked to the point of being blackened on the external. they still managed to cover up the chicken with seasoned coating but the burnt exterior still came through when tasting it.the rest of the takeout dishes were fine. the wonton soup with egg noodles came in separated with the broth in its own container. the fried lettuce with garlic was satisfactory. they just need to work on not burning the chicken!

8/2/2019 12:07:25 PM

located next to jj bakery in the vons plaza and associateed to a quickly boba shop. this place serves up fresh, fast, traditional taiwanese dishes and a couple of vietnamese dishes randomly as well including pho. we got pork cut rice and the pork cut was delicious. it was crispy on the external and not too dry on the inside. comes with rice and two sides of pickeled veggies. i also got a viatnamese pork dish with rice and and egg. very tasty and fresh.for dessert we tried the hot momentchi but wasn┬┤t a fan of it because was too mushy and not qq enough chewy. not bad whether you┬┤re in a momentod for a quick taiwanese meal.

8/2/2019 12:07:24 PM

the food here is always very, very good! but what makes this place really stand out is their apart fromional customer service. shoutout to brian for making our experience dining here awesome! :

8/2/2019 12:07:27 PM

breadfish cafe serves taiwanese cafe food and it is located inside the same plaza as bleu house, jj bakery, and many other restaurants. since it is in a big plaza, there are plenty of parking spaces. as soon as you enter this place to the right is quickly. joint door was wide open when i visited this place. so i guess whether you are in the momentod for a drink at quickly, then you can get it before your food comes. i have dined in and also ordered my food togo because i wanted to endelight their food at domestic and did not want to wait.inside the cafe:there are 16 tables to accommomentdate their customers. the place is pretty clean when they┬┤re not busy.there are two small tables external for those who wants to endelight the outdoors.they bfinal their music so whether you┬┤re not in the momentod for them, don┬┤t forget to bring headphones or just simply order your food togo.food:i ordered 1. tofu and fish hotpot at first i thought in the hotpot there will be actual fish filets with tofu, but when it came out there were fried tofu pieces with fish balls along with some veggies underneath. i didn┬┤t feel like they had put a lot of time in creating this dish. it is a simple dish.2. braised pork over ricethis specific dish came with braised pork along with pieces of cutped pork and pickled mustard. whether you want to add a fried egg on top, then it would cost you an additional $1, which i thought it was a bit much for an egg. i felt this dish had a lot of fat in it. whether you like all the fatness from the braised pork, then this dish would be the dish for you.overall, i thought this place was okay. i would like to try other dishes next time though.

8/2/2019 12:07:27 PM

this new cafe has good taiwanese food at great prices.  i recommend their:-beef noodle soup: the soup was delicious and not oily at all $7.95-pork buns: soo good! there was a surprising mix of flavors that work so well together! $3.00-pork minced rice with egg: this is a lessonic dish that can´t really be messed up.  they have a s $2.95 and l option $5.85price $. service: fast and friendlyambiance: clean and simple, no fuss no frills.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

mediocre for the momentst part. we went on momentnday night and there was only one server working, which is comprehensible as it looked like it was family owned restaurant. i would rate them 2 stars for the awkward service, but our waitress looked like she was no momentre than 20 years old, with little to no working experience other than at this restaurant, and she was serving all the tables on her own - so kudos to her. a little advice to her: when customers ask whether you have desserts, don┬┤t reply with a simple yes and awkwardly walk absent before we are done asking questions. perhaps ask us whether we would like to see the dessert menu or give a brief explanation of the kinds of desserts you offer here? at least she came back with a dessert menu a little later...they served us room moodature water in a cup made for hot tea, which was weird and not very appetizing. i expected ice cold water since... thats normal? also, we are in the middle of summer and it┬┤s hot out! we ordered the stewed beef noodle soup and wonton noodle soup. they soup for the wonton was bland no matter how much soy sauce, vinegar, or satay i added it. the yellow noodles tasted like water and wouldn┬┤t soak up any of the flavors i added. however, the wontons themselves had a good amomentunt of flavor, so that kind of... kind of... made up for the soup. the soup for the beef was a little better, but still bland. i didn┬┤t taste my boyfriend┬┤s beef, so i can┬┤t comment there.overall, the restaurant itself was cute but a little plain and the prices were decent. i would probably come again and try something dwhetherferent, only because of the convenience and decent pricing.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM

love the food here. every single dish i┬┤ve tried i liked. friendly service too. just found out this past weekend this location will be closing at the end of june. such a shame. however, the rowland location will still be opened. i would caution you approximately the rowland location as my brothers car was broken as they ate dinner. his window got smashed.

8/2/2019 12:07:26 PM
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