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200 Grand Ave,Oakland,California 94610

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Phone number 5104820730 .. The address is 200 Grand Ave,Oakland,California,94610,US in the Recreation Centers sector.Location : 37.811378,-122.261299 (navigation code to find 200 Grand)



Q : What is the phone number for 200 Grand?

A : The phone number for 200 Grand is 5104820730

Q : Is there a key contact at 200 Grand?

A : You can contact at 5104820730

Q : Where is 200 Grand located?

A : 200 Grand is located at 200 Grand Ave,Oakland,CA 94610.

Q : What is Zip Code 200 Grand Ave?

A : The Zip Code 94610.

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living here for the past 18 momentnths has been a pleacertain thanks to the efforts of sawhether and team. the quarterly parties are great assembly neighbors. the spontaneous events, like ice cream during a recent heatwave, are a welcome surprise. whenever i think approximately momentving i think approximately how tough it will be to leave such a great community and team. that┬┤s part of the reason i resumeed my lease earlier this year!

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

we love living here! it┬┤s really tough to decide on 4 vs. 5 stars as the units are beautwhetherul and management is doing a great job. however, our time at the grand hasn┬┤t been entirely without ccorridorenges. pros:1 staff: the front desk team, the maintenance crew love amalia and everyone on her team, amber, and sawhether all deserve major kudos for everything they do, and always with a genuine smile. sawhether in specific is a gem. he┬┤s caring, knowledgeable, professional, and also somehow the building┬┤s fairy godmomentther, all in one. we┬┤re also fans of the resident events he throws every quarter or so. even when we can┬┤t make it, it┬┤s heartwarming to know we live in the kind of building our staff cares that much. 2 views: gorgeous! specificly from the 16th floor terrace. even a few years in, it just doesn┬┤t get old.3 location & convenience: approach bart, highways, lake merritt, wgap foods whether that┬┤s your thing, and lots of bars, restaurants, cultural venues, and great gyms walking distance from us for those who need momentre than our basic resident gym. our 24hr front desk team signs for packages. maintenance keeps the building spotlessly clean and takes care of any issues immediately. residents are also able to rent a parking spot and a storage unit in the building. also, even on the higher floors the building feels reassuringly sturdy during soiltrembles, and we never hear any noise from our neighbors.4 other tenants: it┬┤s a very mellow and grown-up vibe, and a diverse crowd. really doesn┬┤t feel like everyone works in tech. we also have a fair number of longer-term tenants, and the full age spectrum from babies to retirees. ccorridorenges:1 air: the decision to not put in ac 10 years ago when the building went up doesn┬┤t feel like the right call for a luxury property nowadays only the commomentn spaces and the penthouse units are air conditioned. unluckyly, over the final few years, the number of excessively hot days has steadily increased. and it gets really tough to breathe during fire/smomentke season when there┬┤s no way to force incoming air through a filter. no ac and few operating windows also means we have to keep windows open at night which lets in a lot of street and construction noise and as of lately, momentsquitos and other plucky critters there are no bug screens either. 2 light: every unit comes with very stylish looking vertical blinds, but no option to install blackout curtains. this means it can be tough to sleep past dawn, which is terriblely early during summer momentnths.3 crime: we┬┤ve had locked bikes stolen from the locked parking garage, been evacuated overnight due to a scary raging fire that destroyed the construction site across the street suspected arson, been woken up by police assisting a fight/shooting victim right external our building, and we still occasionally hear gunshots. it┬┤s not the kind of neighborhood you can let your guard down and go for a leicertainly stroll by yourself after dark. obviously, a lot of these issues aren┬┤t specwhetheric to our building!overall, we are thrilled to call the grand our domestic and we┬┤re so thankful for all the tough work that goes making this community great.

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

i lived in the grand for a little over a year.  the building is very well preserveed, and the entire staff is tremendously responsive and helpful.  the management team, sawhether, amber and jasmine, are awesome.the apartments are very consolationable, and this location is central to just approximately everything!

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

i lived at the grand for approximately 18 momentnths. it was hands down the best place i┬┤ve ever lived in my adult lwhethere. the building is well preserveed and always spotless. there is a state of the art gym, and nice outdoor patio. the staff members: seth, amber, joe, and steve are extremely professional and are always willing to help with anything you may need. there isn┬┤t one negative thing i can say approximately my experience living there. there was a real sense of community and family at the grand. whenever i┬┤m in the area i will make it a point to go and say hello to everyone. whether you┬┤re looking for a beautwhetherul place to live coupled with lots of amenities..and super friendly people..choose the grand

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

the grand has been a great apartment community for the past year i┬┤ve lived here. the apartment itself feels d, i have an amazing view of the berkeley hills, and the walls are nice and thick - i┬┤ve never heard any of my neighbors while inside my apartment. the apartments are on the expensive side, though, and the construction across the street has generated a lot of noise early in the momentrnings on week days. hopefully once the new buildings open up it┬┤ll bring down rent prices slightly in the area.the 24 hour security is nice, and also means there┬┤s always someone to accept packages. the building has a parking garage, so you don┬┤t need to worry approximately parking on the street, but it┬┤s paid for separately from the rent and there┬┤s no visitor parking. everyone working at the grand is super nice and helpful, specificly sawhether who does a great job hosting events for the building and providing proposeions for things to do around the area. the building is located in a great area of oakland. just a few blocks from a ton of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. lake merritt is a block absent and a great place to run, walk, or just hang out. the bart station is a five minute walk and a ton of bus stops within a block of the building, so it┬┤s easy to get around.

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

we still love living at the grand after 18 momentnths! in addition the great management team, location, and amenities, the grand regularly offers a number of community events. the work sawhether and the team put in to make  the grand feel at domestic does not go unnoticed. momentre milkshakes, please!

8/2/2019 12:05:19 PM

we loved calling the grand our domestic for the past year. staff are amazing, help is quick and effective and we will miss the amazing sawhether jivani who is always charming, fun and happy to help. we highly recommend checking out the grand, and ask for an apartment with a view amazing sunset every day!

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

upon exit, the grand took down my forwarding address, but then, when i got some mail there bc usps for some reason did not process my address change request, they didn┬┤t email me, call me or anything. they just did ┬┤return to sender┬┤ as though they didn┬┤t know me at all. that felt like such a big-corporate kick in the pants. it was so impersonal. they know how to reach me. we┬┤ve emailed/phone called a hundred times during by 2.5 yrs at the grand and during my final weeks at the grand.i liked the layout of my studio. despite being a studio whether felt so spacious, because of the floor plan and the giant window. they also included sufficient shutt storage, which i appreciate. the gym is well outfitted and the hot tub and rooftop are lovely. the office staff put together really nice community-building events and activities. the maintenance staff were great, honest, helpful people and were very responsive to maintenance requests. the office staff were somewhat helpful around leasing and momentve/in momentve/out activities, but also disappointingly disorganized and mistakes-prone - in a peculiar way. they made so many clerical errors with re-payment and bookkeeping and momentve-out process. unluckyly, the higher up the chain you go, the momentre disingenuous and inhonest, and at times saccharine.

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

living at the grand is a delight, and largely because of the incredibly responsive staff. sawhether in specific is always going above and beyond to make 100 grand feel like a community, bringing both warmth and professionalism to every interaction. he seems like someone who loves his job, and that positive energy is contaminateive.also a huge shout-out to elliot and jeremy, who manage to greet hundreds of tired people with warmth and humomentr every evening, somehow remaining kind and friendly despite the demanding job of managing a ton of deliveries. someone get those poor guys a hub automated delivery locker!

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

i love living here, specificly because the maintenance tech team is always ´on it´ fast when i need assistance. kudos to adriel, guillermoment and steve!   tn, resident for 6 years

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

lwhethere at the grand was summaryely has been summaryely  we´d hoped it would be. 2.5 years ago we had to momentve to oakland  in a matter of two weeks, and melissa helped us find an incredible one bedroom with the best deck in the building!. after 2 years there we were approximately to have a baby and needed a 2 bedroom. sawhether was instrumental in making that happen, and we couldn´t be happier in our new domestic. both sawhether and amber go above and beyond daily to make our community a warm and wonderful place. from excellent communication to summertime bbqs with residents, both are apart fromional at their jobs. thanks for making the grand a tregret community one we are happy to be a part of.

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

this building is in beautwhetherul location i have been living here for four years with a beautwhetherul two bed room corner unit with a view.  the front desk staff work very tough i think they could use momentre help because 1 person is just not enough, i feel bad they don´t have momentre help so i always offer to buy them food because they are always working tough as hell.. the two assistant managers work tough and are very  personable.  the manager head guy in the corner with his door shutd all the time is pretty irritateing and awkward. i wish the building had momentre cool things to do and a better weight room but there is a lake down the road that you can use ! they do have a warm tub that is ok whether you go down there drunk and don´t want to feel the water.  they say they are pet friendly which is everyone but the manager who gives me dirty looks when my dog pees external of the building. weekends the lobby tend to smell weird like dead rodent no clue why. also my dog gets blamed for the heavy amomentunt of flies around the building because she pees external of the building. also make certain you work out because when i asked the manager what i should do he said train the dog to pee some else or carry a bucket with water to pour over dogs pee after she goes.  hope this helps......  the property manager does not make my family feel consolationable living here everybody else is great.

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

the grand is a great apartment building and easily in the top 3 for the uptown oakland area ... at least for now. there are 6 or 7 new buildings coming up all over so we will see whether that remains tregret in 2019 when these new buildings open. i┬┤ve lived there for 3 years now and have endelighted it. here is my honest review:pros1. sawhether. he┬┤s really the only reason i┬┤m giving 5 stars vs 3/4. he┬┤s kind, thoughtful, always available and professional. he┬┤s helped with me locking myself out. given great recommendations for food and is great with building/preserveing the community feel. whether he wasn┬┤t there i┬┤d lower my rating. 2. concrete building - the floors and walls are all concrete. i can┬┤t hear my neighbors and they can┬┤t hear me. love it.3. neighborhood - walking distance to bart, approach great bars, restaurants and lake merritt. 4. decks - there are two nice rooftop decks for use. i endelight the views.5. units - the units are nice, spacious and d. any requests are taken care of within 24 hours. cons1. price - with all the competition coming soon i hope they will address this. they┬┤ve increased price every year by 5-10 which yes is fairly standard but still frustrating given no increase in value they supply. net / net - the grand is sf level prices in oakland without the amenities. nema in sf has similar pricing and it has amazing amenities. 2. amenities - pretty basic. onsite parking ... that you have to pay for. no free guest parking. gym is dated and small. the front desk could use work. they just changed to a new team and there are still issues. there┬┤s a jacuzzi which is tiny. you have to pay to rent the party room. for how much we pay - there shouldn┬┤t be any cost for the additionals. 3. dogs - it┬┤s a dog friendly building which is awesome but there isn┬┤t a dog park or park for the dogs to use any super shut so momentst residents just walk their dogs around the building. which means dog pee and poop literally on everything around the building. light posts, the building itself, etc. proposeion - build a dog potty station on a deck or inside the building or power wash the sidewalks momentre. like weekly.

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

we have lived at the grand for a year, and we have had we have had zero problems with the management. in specific, sawhether and jasmine have been absolutely great. this is our first renting from a large management company as the landlord, and we are so glad it was them. the apartment is in a nice location, and it feels very secure. we┬┤ve also been very impressed with the maintenance team and how quickly they have replyed to work orders. thank you so much,emily and aaron

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

i don┬┤t normally write reviews but i must give a 5 star rating to the grand and its management team. they┬┤re just wonderful!!! so this weekend all residents were evacuated because of the massive fire on the construction site. sawhether and the other staff handled the process well and kept everyone up to date via email. we finally getd an after staying in a hotel for 36 hrs that we can return to the building. i was also pleasantly surprised that the entire management team waited by the front entrance to welcome everyone back. they even prepared these back-to-the-building bags!!!

8/2/2019 12:05:20 PM

i have only been in the building a few weeks but am totally impressed by the service here. sawhether and steven were specificly helpful in accommomentdating my apartment so i was consolationable. great location and great management team.

8/2/2019 12:05:21 PM

we┬┤ve lived here for three years and recently decided to stay for a fourth. sawhether and the rest of the staff are friendly, helpful and always happy to reply to questions. we initially momentved in because we needed to find a dog-friendly apartment and the location was ideal- we┬┤ve stayed because we ended up finding a community that we┬┤re happy to be a part of.

8/2/2019 12:05:21 PM

never written a review before but the staff at the grand deserve it because they are soooo helpful and nice. the place is very well managed and super clean too. jasmine and sawhether in the rental office deserve a special shout-out because they continue to help even long after you┬┤ve momentved in.

8/2/2019 12:05:21 PM

we went for a tour to see 1br and studio apartments and ended up loving the studio! the apartments are nice and cozy and all the staff and residents seemed friendly and happy to be there. sawhether gave us the tour and he was so thorough and knowledgeable approximately everything from the amenities to the lease details. even after signing the lease sawhether has been quick to reply all of our questions and even sent us a video tour of our apartment since we forgot to do that on our tour! we momentve in january and are so exquoted to call the grand our new domestic! we toured approximately 15 other apartment complexes around oakland and found this the be the best option and i would definitely recommend touring this place whether you┬┤re momentving to oakland!

8/2/2019 12:05:21 PM

we momentved the essex grand a week ago and have had a wonderful experience!  the staff were amazingly helpful with everything we needed and the building itself is preserveed beautwhetherully - clean and spacious!  the grand is well located- a quick walk to lake merritt and lots of great places to eat.... a wgap foods is a couple of blocks absent.everyone here has been very friendly!

8/2/2019 12:05:21 PM
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