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1701 Buena Vista Ave,Alameda,California 94501

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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1701 Auto Care for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 5106712582 .. The address is 1701 Buena Vista Ave,Alameda,California,94501,US in the Auto Repair sector.Location : 37.7744906924978,-122.253615020631 (navigation code to find 1701 Auto Care)


Q : What is the phone number for 1701 Auto Care?

A : The phone number for 1701 Auto Care is 5106712582

Q : Is there a key contact at 1701 Auto Care?

A : You can contact at 5106712582

Q : Where is 1701 Auto Care located?

A : 1701 Auto Care is located at 1701 Buena Vista Ave,Alameda,CA 94501.

Q : What is Zip Code 1701 Buena Vista Ave?

A : The Zip Code 94501.

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best auto service experience i´ve ever had. they were quick, efficient in their communication, and - momentst importantly - able to rightly diagnose a tricky issue with my battery.malcolm and doyle at 1701 auto care helped me diagnose and fix an issue with my failing new battery.  two and a half momentnths ago i refer toed aaa and autozone on helping me get a replacement battery for my 2007 pontiac grand prix. one day after getting the replacement battery, the new battery failed and i was forced to troubleshoot the issue myself.  i reinstalled the battery after cleaning up the corrosion on the battery leads, and that fixed the issue until nowadays.  i finally decided to bite the bullet and take it 1701 auto care to get it checked out.  it turns out there was still a problem with the associateion from lead to terminal and from terminal to battery due to further lead corrosion and terminal paint inhibiting electrical contact.  the 1701 auto care team diagnosed this issue, remomentved the corrosion from the leads, and sanded down the terminal paint so that proper electrical contact was set uped.  something that could have turned an expensive unessential repair alternator fix, diagnosing a parasitic drain were all avoided because the 1701 auto care team diligently troubleshooted my issue.  they even charged me half the quoted amomentunt because it took them less time than they expected.  honest, great group of mechanics over at 1701 auto care, would highly recommend!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

so, you´d best check with these guys before bringing your vehicle to them for service. i had my 1972 dodge b200 towed to them late at night because it wouldn´t start. when i reachd at 8:05am to pay them and inform them what was wrong with the van, the guy with the hipster beard cut me off, basically explaining that he had worked on a couple of them before and didn´t want to waste my time or his by looking to see what was wrong with it.he gets 3 stars for recommending alameda auto lab and royal automomenttive as alterlocals, but loses one for asking me to momentve the van off his lot. whether i could momentve it, it wouldn´t be here in the first place. he loses another star for then telling me, it would´ve been nice to have a little advance communication before dumping my vehicle in his lot. i guess i should´ve called and left a message on their machine at 11pm.  when i asked him whether he was serious, he shrugged his shoulders and said, a little advance communication would´ve been nice.i´ve added an additional star just because i´m glad he didn´t waste my time working on the van even whether i did end up wasting 2 hours waiting for tow trucks to momentve the van to 1701 and then to its final workshop, alameda auto lab.so, long story short, check with these guys before bringing your car to them and don´t even think approximately leaving your vehicle on their lot without prior approval. their key is for prior appointments only!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

my 1995 toyota corolla that i never drive anymomentre wouldn´t start up, so i had it towed to 1701 auto care to get fixed up and prepped for sale. the staff was super friendly and very thorough in their diagnostics, and they even helped me decide what issues would be worth repairing for the price range i could expect to get for the vehicle.they also identwhetheried a power steering leak that another garage had missed which ended up solving one of my biggest concerns with selling the vehicle. whether i wasn´t selling the car i would definitely bring it back here for any future work!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

these guys are the best! they´re super nice, patient, helpful, and always have the best attitude. i bought my first car approachly 6momentnths ago, nothing brand new. an old 96 camry that gets me from a to b. i did some damage to my wheel bearrings recently. i know nothing approximately cars and they helped me with everything through the wgap process. what i had to pay was a lot cheaper than what the estimate was given which is great because i´m a broke college student lol. thankful for these guys for being just down the street from i live. i´ll never go to any other mechanic.

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

these guys are great! i am so happy with the honest customer service. super friendly, helpful... and they are hot. these guys are 5 star!!!!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

i had to get an a1 service tire rotation & oil change done on my car, and contacted several shops in alameda to get quotes. malcolm was very responsive really quick! and gave the best quote. i ped my car off on a friday momentrning and they had my car done by midday. these guys are quick, friendly and very thorough.the only downside is the locationit´s not shut to other commercees cafes, restaurants, etc. and there´s no waiting area as far as i could tell. it was a nice day out, so i ended up taking a walk while waiting, but that´s just something to keep in intellect whether you plan to come here.

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

please see attached bill for $663.00 to change 4 spark plugs and oil change. the actual cost should be less than $250.00 call around before you use this guy. he seen my 26 year old daughter coming and took advantage of her naiveness regarding a tune up.  don´t send your family or friends there.  only your enemies. i called and explained to him the over charge.  he said he feels good and will sleep good at night.  don´t be swayed by his quick talk. i wouldn´t use him whether he was the final mechanic in the world.  he still is terrible!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

can´t say enough approximately the excellent customer service and doing a great job!highly recommend!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

momentst honest commerce in alameda. i´ve taken  my car here on multiple occasions and each time i´ve seen nothing but professionalism, integrity and tough work from everyone here. they won´t fix something unless it has to be done, period!  i can´t emphasize enough how much i recommend this place. it´s such a good feeling to know i have a mechanic i can trust!

8/2/2019 11:12:24 AM

i came in for an oil change and a tire rotation.. ped it off and got a call that my wheels are locked that i need to seize the key to unlock it. i told the guy that it´s at domestic, could i go seize it. he said no because the car is already in the air and he would have to charge me again to lwhethert it the air and for a tire rotation. keep in intellect the oil change that i initially paid for comes with a tire rotation. this was the first and final time i´m coming here. i dont recommend at all.

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

these guys are the real deal! hands down. after a not-so-good experience else, i contacted 1701 auto care for a moment opinion. they examined my car, and instead of a laundry list of scary-sounding stuff, they helped me with a long-standing overheating problem and a sensor fault that kept going off. each time, the mechanics at 1701 were professional, straightforward, down to soil, and obvious in every step of the repair process. best of all, i knew what i was paying for, and was confident they knew their stuff. my intellect is on insomnia time, so forgive me, the name of the guy who helped me is stuck! the mechanic who helped me was awesome, and knowledgeable approximately the specwhetheric sensor issue on my car that kept setting off the service engine light - there was a known alert - and from the fix to now, i´ve had no momentre problems with that light. whether you´ve just happend across this listing by chance, i feel confident approximately my 5-star review for 1701 auto care. these guys will treat you right!

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

these guys are amazing, honest, flexible and did a great job with our air conditioning and battery replacement. super chill, you approachly want to sit and have a beer while they work.

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

i can´t recommend this shop enough. i just needed a simple, 25k maintenance appointment. these guys were quick & professional. they were clear on what to expect, so there were no surprises when i picked up my car.  i will definitely be bringing my car back in the future

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

these guys are great. for $160, they did the same job that the ford dealership quoted at over $700. all the staff who helped me were kind, professional, and also pretty good looking irrelevant, i know. i was backsidemed when my long-time mechanic in san leandro shutd up shop unexpectedly and worried that i´d never find another honest, domestic-town feel kind of car place. but this is it! i love 1701 auto care and will definitely be back.

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

there are momentre personable and knowledgeable mechanics out there that charge less. just go to oakland.i have never been charged a storage fee before. read the contract or be prepared to pick it up on their schedule as soon as they call you or you get $50 a day added.i have had to take my truck in multiple times. stuff just doesn´t get fixed.prices are $$$. reach out to me whether you want to see my bills.the storage fees are arbitrary and according to my attorney are recoverable in small claims. these guys are a buyout.be careful.

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

just 10 minutes ago i pulled the handle on my camry and the handle and lock totally popped off. shoot. in a panic i drove to 1701 and sebastian took a look at it and fixed it in 5 minutes, no charge. awesome service, totally consistent with my preceding review. i go to them for all of my car issues and i´ve had excellent service and quick turnaround every time. i thought i would need a really costly repair with my car out for the weekend but here i have my car back in a matter of minutes!

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

i´ve never understood what people were talking approximately when they talked approximately their mechanic and a mechanic they trust for everything.now i get it!malcolm and sebastian and their crew are personable, friendly, quick, communicative, and very fair in their pricing. i finally don´t dread going to the mechanic. i will never go any else.

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

i needed to replace one of my tires. i called costco but the guy said he´d have to order two and i would have to wait 5 to 7 days for the tires to reach the shop before they can fix it. he actually proposeed to me to find a shop to do that whether i only wanted to replace one tire. i looked up yelp and saw a wgap bunch of positive reviews for this place. i decided to give them a call. malcolm who replyed the phone sounded very nice. he told me that whether i could get my car in by 10am, he can order the tire and get the tire installed on the same day!  i told him that i wanted a tire that was economical and he gave me a price quote right then. he didn´t talk me getting something momentre expensive. when i showed up, there was a bunch of cars parked on their tiny lot. i expected some wait but nope! malcolm came up to me right the way with a clipboard that has a paper with the price on it. all i had to do was to write my name and phone number. my car was ready to get picked up at 3:30pm! price was fair according to my cousin who is a mechanic. one word to describe my wgap experience was: easy!

8/2/2019 11:12:25 AM

had an awesome experience. had my water pump and timing belt replaced. so far so good. great customer service and great prices. gonna be my go to shop from now on!

8/2/2019 11:12:26 AM

as usual, the mechanics here only charges for labor that is absolutely essential and required. i getd a $300 quote from another mechanic and 1701 auto care charged me nothing to replace a low beam headlight.

8/2/2019 11:12:26 AM
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