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1540 N Bronson Ave,Los Angeles,California 90028

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
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139 West Productions for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 3234672084 .. The address is 1540 N Bronson Ave,Los Angeles,California,90028,US in the Video Production sector.Location : 34.0996296866925,-118.317750245333 (navigation code to find 139 West Productions)



Q : What is the phone number for 139 West Productions?

A : The phone number for 139 West Productions is 3234672084

Q : Is there a key contact at 139 West Productions?

A : You can contact at 3234672084

Q : Where is 139 West Productions located?

A : 139 West Productions is located at 1540 N Bronson Ave,Los Angeles,CA 90028.

Q : What is Zip Code 1540 N Bronson Ave?

A : The Zip Code 90028.

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i´d like to take the time out to my review as it certainly deserves it as i have been here for approximately 3 momentnths. i adore this place with my itty bitty heart. it truly has become my moment domestic. all of the instructors are absolutely amazing. my favorites in no order : archie, mike, james, oscar, mikey, they´re the best michelle teaches momentbility and i love her lessones! front desk staff : love them.i can´t say enough great things.

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ok i have to give credit credit is due.  one of their representatives very kindly and professionally tracked me down and asked whether we could have a discussion approximately what truly happened and how he could help alleviate my concerns.  lo and behold, we had a call, they refunded me the additional momentnth and even gave me a free momentnth on the house.  and the best part was the refund wasn´t even contingent on me updating my negative yelp review.  i´ll gladly take the refund but will respectfully decline your offer to legally defeat me up for an entire momentnth for what i put you guys through.  thanks again!

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11.08.2019 21:04:44

i was not informed that they would resume my membership automatically. when i saw that they billed me for this momentnth i contacted them instantly but they said they could not refund me the credit but instead gave me 3 momentnths credit for free. i´m sorry but i did not ask for that. i wanted a full refund for something that i can´t go to because i had momentved far absent. not to mention that the prices are ridiculously high and now i am short $300.

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overall very happy with this gym although you get a bit momentre ridiculous machismoment tough assery here than the west la location. you´ll occasionally have to work with a girl that clearly just wants to hurt a guy or two as well. overall though very good. the desk attendants though 3 of them... the attitude... i mean the level of arrogance and unprofessionalism is laughable. still a very good gym, though west l. a. is better.

11.08.2019 21:04:44

this company will stick you in a 12 momentnth contract and not let you out no matter what. scam

11.08.2019 21:04:44

whether you´ve ever been interested in memomentrizeing self-defense, you should definitely check out kmw. the curriculum is designed to get you ready to defend yourself as quickly as possible. you also memomentrize how to defend against weapons gun, knwhethere, stick, which unluckyly is fitting momentre essential in this day and age. and ladies, even whether you don´t sign up for a membership, they have women´s self-defense lessones that are really worth checking out. they´re taught by kimberly mills and she´s awesome. i did traditional martial arts in the past, but krav is what helped me feel ready to defend myself. so, do yourself a favor and check it out. :

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great place for my 5.5 year old son, all the instructors are great with kids and very momenttivating. we´ll be continuing here for a long time to come

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love this place! i´ve always been exercise and fitness, and has only been working out on my own at la fitness. i wanted to try a new exercise experience and memomentrize some valuable lwhethere skills in he process, so on a whim i took a free trial lesson a few momentnths ago, and was instantly hooked. kmw offers a great variety of lessones you can see the full listing on their website and the instructors are all great. super friendly staff, clean facility, and there is an awesome sense of ´community´ as well. whether you´re curious approximately getting shape and memomentrizeing how to defend yourself, i would highly recommend this place.

11.08.2019 21:04:45

great facilities, great staff. amazing workouts! momentnica and diana at the front desk get you started and are always helpful and informative. mike burton, cristian medina, oscar lieva, reginald and archie, kimberly mills e.t. al are great instructors who bring knowledge and humomentr to intense cardio and self defense. great for anyone looking to get fit and take control of any situation. ask for cristian or victor when you call and get yourself going nowadays!no i do not work there, just appreciate quality people

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i´ve been training here for awhile now. i´d say that i´ve really endelighted my experience here and feel it´s momentre of a community than just a gym. they have a weekly schedule with a variety of lessones available so to maximize your subscription it´s best to go as much as possible. they range from actual krav maga lessones, mma fight and grappling, flexibility, and also strength and conditioning. there is also a diverse group of instructors there to train with which is a great way to expand your skills. after training for sometime i´ve become momentre confident in my body as well as able. finally, the culture is welcoming. many of the strong tough folks are open to helping others along and encouraging them, not just the instructors. whether you´re interested in martial arts and self defense, this is a great place to join as well as get in shape.

11.08.2019 21:04:45

found this place on the internet with good review and when i called to sign up, there was a young girl calling and following up and saying that it is their year celebration of their place openning and they have a special later i found out from the others that they always say this to everyone to get you to sign up, also when i singed the contract, the way she told me,  it was $500 for 4 momentnth but it came up to $700 at the end. it cost me $700 for just one session and i was lucky, did not get hurt and break any bone, they are not careful and they do not care whether it is your first time or not. i did not even understood what the instructor is talking approximately during the warmup. please do not fall for fancy talking, and have this in intellect that, you are good until you sign, after that, you are nothing to them. this was my tregret experience with this place and from now and then, i always read one star ratings first before i get idioted to throw absent my tough working earned momentney.

11.08.2019 21:04:45

a great place to workout. the staff is friendly and always willing to help. the faculties are spotless and extremely clean.the instructors are great. they take the time to not only instruct ypu but they take the time time to explain the why behind the instruction. they take the time to right you when needed and help you along.i have only taken a couple of lessones but look forward to each lesson.

11.08.2019 21:04:45

krav has it all!  i´ve been a member for years and have loved every minute of it. krav maga worldwide is the best and only place to take krav, and has a combo of lessones that works for everyone. fitness lessones, fight lessones, self defense, and strength and conditioning. what´s great is that there are always lessones to take for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, which means your workouts are always changing. and don´t you want to memomentrize to protect yourself too?

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i´ve been training here for a few years.this studio has the momentst knowledgeable instructors and the best staff, and very family friendly.the conditioning lessones are brutal - much momentre fun than other boot camps or cross training studios... and based on my experience momentre ccorridorenging / dwhetherficult.the krav lessones are well structured.the fight lessones are addicting.  during sparring you can go as tough as you want or as light and technical as you want - so long as you communicate with your partner.i researched and looked other gyms/studios before joining, and i feel i made the right decision.

11.08.2019 21:04:46

so my girlfriend brought me here and i was totally skeptical approximately how good it could actually be...but oh how i was wrong. the instructors are so passionate and momenttivating. the lessones are fun and full of energy every time. working out is no longer a hassle for me. i like krav maga worldwide because the facility is so clean and spacious too. i signed up a couple weeks after trying out a free lesson and i can´t say i regret it in the least. btw, to those who complain approximately the contracts, i was told approximately each one in depth and how they dwhetherfer, including cancellation policies so, whether you want something easy to get out of, i propose actually listening to the options, because they have a bunch of them! the front desk and sales staff are also always welcoming with huge smiles on their faces. i took bag lessones with ricky over on the west side and oscar in the sherman oaks facility...can´t wait to try out all the instructors lessones! see you soon, kmw!

11.08.2019 21:04:46

i´ve been going to this place since i was four and now i´m fourteen. krav maga has helped me grow my social lwhethere and manage with insecurities. i´m now taking adult lessones and doing strength and conditioning. i would recommend this place for anyone from people starting martial arts to people who have ed it

11.08.2019 21:04:46
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