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Phone number .. The address is 5504 Tyrone Ave,Sherman Oaks,California,91401,US in the Health Clubs & Gyms sector.Location : 34.170462,-118.44397 (navigation code to find 13 Curves Productions Inc)


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A : The phone number for 13 Curves Productions Inc is

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A : 13 Curves Productions Inc is located at 5504 Tyrone Ave,Sherman Oaks,CA 91401.

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A : The Zip Code 91401.

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i was really hesitant to do a play place for our son´s 4th birthday because it seemed like a cop out, but i´m really glad i did.  tammy, ashle, and kylee did an amazing job helping take all the stress out of the day.  from setup to teardown they made the wgap experience smomentoth and problem free letting us just endelight the party with our son.i would highly recommend this for up to a 5th birthday party for a kid.

11.08.2019 21:05:02

we really dig this place. we had our kid┬┤s 3rd birthday party here and barely lwhetherted a finger. we brought the food and some chosen decorations. but external of that, they decorated, supplyd games, etc. the place runs like clockwork. you┬┤ve got a climbing/tunnel/slide/ball pit/trampoline utopia in the middle of the room. a bunch of toy cars, a tiny carousel. it┬┤s not huge, but it┬┤s a perfect toddler-sized joint. the play area is gated and entirely covered in foam. so whether you want to toss your kid in and let them bounce off the walls, you can feel secure in the knowledge that they┬┤ll come across nothing that will demand an er visit. and i┬┤ll underline this - it is validly clean! not like momentst kid places you head the bathroom and grade on the cleanliness curve because we all know that kids pee on things. it┬┤s actually clean by momentst civilian standards.i heard a rumomentr that whether you mention a worker┬┤s name in your positive yelp review that they get a bonus. but because i┬┤m a jerk, i forgot their names and our party was momentnths ago. don┬┤t be a jerk like me. remember the workers because they do a great job there.

11.08.2019 21:05:03

we have been bringing our son here since he was a few momentnths old, he is approachly three years old now. this place is great, cleanest indoor playground i┬┤ve been to. the workers here make this place 100 times better, they endelight being here and remember kids by their names. they sometimes entertain and play with the kids, gives us parents some time to sit back and relax. i will highly recommend this place for your kids, great place to bring them to burn their energy. your kids will endelight every moment they are here, my son always does and he never wants to leave. they also do private parties. the owner suzy is so sweet and welcomes you in like a family. we love this place.

11.08.2019 21:05:03

great location and environment for children. the staff is all around great. it is very clean and safe, which safety is my number one concern. will definitely be returning here.

11.08.2019 21:05:03

we had searched for a fun place to hold our son´s first birthday party. him being our first and us not really celebrating our own birthdays, we didn´t know to look or what to do. quick google search for la toddler birthday locations came up with a few options. i reached out to a handful but tammy from adam´s garden seemed the nicest and momentst helpful. i did a quick tour and paid the deposit on the spot! i had the momentnsters inc theme in intellect, which they did not yet have as an option, but clearly, as you can see in the pictures, were able to accommomentdate. tammy and her team did such an amazing job with the decor and the hosting - everything was cleaned up quickly and replenished at all times. the kiddos were entertained the entire time too!  i know it may seem pricey to some, but you are definitely getting what you pay for - super clean facility, great/organized/fun toddler party with amazing customer service. just want to add - tammy went above and beyond- so much so - i thought she was the owner because she replyed all my crazy emails in the evening and on the weekend. thank you so much tammy and team! for making this birthday perfect

11.08.2019 21:05:03

we have been going to adams garden for over a year. the plays space is very clean and fun. the staff are all fun and responsible and truly care approximately your child┬┤s safety and endelightment. we just had our sons 2nd birthday at adams garden and highly recommend it. everything was taken care of for us from decoration to clean up. the kids had such a good time and i have getd many compliments from their parents. the cake cutting, the games, the hand tattoos - everything was timed and d perfectly. tammy is absolutely wonderful at her job and i couldn┬┤t thank her and the staff enough for giving our son the best birthday possible.

11.08.2019 21:05:03

we´ve brought our son to adam´s garden for the past few years and recently celebrated his 3rd birthday here. the staff has always been a pleacertain from their everyday participation on the playground, to their super attentiveness during our party. the manager, tammy, was so helpful throughout our party planning process.  she was very responsive and supplyd creative solutions to my questions. throughout the party process everyone was so nice, helpful and efficient! so glad i chose this place to host our celebration!

11.08.2019 21:05:04

our son just had the best 1st birthday party ever at adam┬┤s garden!! we are so impressed by the incredible work tammy and liz did to decorate for his toy story theme party. i am extremely picky and specific with decorations and details, and tammy and liz blew me absent with the setup and arrangements of all our decorations! everything was absolutely perfect!! from the day we called to inquire approximately pricing, to all the emails back and forth with tammy, to the ease of ping off decorations, and to walking in to the venue nowadays, everything was d perfectly! we also booked a photobooth and the vendor tammy coordinated to be at our party was incredible with both the picture template and their service at the party! all the kids, parents, and our adult friends had a bfinal! even the older kids had a great time. thank you for everything!! you made our baby┬┤s first birthday so incredibly memomentrable.

11.08.2019 21:05:04

we had our son´s 1 year old birthday at adam´s garden and i could not be happier. everything was perfect and parents were coming up to me after telling me that it was one of the best birthdays they have been to. adam´s garden is so clean and has fun things to do for all ages -  babies and toddlers/children. even my 8 year old niece was the best time running and bouncing around and the 1 year olds had plenty of fun on the plush merry go round, bubble show, and parachute games. tammy was the person i spoke to the week main up to the party and i ran through all the logistics with her. i decided on brown bear brown bear as the theme and even though they haven´t done that theme yet she was so creative and caring as she proposeed what the color set up should be like. the day of the party both tammy and jackie were there and because of them everything was so seamless, fun and i was able to have the best time celebrating my son´s first birthday. they were both so patient, sweet and organized from the beautwhetherul set up to even wrapping everything up and helping to load the car afterwards. honestly i can´t say enough good things approximately adam´s garden and even though we live in the city, i will definitely take my son there during the week to play!

11.08.2019 21:05:04

we celebrated our daughters 5th birthday yesterday and i have zero complains approximately the service we getd! we booked her party final minute and solely based on reviews and pictures. we were so nervous of how the place was going to look like, but as soon as we both walked in the day of the party, we were in awe of how clean and how organized everything was. all the information given to us were accurate, with no hidden costs. the package we purchased was well worth it.the two party coordinators, matthew and michelle, were so professional, friendly and helpful. they kept the kids entertained while also making certain we had everything needed at the party area. stress free and all our guests were impressed! thank you

11.08.2019 21:05:04

such a great playground. free wwhetheri and coffee for parents while the kids play.  the playground is just the right size. i can supervise from the reception area whether i wanted to without worrying approximately my girls running off. staff also play with kids giving us parents a little break! $13 for a one time visit without in and outs which is fair compared to other playgrounds that charge per two hours. probably the cleanest playground i´ve ever been to.  smells great every time we walk in. thank you!!!

11.08.2019 21:05:04

love taking my little ones to adam┬┤s garden to play. it┬┤s the nicest and cleanest play space in the area that i┬┤ve been to. and the people who work here really put it over the top. they are so nice and helpful, remember the kids names and watch to make certain everyone is playing safe. we had our son┬┤s 3rd birthday here this past weekend and it was wonderful. he had the best time, they set everything up so cute, kept the kids entertained and the flow of the party was great.i would highly recommend to have a party here! tammy and andrea were awesome. there is a reason adam┬┤s garden has so many 5 star reviews :

11.08.2019 21:05:04

this place is great. valet parking is right below and the facility validate parking for 3 hours. we come in to play and head over to cheesecake factory for lunch. the staff is what really makes this place great. they make an effort to know the kids names and interact with them.

11.08.2019 21:05:04

the place was alot smaller in person than i have expected. clean place but not much to do for kids momentre geared towards baby and toddlers. once you leave the premises for a lunch break then you cannot return and have to pay an entrance fee again. i thought that was wack considering that it┬┤s located inside a mall. seize food to eat before you go in. don┬┤t forget to get your parking ticket validated before you get to the parking lot.

11.08.2019 21:05:05

my toddler loved this place and the facility was so clean and inviting!!! my daughter and i reachd and were greeted by friendly staff. we were the first to play and were preceded by another family. i assume they frequently come as the staff knew her by name. the workers were very attentive and engaging with the little girl while my daughter entertained herself. not that we came for the entertainment of staff but the observation was made nonetheless. after a while one of the staff members warmed up to my daughter and began engaging her. my only feedback is to encertain that staff are conscientious of new guests and engaging all children while on the floor. we will be back. she has a wonderful time.

11.08.2019 21:05:05

beware!!!! people with no name tags that work there just seize your kids without consent!!! i went to this place for the first time & it will be my final! i was at the front register area putting my back pack & water bottle down so i turned my back for a few moments. i have a 1 year old who walks & was waiting for me by the gate. as soon as i turned back around he was gone!! my heart ped!   is my son!!?? i look around & see him inside the play area. i asked how he got in there? a lady with no name tag said she picked him up, slipped off his shoes & put him in there!! what!!? without my consent? ?? don´t touch my child!! she said she was an employee . she had a sweater over her work shirt .. i don´t know u work there & i don´t care! you don´t have my permission to seize my child!! then there were older kids approximately 9 or 10 yrs old jumping off slides , running, jumping on top of the toys in the toddler area & no one was watching them or disciplined them. the boys were asked their parents were & they said they were not there w parents. the same lady that seizebed my child was the only one there in the area & didn´t do anything. my friend & i asked to speak to a manager right after her 1 yr old daughter approachly got crushed by the same older boys that were jumping.the assistant mgr, tammy who was in her office the wgap time & was unaware of anything cane out &  didn´t offer any solution apart from giving us our $ back & was not even apologetic! also another momentm friend of mine called to see whether they had a blocked off toddler section & she was informed that they do. obviously that was a lie.. the older kids can go any! suzy hogtanyan owner whether u see this complaint , just know that my friends & i know thousands of momentms in our momentm groups & we will be letting them all know via social media how terrible our experience was!

11.08.2019 21:05:05

edit, so the owner has contacted me to tell me my claims of jackie touching my children are inright bc she checked the cameras. through her response she continued to belittle me as i was not there for the actual event so i have no clue what happened. but she does bc she checked the cameras. it┬┤s great that you have cameras. my apologies for saying jackie touched my kids, but yet her actions and the way she talked to my kids? do you have a microphone? did you see her sho them out? did you hear how she spoke to my children? no you didn┬┤t because you were not there as well. thank you for replying and clearing things up. it┬┤s a shame you couldn┬┤t have apologized for the treatment they getd while they were there, and now with your response still no mention of apologizing for her impolite actions. whether i could give less than one star i would. jackie treated my kids like they were lower than trash. nowadays they are a private event, which i wouldn┬┤t have known that unless we walked the place. jackie puts her hands on my kids and pushes them out the door telling them you can┬┤t be here and basically momenttioning shooh at them. my daughter had a question, and she could┬┤ve been a least understanding of that and given her a moment to reply her question instead of throwing her out like she was nothin. how dare you put your hands on my kids, and then when my husband sees you act like oh i┬┤m so sorry. you should┬┤ve never done what you did in the first place. i will never ever be back and i highly recommend no one else does bc this is how they treat kids when they think no one is looking.

11.08.2019 21:05:05

just finished up my sons bday party here and he seriously had a bfinal! so fun, kind and warm with the kids. the playground is clean and a great place for little ones and bigger kids. momentre importantly tammy and the staff made it incredibly easy to the point there was little to no work for us to do. they setup and then cleaned up, we basically just had to show up! amazing!

11.08.2019 21:05:05

i was there on thursday at 3:30 pm. i called beforehand and spoke to staff to ask a bunch of questions, i.e, do you eat/drink, do you need socks, staff run activities, etc. i´ve realized that after 12 pm that the bigger kids come to the playrooms and are momentre rough, than say, my one year old. i asked whether there were older kids there and she reported that there were a few but not many which was tregret and that they have an area sectioned off for toddlers so the big children couldn´t scare the toddlers this was not tregret! when i reachd, i saw on a fb page that they were running a special and i paid for entry. i realized after looking at the price list on the counter that i paid full price. i asked approximately the special and the staff said i had to mention it before i paid.... i didn´t realize it was a secret special! wth!  she returned my momentney and gave me the special price. i found that staff wasn´t reprimanding the kids that were running and jumping inappropriately. there were kids there that did not have a chaperone with them - which shouldn´t be allowed. i think all kids should be supervised by an adult and that wasn´t the case. the only reason why i stayed was because my husband was there and we could both field off the crazy kids and redirect them, whether needed. otherwise, i would have left. my friend complained because a staff person picked up her child without her consent!!!, took off his shoes without her consent and placed her 1 year old in the play area without her consent!!! with the crazy kids! the manager also told her that the area hasn´t been toddler sectioned off in 2 years! and her friend must have called then. is that really an appropriate way to reply? why would i call 2 years ago when my son is 1?!? just confess your staff messed up. i would have no reason to make this stuff up. my husband also noticed that there were stored helium hoping its helium!! behind the play structure and can be seen and potentially touched by children. it´s behind a mesh wall - which can´t be legal. i don´t think that´s safe. he felt whether pushed it could hit the mesh wall and hurt someone in the play structure... i won´t be returning.

11.08.2019 21:05:05

love this playground! yesterday, we hosted a 3rd birthday party for my daughter here, and i can say that it is the first time in 3 years of celebrating her birthdays i actually endelighted myself, relaxed, and felt like a guest! they went above and beyond to help with the set-up, cleaning, helping the guests, watching and playing with the kids while parents were eating which impressed the parents a lot, packing the food at the end! a worker was actually waiting for me with a dolly by the valet when i pulled up, without me calling them and asking for it. the staff is so engaging and wonderful with the children, calling them each by name and are always doing new and fun activities.not to mention, it is a very clean and nice smelling place. : they validate your parking and give you 5 complimentary valet.would definitely recommend it to anyone to celebrate a birthday or just to come to play!

11.08.2019 21:05:05
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