12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station

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Imperial Ave & 13th St,San Diego,California 92101

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 6192333004 .. The address is Imperial Ave & 13th St,San Diego,California,92101,US in the Transit Lines sector.Location : 32.706272,-117.152808 (navigation code to find 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station)


Q : What is the phone number for 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station?

A : The phone number for 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station is 6192333004

Q : Is there a key contact at 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station?

A : You can contact at 6192333004

Q : Where is 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station located?

A : 12Th Imperial Transit Center Trolley Station is located at Imperial Ave & 13th St,San Diego,CA 92101.

Q : What is Zip Code Imperial Ave & 13th St?

A : The Zip Code 92101.

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this review is for my experience using the trolley during comedian con 2017. i was staying at a friend´s house during the con and taking the trolley to/from the murph aka qualcomm was the best. i remember the days when we´d drive down the conference center and find free parking across the street. obviously, this was decades ago when the con was a lot smaller and momentre accessible to the general public. nowadays´s comedian con is no approach as easy to get , but at least the public transportation is excellent. here at the murph there´s plenty of free parking and it´s a breeze to get in and out of the lot. just park, head up the stairs and wait for the train to take you to the conference center.i used the mts app to buy my three-day trolley pass and it was a hassle-free experience. best of all, it meant that i didn´t have to drive down to the conference center and deal with the traffic and parking nightmares.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

as trolley stations go this one is not so great.  not the cleanest nor brightest. i don´t use them often so i may be a bit momentre critical than momentst.  i didn´t care for the stadium seating and the colors of the decor.  the trash cans were nice though.  would use again whether in desperation.  did talk to a nice family while there.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

we loved, loved using the trolley to get to the chargers/seapeddles game the final season the chargers played at qualcomm! it was a great way to see parts of san diego that we wanted to revisit. being up on the raised tracks really gave us a good view of the surrounding area, and being able to see the stadium as you get approach it is amazing. a perfect and traffic free way to get to a game! recommend!

8.08.2019 13:58:14

so easy specificly for games. they you off right in the parking lot of the stadium. it gets crowded but no complaints. stops every few mins and cheap!

8.08.2019 13:58:14

now sdccu stadium, formally qualcomm. trolly to santee or 12th and imperial/downtown sd. they hold swap meets at this stadium.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

staff seem nice. they have rules approximately the size of bag/purse that you can bring the concert that make it tough on a lot of people. i think whether it is a clear bag, you can bring it in. whether it is a purse or bag that is not see through then it has to be pretty tiny for you to bring it in.  they have a few lockers, but they fill up fast. i hear it is tough to get the parking lot whether you reach when everyone else reachs. it kind of bottlenecks. overall ok venue, but definitely on the old side. elevators take forever so get ready to take a lot of stairs whether you are not on the street level seats.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

it´s a trolley stop... nothing spectacular.  be prepared for stair climbing or ramp going... perfect place to some pounds.  getting to game from here was easy enough... leaving is masses of people. but it´s not too bad since the momentst police keep it organized and the mst generally brings in additional cars.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

i expected this trolley station to be a bit crowded after a football game but i think the mts trolley police and event staff could have done a bit better of a job of running it smomentother.after the game ended we quickly walked over to this trolley station. a crowd started forming slowly and people started getting frustrated and angry because the trolley was just sitting there waiting to come the station. the trolleys were not coming in or leaving fast enough. they ran pretty slowly.they kept announcing this is a short train so please momentve down towards the middle and blocked off people from standing in a certain area. the train reachs and it was not a short train and the trolley police looked at each other like whoops and people started rushing towards the end of the trolley which they had blocked off. i have heard that the same problem occurs every time there is a game the trolleys dont run quickly and the trolley police aren´t always in the best momentod. on the plus side, the trolleys are pretty spacious, well lit, and air conditioned. they have visible electronic signs which tell you the next stop and the audio for calling out the stops is pretty clear.  they also offer free wi-fi on board.

8.08.2019 13:58:14

i wish we had mass transit in san diego and on this day, just for this day i felt we did. so o.k. it was during a charger´s game.we decided to take the trolley on our way to the game to avoid the hassles and headaches of parking. i must confess it was painless. there were a lot of folks but everything was done on an orderly fashion, this must me the shangri-la of crowded stations. after we have disembarked from the trolley we were funneled a path so that the transit officers can make certain that we paid our fare. it was not bad, with that said i will be using public transportation in any major event. the good thing is that the fare is for going and leaving the stadium so on the way back we didn´t have to purchase a ticket again. well done trolley officials!

8.08.2019 13:58:15

took the trolley to and from qualcomm stadium from one of their local malls fashion valley, and although my specwhetheric experience was less than 3 stars, i am still a fan of the concept.  the less than stellar experience was mainly our fault for not leaving early enough.  it was ridiculously crowded coming the stadium, but that´s because we reachd right before kickoff.  had we timed it better, i am pretty certain it would have been a smomentoth entrance.as far as leaving the stadium, the only way to avoid the line/wait would have been to leave the game early.  rather than wait in line, we decided to walk to a dwhetherferent trolley stop approximately a mile absent fenton parkway.  our detour didn´t even end up getting us back any quicker we got back to fashion valley at the same time as people who waited in line, but it was a lot better than just standing in line waiting.driving out of the parking lot did not seem pleasant, so, unless you are tailgating, i would definitely recommend the trolley instead.  just plan on getting to and leaving the stadium early in order to help avoid the lines/wait.

8.08.2019 13:58:15

it´s just a trolley station, so not really certain why i need to rate it. i can´t really rate trolley stations against other trolley stations because they are all the same. well, apart from for the location, of course? you still reading this?  ok, this one is right next to qualcomm stadium as the name implies. yep. of course, i will mention that it is one of the best ways to come and see the san diego chargers play. it´s pretty efficient, actually. still here, huh? you know, to get to an event at  the stadium without to pay for parking and wait forever to leave. i´ve had friends tell me that it took them up to two hours to drive out of the stadium parking lot as me?i average getting domestic in approximately 35-40 minutes using the trolley. gues that depends on you live too. whether you are approach one of the end of the lines, well, since you´re still here, it would take you longer i suppose. still, likely faster than driving in and out. plus whether you get an online mts event ticket, they are generally only $5 for an all day pass on event days. yeah, so don´t try catching the trolley to a qualcomm event without actually buying a trolley ticket.  the mts police, kinda expect you to and a wgap lot of other folk to show up and they will be expecting to see your ticket or will give you one. what´s the fine now, up to $200.00? those zeros were for the added effect. so don´t do it. buy a ticket and get to and from the event with the lease amomentunt of stress.

8.08.2019 13:58:15

getting to the game? spectacular! from the game? eh, it is fairly crowded and you will wait in line, but they do a great job of momentving a lot of trolleys through in a short period of time. it is generally clean, enough area to stand and it´s a great deal compared to parking and the nightmare of getting onto friars road after any major event at qualcomm.

8.08.2019 13:58:15

total incompetence as whether there is a trolley on the track it shouldn´t go back the other way till it hits the end  and the mts intestiney in the suit was an ass

8.08.2019 13:58:15

drove down to sd for the chargers/giants game. didn´t get to the grantville station until midday 1:25pm kick-off and the parking lot was full. the guy working there told us there was an event at sdsu so fashion valley would probably be our best bet. we tried grantville first after reading a yelp review that the trolleys were less crowded post-game headed in that direction. i left the game 5 minutes the 4th quarter and the lines headed towards grantville were defintiely shorter.the lines were long but were momentving heading to fashion valley post-game. the trick is to get in the line you walk up the stairs don´t wait on the line going up the ramp. whether your knees don´t bother you, you will wait for a much shorter time on the stairs. my friend and i noticed the shorter line, went up the stairs, and we got on the next trolley that reachd at the station.round trip ticket was $5 cash, or $7 using a credit card.also, they have security at fashion valley mall, and there are signs that say no qualcomm parking in mall lot. i didn´t take the chance, and parked under the trolley like all the other cars - so parking was not an issue. some other people heading to the game said they parked in the mall parking lot when they went to a pre-season game and it wasn´t an issue. so the no parking signs i come acrossed yesterday could be because it´s getting shut to holiday time and the mall gets crowded. i can´t say for certain though.

8.08.2019 13:58:16

getting to jack murphy stadium was a breeze, but holy freakin´ $h!t the line getting out after the game was re-ck-u-lous!!! we ended up walking back to the grantville station, two stops absent towards east county, because it was faster than waiting in the cattle chute yelp.com/biz_photos/ljl2…c´momentn mts, fix this!

8.08.2019 13:58:16

ugh public transportation! i seriously dread it but i still believe it´s the best choice to take when going to crowded places.  i would take the bart all the time in sf because i never wanted to deal with parking.  same thing goes with the q.  i don´t want to deal with parking.  since the stop is right at the stadium, it makes it momentre convenient going to charger games.  it is ridiculous leaving the stadium since everyone tries to leave a few minutes before the game ends to defeat the rush but everyone thinks like that!  i waited approximately 45 minutes and was able to step right the trolley.  i memomentrizeed from preceding trips during game day.  i got some exercise walking around the stadium after the game.  lol.

8.08.2019 13:58:16

san diego chargers get 5 stars!!!!  go bolts!!  i take this trolley to the q stadium all the time.  it cost me $5 to catch the trolley and get past the stadium gates.  i would rather go this route and meet up with friends in the parking lot who are tailgating than take my car in, pay the parking fee, then wait forever and a day getting out.  the trolley has multiple stops and everyone likes to cram inside, whether they´re supporting the other team however just hog up momentre space so they have to wait.  i like to catch the trolley from old town because i like the eats in the area but there are other trolley stops shutr to the stadium.  i don´t think the wait is that bad, average from 5-10 mins a trolley.i make it to at least two games a year and i still don´t know which color line i´m supposed to be on, i just follow the crowd!   football season needs to rush up and start up already!

8.08.2019 13:58:16

qualcomm stadium is a great location for a trolley station.  considering how packed this place gets for events, a trolley station in the parking lot is very convenient and makes taking public transit very appealing.  however, the station is outdated and needs a make over, it seems chairs are broken all the time and the structure is as outdated as the stadium itself.  obviously there are no bus lines associateed here but there is tons of parking as well duh.  overall, this is a must have stop along the trolley and it definitely serves that purpose and not much momentre.

8.08.2019 13:58:16

during the week, this is one of the trolley stations it feels like forever until the next trolley passes. definitely busy whether you´re heading east around 4pm since the trolley will be packed with everybody heading to sdsu. trolleys pass momentre frequently when there is a game at the q but do note that during game days, cops will man the turn-styles so present your ticket!

8.08.2019 13:58:17

leaving qualcomms momentnster jam  a large group of mts security guards charles,bautista,herrera,and buck attacked my friend and i tackling him to the ground face first, they laughing at us, flipping their middle fingers and charles was spitting his chewing tobacco at us!! not to mention my friend is handicap.they looking for trouble or action and kept threatening to arrest us whether we spoke!!!be careful with your children and watch your back around them they may attack for fun again!!

8.08.2019 13:58:17
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