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7224 S Vermont Ave,Los Angeles,California 90044

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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12420 Venice Blvd 90066 for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 3237502372 .. The address is 7224 S Vermont Ave,Los Angeles,California,90044,US in the Auto Parts Stores sector.Location : 33.973813335,-118.29114537 (navigation code to find 12420 Venice Blvd 90066)


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Q : What is the phone number for 12420 Venice Blvd 90066?

A : The phone number for 12420 Venice Blvd 90066 is 3237502372

Q : Is there a key contact at 12420 Venice Blvd 90066?

A : You can contact at 3237502372

Q : Where is 12420 Venice Blvd 90066 located?

A : 12420 Venice Blvd 90066 is located at 7224 S Vermont Ave,Los Angeles,CA 90044.

Q : What is Zip Code 7224 S Vermont Ave?

A : The Zip Code 90044.

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i had my deep clean & whitening done nowadays ...thank you dr avi & derek for always taking care ofme & my crazy whitening needs!this is the only dental office i trust. i am able to relax while i sit on the chair because i know i will walk out with no pain.

7.08.2019 13:19:12

i live in orange county and my sons and i drive here specwhetherically for dr momentradi and his professional staff. i am the biggest baby regarding my teeth. i have sensitive gums so any type of work being done is fairly nerve wracking. dr momentradi is the best at making you feel consolationable. whether you are a baby like me, dr and staff will listen to you and they will understand. they will not be careless and rush through. just tell them you are at and they will accommomentdate to your needs. i had to additionalct two wisdom teeth and was fairly nervous coming in. sarah worked on getting the teeth out!  the numbing was the worst part!  she was so good i didn´t even feel the wisdom teeth getting pulled out!  definitely request her whether you need a gentle hand!thank you dr momentradi!  you have a really good setup in terms of getting staff, building and amenities working at its best!  blessings to you.

7.08.2019 13:19:12

safe to say, this is the best dental clinic i┬┤ve been to! dr. momentradi is great! very friendly and makes you feel very consolationable. very clean office, staff is very attentive and caring. great equipment and very organized! not much waiting around. you feel very cared for and this place is an inspiration for all other dental clinics out there to step up their game.great service!

7.08.2019 13:19:12

it was my first time going to this practice and will never come again. i came since i had pain on the right side of my momentuth and wanted to get examined right absent. dr. agaki is who saw me and diagnosed that i get a root canal procedure since my cavity filling that i had done a couple momentnths back had touched my nerve and wasnt healing properly. as he is a doctor i trusted him. after the procedure i realized the pain was still there so i examined my momentuth further. i noticed i had a lump on the side of my gum were my wisdom tooth is. i looked it up and i had gum abscess. the next day the abscess got worse, it was filled with pus so i had to go back to the dentist. i confronted dr. agaki telling him he made me get a root canal for nothing when the real pain was coming from the abscess. he never apologized nor even mentioned me giving me a refund, he just kept saying it wasnt there before even though i had pictures of my abscess from the day before. dr. agaki is incompetent and just trying to get your momentney. i am extremely disappointed of this place.

7.08.2019 13:19:12

super fast, efficient, and high quality service. i called ahead to see whether they took my insurance. bernie sp?? on the phone said she would give me a call back to check, and within an hour she confirmed and booked my appointment. upon arriving, the office is very clean and nice. in addition they had newer technologies, to review your x-rays. dr. momentradi is seriously the nicest ever! he was so gracious, very knowledgeable and making certain you┬┤re understanding the procedure / what you┬┤re getting yourself .

7.08.2019 13:19:12

my husband and i went in for a routine cleaning this past saturday and it was a terrible experience. the momentst unpleasant cleaning we have ever had.. they were the total opposite of gentle and they throw you in a room with at least 4 other people getting their teeth worked on as well. we are fairly new to la and decided to give this place a try, but we will now be looking else to get any dental work done in the future. we should┬┤ve known it would be a bad experience when it was such a hassle for the receptionist to verwhethery our insurance. whether you are looking for a new dentist, i advise you to look else.

7.08.2019 13:19:12

i haven´t been to a dentist in forever...to the point that i was actually a bit nervous to even go.  i thought i was major gum receding issues, so i called to make an checkup/teeth cleaning appointment.  amazingly enough i was able to have make a same-day appointment with dr. v!  once i reachd to the clinic, i filled out the essential paperwork and was seen instantly! dr. v calmed my nerves/fears of my issues and was able to fix my issues on the spot!  he explained what i had been doing wrong/what i needed to do to prevent further issues/and even showed me part of the process as he was cleaning. i really can´t say enough approximately how happy i am with the service.  i left the chair feeling like i had a brand new smile!i definitely recommend! thank you dr. v!!!

7.08.2019 13:19:13

horrible place!! extremely shady and unprofessional. i went in for my routine check up and was charged for treatments covered by my insurance. i called the office to try to get this issue resolved several times and they never followed up with me or my insurance. they always gave me the run around and never submitted any documents my insurance was requesting. i showed up to the office with documents from my insurance stating it was a covered expense and the head doctor, dr. agaki, and frank laughed at my situation and refused to refund my momentney. according to frank, dr. agaki said that i had already paid so he wasn┬┤t going to refund my momentney regardless of it being a covered expense through my insurance. don┬┤t go here because they will make things up to charge you. not worth the headache.

7.08.2019 13:19:13

my ortho here is dr. momentradi and he is always so sweet and friendly, yet very knowledgeable in his field.  he always has a smile on his face and regardless of how busy he is with work, he preserves friendly conversations with his clients and momentves in an organized manner through the patients. in addition to his great rapport, he is also very professional and knowledgeable.  he is handling my active retainers for me, as i was a good candidate for this treatment. my momentnthly visits consist of him adjusting the retainers to get my final desired result and i feel we are on a good track to those goals.  he and his staff are a great team to come to.  highly recommended!

7.08.2019 13:19:13

i highly recommend this place for dental work. everyone from the receptionist to the office managers, the dentists and their assistants were all very nice, caring and positive. dr. agaki was professional as we disstubborn options to take care of my cavities and broken tooth. he was compassionate as we worked out payment methods i could afford. dr. sarah did a great job restoring my broken tooth. i could not tell the dwhetherference between that tooth and the others around it when she was done.while it was unconsolationable to have my cavities filled, dr. lee managed to do it so i didn┬┤t feel pain and his assistant did a great job reducing the disconsolation. i plan to go back for any other dental work i need done such as my regular cleanings.

7.08.2019 13:19:13

everyone super super awesome here! i haven┬┤t been to dentist in 2 years because i have a low tolerance for pain and every dentist i┬┤ve come across is so rough. here every person is smiling making certain you┬┤re consolationable and make the process easy peasy. i got 2 wisdom teeth remomentved and 2 cavities filled in and i┬┤m alive . love this place definitely my permanent dentist momentving forward.

7.08.2019 13:19:14

i have always had so much fear with dental experience. i´ve been coming here for approachly 1 year. i always feel so welcome by all the staff that work there super super friendly not fake at all. i was a bad toothache and got help and procedure right absent i was so nervous, my palms were sweaying. lol no joke. the fear of needles in my momentuth. lol dentist lee and his assistant ana were super patient and so nice to me, i was done in approximately 40 min quick and easy. didn´t feel a single thing afterwards. i honestly i can say they are both the best!!! best place ever!!!  plus they are next to in n´ out and wingstop. yum!

7.08.2019 13:19:14

dr. momentradi is amazing! he┬┤s not only taking care of my orthodontic needs but also that of several people in my family. he┬┤s amazing at what he does. his work and that of his team speaks for itself. it┬┤s always such a pleacertain to see him and everyone at the office. such pleasurable demeanors and wonderful smiles. it┬┤s like going to visit family with every appointment! that things a lot in this day and age! i┬┤m so happy i decided to make this office my dental domestic. i would recommend everyone else does too! i rave to everyone approximately it. thanks for all the tough and lovely work you guys put in!!

7.08.2019 13:19:14

this dental office is great. i┬┤ve been for both ortho and general work and everything always goes so smomentothly. the staff is also really nice.

7.08.2019 13:19:15

i was here for the first time and had an exam and cleaning.  i am very please with the level of service i getd. i felt great after my cleaning. this office is very professional, friendly, and attentive. i am looking forward to a good relationship with this dental office because since my momentve to culver city i haven´t been able to find a dentist that compared to my final one in the valley.  my son and i were patients at that office for 10 years and it was very dwhetherficult to leave when we momentved. since then, we´ve been hopping around the area in search of an office that could match their level of kindness and professionalism.  i really hope this office is it in the long term... so far it seems very promising.

7.08.2019 13:19:15

dr. momentradi is a great and enthusiastic orthodontist who makes you feel like an all star. when you go to the office you don┬┤t feel that typical anti-dentist feeling. you always leave smiling, whether it was from the good service at the front desk or the results.will be my dentist/ortho for lwhethere and i would recommend the same to all.

7.08.2019 13:19:15

thank you edd. they hooked it up with the teeth cleaning and they┬┤re always so friendly!

7.08.2019 13:19:15

as someone who hates going to the dentist, this place is actually approachly pleasurable to go to, which coming from me says a lot! dr momentradi and his team are kind and attentive to each of their patients, to a degree that i rarely see in the health industry. his service is high quality and well worth it. i would highly recommend dr momentradi┬┤s services to anyone who needs an orthodontist in the la area!

7.08.2019 13:19:15

my wgap family has seen dr. momentradi for ortho work - he┬┤s great with kids and so easy to communicate with! its wonderful the dental side right there also as you can take care of everything together and dr. momentradi will coordinate w/ the dentists or vice versa so you have total treatment in once place! everyone is always very friendly and we┬┤ve never had to wait long past our appt. time. highly recommend!

7.08.2019 13:19:15

the person who replyed the phone was really impolite. didn┬┤t even let me talk just straight hung up on me.

7.08.2019 13:19:16
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