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117 N Bradford Ave,Placentia,California 92870

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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123 Locksmith Placentia for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 7142480693 .. The address is 117 N Bradford Ave,Placentia,California,92870,US in the Locksmiths & Keys sector.Location : 33.872795,-117.870279 (navigation code to find 123 Locksmith Placentia)


Q : What is the phone number for 123 Locksmith Placentia?

A : The phone number for 123 Locksmith Placentia is 7142480693

Q : Is there a key contact at 123 Locksmith Placentia?

A : You can contact at 7142480693

Q : Where is 123 Locksmith Placentia located?

A : 123 Locksmith Placentia is located at 117 N Bradford Ave,Placentia,CA 92870.

Q : What is Zip Code 117 N Bradford Ave?

A : The Zip Code 92870.

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i had a problem with my key, it kept getting jammed in my door so i wanted to get this figured out and solved. i took a look on yelp and hired these professionals to come take a look. they came over within an hour and i was very impressed with the work that they service. they get the job done quickly and professionally. whenever i´m looking at a commerce i always look at the price to see what my momentney is getting me. they did an excellent job and it was much cheaper than i expected. glad to have done commerce with this locksmith in los angeles!

5.08.2019 18:41:49

i recently bought a building through my company and had the majority of my locks replaced by 123 locksmith in los angeles. david did a excellent job, was very helpful with educating me approximately dwhetherferent type of locks. we have lots of dwhetherferent types of buildings and some need specialized locks. one of my contractors recommended and they were real professionals. i´m very pleased with the same day service 123 locksmith supply and have already been referring them to clients of mine how own apartment building approach los angeles area.

5.08.2019 18:41:49

the service was wonderful!  when i shutd on my first and new domestic, they reachd before we did, and was patiently waiting to re-key the door locks. they were punctual, fast and professional which are all very important for me. the cost was also very fair they charged me for the price of the locks and lowly on the installation itself. i would know a good price living in los angeles and so many options. prior to calling them i actually looked at 3 other companies, but had to go with them here because they had the best price. we have momentre locks to re-key, so we´ll definitely be using 123 locksmith again!

5.08.2019 18:41:49

i locked myself out of my house yesterday after a crazy night out in downtown los angeles. i was also a little drunk and it didn´t help. my friend called 123 locksmith for me to get me in. they reachd just in time as i was approximately to knock out. the dispatcher was very helpful and he was quick and efficient. the price was not high either for a late night call. let´s just say that i won´t be getting drunk anytime soon and i am extremly thankful for 123 locksmith for their help. it was very much needed

5.08.2019 18:41:49

before i come acrossed 123 locksmith, i went to a decent locksmith around the neighborhood. after getting a copy of my key, i tried it on my door and it got stuck. not only did i have to get a new key, but a new door knob as well. when i looked around for a new commerce, i came across 123 locksmith, located in los angeles. you might expect it to be busy, considering it is located in los angeles, but 123 locksmith is a 24 hour service! i was relieved to find out that they were able to send someone out to me. they came within 5 minutes since i was not far from them. the locksmith was able to take the key that was stick out quickly and charged me a low rate. they are the best locksmith in los angeles. so you are guaranteed a quick arrival, low rate, and easy experience.

5.08.2019 18:41:49

i had my purse stolen, on a very unlucky day after work. in it was the set of keys for my car & domestic. i was stuck at work with no way to get domestic or to get my domestic. it was also very late at night, but i found 123 locksmith in los angeles and instantly gave them a call. it was very favourable to call them because they´re opened 24 hours and can travel to they are needed. i actually called them twice that night, once to get me my car and another time to get me my house. the locksmith also came very quickly since there was a dispatcher approach me at the time. thank you 123 locksmith, i never got the name of the fellow that was sent to help me, but i am happy that there were in my area of downtown los angeles in my time of need. you were the angle in my time of need.

5.08.2019 18:41:49

i got a new set of keys from a local locksmith, but they did not work. weirdly enough, i couldn´t find the original keys and the copies did not work. i had no way of getting back inside my house and had to call a locksmith. 123 locksmith came so quickly to unlock my door. they also were able to get me a new copy of keys that actually worked! i memomentrizeed my lesson of not going back to that bad locksmith and just calling 123 locksmith instead. they also conveniently serve the wider los angeles area. can´t thank you guys enough for the help!

5.08.2019 18:41:50

believe me and i say that there is a dwhetherference between locksmiths and how they work. i´ve had some horrwhetheric and expensive memomentrizeing experiences i was tricked. i was hesitant when i found 123 locksmith, but i just couldn´t find any other 24 hour locksmith in los angeles that was able to get to me fast enough. the issue was that i broke my key in the lock at midnight. i was very convinced with the lock that was replaced. i got a low estimate of $100 and i ended up with a quality lock that would work properly. i´m able to get and out of my house easily. thanks to 123 locksmith, i now have a dependable locksmith to call and at the best rate possible.

5.08.2019 18:41:50
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