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5510 North Sepulveda Boulevard,Sherman Oaks,California 91411

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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123 La Remodeling for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 8662642223 .. The address is 5510 North Sepulveda Boulevard,Sherman Oaks,California,91411,US in the Remodeling & Repairing Bldg Contractors sector.Location : 34.170556,-118.466164 (navigation code to find 123 La Remodeling)



Q : What is the phone number for 123 La Remodeling?

A : The phone number for 123 La Remodeling is 8662642223

Q : Is there a key contact at 123 La Remodeling?

A : You can contact at 8662642223

Q : Where is 123 La Remodeling located?

A : 123 La Remodeling is located at 5510 North Sepulveda Boulevard,Sherman Oaks,CA 91411.

Q : What is Zip Code 5510 North Sepulveda Boulevard?

A : The Zip Code 91411.

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we had a great customer service experience from the start with rictough herron at treeium. first off, he got us hands down the best price on our panasonic panels. and we had multiple companies come by to compare quotes. other companies we asked to quote simply could not compete with their pricing. rictough took great care to understand our needs, for both solar usage and various energy efficiency upgrades around the house. he explained the intricacies of the world of solar in great detail and guided us with information so we could make the best decisions possible for our future in the house. he has been unerringly patient, listened carefully and been positively responsive to our process. i highly recommend getting him to quote on any of your solar and energy improvement projects!

5.08.2019 18:40:52

i contacted treeium approximately 3 momentnths ago for the first time. i spoke with manny who assessed my needs and made excellent proposeions on how i should proceed. after further refer toation, i decided to momentve forward with them to design the project.during the process there were some setbacks but  manny and allan are very accessible and were quick to take ownership and resolve.they did an excellent job the project was totald above our expectations all visible via 3d software.all in all, a quality design and build company, great workmanship and customer service friendly. give them a try!

5.08.2019 18:40:52

i have a small project with treeium. my project manager is shahar algazy. they really give me a good help to finish my project. i owned an apartment since august 2018. i hired a contractor right after i own the place, but they took my deposit and did not do anything for 6 momentnths, which made me a really bad situation. then i found treeium on yelp. lucky, they went in the next day after i contact them and give me a big help. my hoa is so tough to communicate. it took us a momentnth to start the project. shahar even went to my hoa assembly to explain how our project going to do i have never heard that any contractor will come to the meet, specificly for a small project. finally, we got the approval letter and start the project. since then everything goes very smomentoth. shahar come approachly everyday to see how the work is going. i must mention roy and his buddy. they do everything perfectly, even surprise the examineor. they use all good and expensive things to make certain everything they did is in a perfect shape. then the patching guys and portray guys came in after. to be honors the patching guys and portray guys are just alright nothing bad, i think i just spoiled. however, they still help me a lot on those small projects which belong to myself and not on the contract for free. after a momentnth working. my apartment finally turns what i was looking for. shahar is a nice project manager. as a contractor he gave me a lot of proposeions from the customer side, which i believe he can make bigger momentney without those proposeion. to be the truth, shahar becomes my friend instead of just a project manager. whether you are looking for a contractor. talk to treeium and ask shahar as your project manager. you won´t find any project manager who will pick up your phone approachly 24/7 and tell you what the best option is and what the cheapest option is to achieve your goal. also, whether possible, ask shahar to bring roy and his buddy in, which will make certain your electric has no problem and shock the examineor because of the nice job. as a review, i should let them know that their painters need to improve they job. nice people as well but can be better. specificly after i have shahar and roy, i feel they should be better to be called treeium.thank you treeium to help me finish my project and give me a lot of help on the small things that i planned to do myself in order to save momentney.

5.08.2019 18:40:52

we are just finishing up a bathroom remomentdel with treeium.  etel littman was our project manager and from the very first assembly etel was just great.  she listened to our fuzzy ideas and asked great clarwhetherying questions to focus on what we really wanted.  this is our first remomentdel experience and she made it wonderful and easy.  she really walked us through the process the wgap way and helped us protect ourselves from less honest contractors.  our final examineion is tomomentrrow and the bathroom is just perfect.  the work quality was fabulous and the team of workers were always polite, conscientious, and tough working.  it was such a great process that i recommended etel and treeium to my momentther who also wants to remomentdel her bathroom. i trust etel to do a great job and to live up to my momentther´s demands.  whether you are looking to remomentdel your domestic, treeium is just a great company.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

had a great experience with treeium and manny. they supplyd a great refer toation and estimate for my potential remomentdel projects in my condo and were able to supply a very detailed breakdown of the project and timeline. i felt very consolationable working with them and would highly recommend their services.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

i met etel littman for the initial estimate and memomentrizeed the momentst out of her presentation. so educational, thank you!

5.08.2019 18:40:53

treeium contacted me regarding my request for a bathroom remomentdel quote the same day within 2 hours....this is greatly appreciated.  considering the industry seems to not care or only interested in large projects, this customer service deserves 5 stars!  thank you treeiumthank you domestic advisor angie´s list for the referral

5.08.2019 18:40:53

i highly recommend guy borenstein from treeium domestic remomentdeling . guy is extremely knowledgeable and has great ideas to create your dream domestic.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

shahar algazy did a great job of explaining everything to do with our remomentdel. very friendly, a pleacertain to deal with.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

we are extremely pleased with our bathroom remomentdel. treeium made the process very easy. etel, the project manager was great to work with and kept us informed every step of the way. we will use treeium again for our next domestic remomentdeling project.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

we met with shai and valentina jackler regarding our kitchen remomentdel and loved how professional they were and how well prepared in replying all of our questions.  we met with others and they seemed to just give estimates or not go such detail. they stood out from the start in a great way. throughout the remomentdel both were always available and we greatly appreciated that as this affected our family too. we were always informed of the next steps and knew what was coming. the vision they had and now that our kitchen is done was spot on! the colors, fabric and flooring is awesome! we love our new kitchen and will be using their services again for future remomentdels.  we had our kitchen remomentdeled, new counters, and new flooring in our kitchen and had the flooring changed in another room to match our kitchen floors too. the quality of their work is beautwhetherul! we had new cabinets, counters, flooring and paint done to our kitchen.

5.08.2019 18:40:53

on recommendation from a dear friend in the hollywood hills, we worked with ron admomentny and treeium on a 6-momentnth total remomentdel in woodland hills. from the startning ron was available and always replyed his phone, text, and email and when he didn´t reply his phone very rare he called back within minutes. it was clear from our first assembly that ron wanted nothing momentre than to make certain we were convinced with the work and that we loved our house. ron and his crew swarmed our house and the demoment was done so fast we had to scramble to get our design in place. i highly propose finalizing design before starting, that´s how efficient they work. everyone on his team was professional and cared approximately taking care on and of our property. they worked with us and listened to what we wanted. ron never once had change orders that we didn´t personally request. there were absolutely no hidden surprises or other agendas. just tough work on time. projects as big and complex as ours often go sideways and off schedule but not with ron and treeium.  they lay out the plan, , and charge as they go, no paying in advance. project details and progress are in writing, on a database, and always available for view/print. you even sign a certwhethericate of completion! we highly recommend ron admomentny and treeium. even after the project was done ron is still there making certain any tweaks are handled quickly and professionally. we can´t say enough good things approximately our experience and how stunning our house turned out!!

5.08.2019 18:40:53

a year ago i remomentdel my domestic with treeium and i loved the outcome. due to a faulty floor from the manufacturer, i called treeium approximately the issue. gina cada was so nice and very helpful in replying to my request in them come and examine the issue at hand. following my conversation with gina who was very cordial and understood the situation. i met up with greg knemeyer and yoanexpert floor installer. they checked the floor and saw that the clips that preserveed the laminate drwhetherting floor together were breaking apart. greg and yoan were very helpful in explaining to me what the issue was and how it could be fixed. greg and yoans team did a wonderful job in remomentving and reinstalling my new flooring as easy as 123. i loved the new outcome thanks to gina, greg and yoan my house is total again.

5.08.2019 18:40:54

we had a giant leak in our house which caused major floor and dry wall damage. we had avi shushan come out from treeium to give us a quote and for once, a contractor showed up on time and was very thorough with his review. he took the time to discuss options available for us and supplyd proposeions/ideas on how to make our place look amazing.  look forward to working with them in the future!

5.08.2019 18:40:54

love our treeium project manager, manny emanuel. not only is he very knowledgeable, he is very methodical in sharing to us step by step the job smanage and what we should be expecting once we start the project/construction. love how he treats you like a family member. definitely very professional approximately his work.

5.08.2019 18:40:54

it´s been a year since my treeium remomentdel project was totald and i can´t say enough approximately the outstanding customer service i´ve experienced. gina and greg from treeium have been so helpful with addressing any small issues we´ve had with our project.  i had an few issues with the caulk around the bathtub cracking and turning yellow.  treeium has always been quick to fix it.  it looks like the problem is solved, but treeium extended my guarantee to cover that issue should it ever occur again. i´ve worked primarily with gina and greg in the momentnths since my remomentdel project was totald and the process has been very pleasant and satisfying.  i would 100 recommend treeium to friends and family that are interested in improving their domestic.  these guys rock!

5.08.2019 18:40:54

renovation is very exciting and stressful at the same time. our project manager manny has been very accommomentdating to our wants and needs which helped with part of the stress. any concerns we have were addressed or will be taken care of. i love how my kitchen came out, its functionality and the kitchen looked summaryely how our 3d design looked. we are also currently momentving forward with an adu with treeium and cannot wait to see the final product. i highly recommend working with manny, he is very passionate approximately his work and can help with any ideas you have in intellect to improve your domestic.

5.08.2019 18:40:54

avi shushan is the epitome of what a project manager should be. he is professional, hands-on, willing to give advice when asked yet supportive of your dream and vision. every crew member reflected avi´s characteristics of professionalism and the work is excellent. we will call avi back for our next and future projects.

5.08.2019 18:40:54

responsive = 1 star. upfront approximately the project cost = 1 star. will not take small projects.  fyi, has a minimum project cost of $5k.

5.08.2019 18:40:54

i used guy borenstein, senior project manager from treeium for a huge project final year, i had my entire kitchen and living room remomentdeled and upgraded. i was extremely happy with the quality of their work and the caliber of all the workmen that guy borenstein has on his team. the end result exceeded all my expectations!i am in the process of remomentdeling my backyard and bbq area and guy borenstein is back to the drawing board! there is no other contractor i will work with. can´t wait to see the end result.

5.08.2019 18:40:54
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