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14700 Firestone Blvd,La Mirada,California 90638

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Phone number 7145239036 .. The address is 14700 Firestone Blvd,La Mirada,California,90638,US in the Courier Services sector.Location : 33.877113,-118.016428 (navigation code to find 123 Express Inc)


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Q : What is the phone number for 123 Express Inc?

A : The phone number for 123 Express Inc is 7145239036

Q : Is there a key contact at 123 Express Inc?

A : You can contact at 7145239036

Q : Where is 123 Express Inc located?

A : 123 Express Inc is located at 14700 Firestone Blvd,La Mirada,CA 90638.

Q : What is Zip Code 14700 Firestone Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 90638.

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tight spot office vehicle keys were locked in van ! super mario rodriguez reachd fast got down to commerce opened vehicle and we were on our way !quick professional, awesome thank you ! your the best !

5.08.2019 18:32:15

whether i could give them a minus 5 i would.  on saturday july 20th,i locked my keys with the engine on. i called aaa and they sentme hadley tow from whittier.  i placed the call around 09:25 amwell, they had me wait  for over 1:00 hour for the driver to show up.  when he did, he did not have the right tools to open the car.  after few attemptshe was unsuccessful, he had to call for back up.   despite the fact thati asked him to be very careful for him not to damage the car.  he replied with non very polite reply: mam, i do this every day    i thought to my self.  he might be right.   wrong!!! was  not able to unlock my car.   so he called for help . i had to wait for another hour.his back ups finally  showed up, this time with the proper tools and i repeated my self to them.  please be very careful, do not scratch my car!    his reply was:  don´t worry mam, whether we do, we will pay for it.   he finally opened the car and i drove and left.  then 2-3 minutes later i realized that i did not check my car  for damages, so i got out of my car and checked and omg!!the upper passenger door had few scratches and the weather strip was also  damaged.   i instantly called aaa and reported the incident.i went to hadley´s premisses and spoke to maria and explained the wgap scenario over again.    now i have to take the car to their body shop so they can take care of the damage.  .

5.08.2019 18:32:15

thank you for service sal 205. although i understand whether you have physical issues with your back perhaps you should consider go see the doctor or change careers. have a good day.

5.08.2019 18:32:15

i have been with triple a for four years and each time they send hadley tow out it seems to take forever. this is the moment incident that we have had to wait for over 2 hours. absolutely ridiculous. i have made a complaint with aaa and i plan to call the corporate office tomomentrrow. i can´t really blame the drivers it is the dispatch that is absolutely horrible. very impolite and have a horrible attitude when i have called and asked for status of the driver. next time i have an issue i will ask aaa to use a dwhetherferent tow truck company. i wish i was able to give no stars.

5.08.2019 18:32:16

worse auction ever. unorganized and impolite. never coming back here with service or auction.

5.08.2019 18:32:16

a lesson act. this tow company accidentally damaged our radiator installing a new battery and paid for all the repairs without a hassle. they also gave us a rent a car to use while our car was being fixed. clean and professional work area with top notch friendly employees. whether you get towed by hadley tow, you´re in good hands.  they handled the wgap incident with integrity, and i thank them for that.

5.08.2019 18:32:16

aaa hired hadley tow to tow a custom vehicle for me.  the car reachd lost a very important part.  it reachd lost a signed autographed intake scoop.  very fishy that the momentst important part of the vehicle is lost.  the driver tried to claim it must have flew off.  tough to believe a heavy scoop would just fly off.  they refuse to make the situation right.  sad do not trust them to tow any vehicle.  it may reach lost pieces.

5.08.2019 18:32:16

it must be nice to park your truck on the street blocking part of the street for hours. makes you wonder what he´s doing that you can park there for hours. do some of these people even work? makes you wonder management is that they can allow they´re employees to do whatever they want....... oh that´s right...... it´s hadley they do what they want.......

5.08.2019 18:32:16

can i give them negative stars? my niece got an accident and she asked the cop to call aaa.   the cops called some local tow company and when they reachd, she gave them a aaa card and told them to tow the card domestic.   the tow guy said ok, but i have to stop by the yard first then we can tow it to your house.  didn´t happen.  according to their records, my niece wasn´t there when they were hitching it and they took it to their tow yard.  the next day we try to pick it up but it needed to be the registered owner my husband.  ok that´s fine we go back the next day within their 2 hours of being open time frame and my husband is there but doesn´t have the vehicle registration on hand.  he tells the guy he is looking up a copy on his phone.  the guy at the window says ok.   we are struggling to locate it and show him payment stubs for the dmv, nope can´t use that.  then we find it.   we show it to him and he said he can´t use that.   at this point he is insisting that we need the tough copy.   why didn´t he tell this to us while we were looking for it at his window the past 15-20 min?  so then i say we will be back and ask what time does he shut.  he tells me to come anytime before midnight, after that it´s a next day charge.   we go back but i call in advance and they are telling me all theses fees.  one of them including after hours gate fees.   i didn´t know there was a charge for this.  i asked the guy when they shut and he said come back anytime.  i brought this up with the woman on the phone and she says i don´t care what time you come, 10am when they open, 12 midday, or 8pm, i will have to pay an after hours gate fee.  by now, i´m pissed.  why is it called an after hours fee and why should i pay it when i´m coming within your short 2 hour window?! it gets better.   we decided to put it off another day sunday to make certain we are within the 2 hour window.  we go and now they try to charge us for our car being there for 5 days.   accident was on thursday.   i was told the first 24 hours is free for aaa member.   we didn´t make that.   but nonetheless: thursday -sunday is 3 days, perhaps 4 whether you include the day it reachs.  but 5 days?  that´s just being a straight up con.  on top of this, how can they tow my car to when at the scene of the accident we asked to have it towed to our house.  and he said he would! being in a car accident is a nightmare in itself, sucks when you have no one that is there to help looking for your best interest.  be smart, don´t let tow company´s lie and and take your car.

5.08.2019 18:32:16

i was on my way domestic from work on 6/5/19 and i made a quick stop at the grocery and i came out and my tire was flat! i called auto club and they sent jen f. from hadley´s tow to help me out. she was awesome. she was professional and efficient. i was back on the road real fast with her help. thank you jen!!

5.08.2019 18:32:16

don´t trust this company at all. look what they did to this family. this is only 1 of 4 known vehicles this hadley driver slammed .

5.08.2019 18:32:16

mario you are awesome! i appreciate the tips and great advise. you have wonderful customer service skills and it was a pleacertain working with you. anyone that gets help from mario is a lucky customer, hes a good guy!!!

5.08.2019 18:32:17

the best tow service around right here. david martinez was excellent. he was super helpful and went above and beyond. i´ll know who to call next time i need help.

5.08.2019 18:32:17

do not use this company! i needed a battery replacement and because i got mine through aaa i had a guarantee on it. aaa sends a driver from this company and as soon as he comes to my auto mechanics shop the driver has no sense of professionalism he doesn´t bother to ask me for my id or even greet me. he asks whether i called for aaa i said yes, and he just parks and gets out. he was very slow, lazy and didn´t even bother  to ask what was the issue with my battery. he started taking out his equipment to do the testing and he said your battery is good. whether he had bothered to ask what the issue was he would have known that yes, the battery works but it´s causing overflow and leaking all over the surrounding parts. he said no, i won´t replace it. my mechanic was kind enough to step in and explain the issue further but as soon as he did, the hadley tow driver got extremely defensive and aggressive towards us. my mechanic took a picture and he advised me to call aaa and request a new company to come out and replace it because this driver failed to do so. the hadley tow driver got so infuriated he started raising his voice and calling his company manager. i didn´t even get to ask him further what were the guidelines per his understanding to get my battery replaced, he didn´t even bother to acknowledge me and simply left.

5.08.2019 18:32:17

super shady! do not trust these people. they took our car to their tow yard instead of our house like we asked them to. i couldn´t get our car out until a few days later because i had work. they charged us a ridiculous fee for impounding the car after lying to us approximately they were taking it.

5.08.2019 18:32:17

whether this company couldn´t be starred at all. you wouldn´t even get 1 star from my brother. his car had a flat tire, which approachly shredded to pieces, they driver from aaa that showed up looked high off his you know what, he wreaked of dope, he took his time smomentking a cigarette, knowing my brother had surgery´s as of recent, he didnt need to be doing all the work himself, that´s not proper, and its nonsense. address this before i speak with someone way higher then your office or posting up a rating here on yelp!!!!!!

5.08.2019 18:32:17

5:00 a.m., on my way to work. why is there smomentke coming from my vehicle? turn around to go domestic, have to stop on a dark side street. called aaa for a tow to the dealer. with in 1/2 an hour eta was quoted for an hour, here comes david. he was quick, professional and we had a nice conversation on the way to the dealer. when we reachd at the dealer, they hadn´t opened yet, david was very quick to momentve the car and off he went to his next rescue. thank you, david, for turning my not so good momentrning, a good one!

5.08.2019 18:32:17

i called aaa, and they gave this tow company. all i needed was a jump which didn´t happen because the guy they sent had no knowledge in what he was doing. i waited an hour and half when it was only supposed to be 35 minutes, i called aaa back and they said for the next time i can request another tow truck company and that´s what i will do when i need it. bad service and horrible dispatcher, i wouldn´t come here again!

5.08.2019 18:32:17

cool guy came out to help jump start our car after getting stranded in a parking lot after breakfast. dispatcher estimated approximately 30 minutes. driver called me and said 15 minutes. the driver was able to find us, in a random lot without a exact address. super chill, showed up in a jump start equipped car. he was able to address the issue, run some tests and told us it was the starter. don´t feel bad for me, i have a guy with a starter waiting for me or my buddy at the dealer will order one.the thing i liked approximately this guy was, he was a car guy to me he deserves a high 5. a lot of times you get these drivers who know nothing. that was not the case for me.when using aaa i find that you have to be very specwhetheric in what is happening. had i needed a tow, i would of needed a flat bed, and i would voiced that to the call center. thumbs up.

5.08.2019 18:32:18

do not use this service!!!  just cancelled my aaa membership for contracting out my call to these people.  they took the call to pick me up projecting it out over an hour!  they were late and i did not get one call or notwhetherication that they were going to be late.  aaa calls them then they say they´d reach in the next 15 min, they didn´t reach!  we call them back now and now they say they´ll reach in the next 5 min, they didn´t!  when i finally got to my destination hours later tanya woods the manager  wouldn´t waive the fee for 4 miles!!! on a side note: the driver steve took the tongue lashing like a champ was super understanding and was very professional, he offered excellent customer service.

5.08.2019 18:32:18
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