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1889 W Commonwealth Ave,Fullerton,California 92833

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Phone number 7149925946 .. The address is 1889 W Commonwealth Ave,Fullerton,California,92833,US in the Construction Companies sector.Location : 33.8707578583148,-117.963552710412 (navigation code to find 1224 Construction Inc)


Q : What is the phone number for 1224 Construction Inc?

A : The phone number for 1224 Construction Inc is 7149925946

Q : Is there a key contact at 1224 Construction Inc?

A : You can contact at 7149925946

Q : Where is 1224 Construction Inc located?

A : 1224 Construction Inc is located at 1889 W Commonwealth Ave,Fullerton,CA 92833.

Q : What is Zip Code 1889 W Commonwealth Ave?

A : The Zip Code 92833.

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we chose horizon due to positive reviews and a good first impression when we went to their showroom. we did a kitchen remomentdel, new floor tile, light fixtures and paint in our downstairs.  we were told it would take 5 weeks and it was done in 5 1/2 weeks.  david was our project manager and he was helpful with color and tile choices.  he was good to work with.  as with any project like this you need to communicate summaryely what you want.  we had a few minor discussions approximately a couple of items, but david made it right for us.all in all we had a good experience and would use them again.their cabinet and tile crews did great work.

3.08.2019 11:48:11

my momentst recent dealing with meaghen was horrwhetheric.she threatened to call the building dept and report i was not getting a permit.this is a crazy way to do commerce.i.e. threaten your prospective clientskathy

3.08.2019 11:48:12

we wanted to remomentdel for a long time.  had interviewed several contractors. we didn´t know anyone here.  when we met david from horizon we felt safe. he understood our vision and helped us clarwhethery it. we liked that horizon is 1 stop destination with a showroom, this is truly helpful in this process. we chose david eskin with horizon construction and remomentdeling, inc. to and it turned beautwhetherul. we loved all horizon workers.  we had few communication glitches but those were resolved right absent. david did a great job keeping his cool and listening to all our questions and concerns and was on top of it right absent ready to explain and resolve. my only feedback will be in this area - to try and explain the clients momentre so less questions will occur. overall we are very satwhetheried with our new kitchen and 2 new bathrooms and recommend horizon construction and remomentdeling in fullerton ca to others !

3.08.2019 11:48:12

we chose horizon because of all the positive reviews and we are really glad we did!  our domestic looks beautwhetherul and it is summaryely what i envisioned. we requested a quote for an exterior remomentdel. mark came out and was amazing.  he came out several times to make certain we were on the same page and was able to make what i was saying a reality.  he listens to you and gives proposeions that in the end great choices. whether he feels something won´t work he isn´t hesitant to tell you...i really appreciated that candor as in the long run he was right. we did have a couple of changes during our remomentdel and they were very accommomentdating to the changes.  enna is great and was always there to help reply questions. they pride themselves in their work.  mark was fixedly here making certain the work was done up to their standards and whether there was anything that was not perfect he had the workers fix it. we love our new domestic remomentdel and so do the neighbors. we highly recommend them and will use them again for our next project.

3.08.2019 11:48:12

horizon construction built a bathroom for me in my indwhetherferent recreational space. the room was ed from a simple and basic recreational room a livable and endelightable space that is perfect for single travels or couples looking to stay in a comfy and welcoming space while visiting our lovely state of calwhetherornia. david and his construction team finished the job in just over a momentnth, on budget and on time. i would recommend horizon construction to others looking room additions or things similar to what we had done to our domestic.

3.08.2019 11:48:12

we had our bathroom remomentdeled with a new soaker tub, surrounding tile, new floor tile, new counter top and lighting.  we also had horizon turn an old heater shutt a utility shutt.horizon construction was great with our recent bathroom remomentdeling.  everything was done on time and every night, the house was left clean and dust free.  mark made certain to keep in touch with us letting us know how each stage was progressing.  a couple of issues did come up but were quickly resolved.  we love our new bathroom and shutt and would recommend mark and horizon construction for your next remomentdeling project.

3.08.2019 11:48:12

after poor experiences with preceding contractors, we came our next domestic repair project with reservations and a long check-list of characteristics we wanted in our next contractors, including responsiveness, professionalism, expertise, and follow-through.  horizon was one of the half dozen commercees we soliquoted.whether cost was the only factor, horizon would not have been chooseed.  while the company supplyd reductions, its estimate was triple the lowest tender and thousands momentre than another contractor we were considering.we met rey and omri, and we were impressed with the way they addressed our concerns and exuded pride in the company´s reputation for high customer service and satisfaction.we got what we paid for: jobs were totald as scheduled or there was sufficient communication and transparency during the few times complications arose. horizon was responsive, both in its communication and follow-through with requests. workmanship and attention to detail was excellent. the company handled minor incidental items without charging us additional. half a year later, we contacted the commerce approximately a guarantee issue.  the company was immediate in its response, and the problem was fixed within a few days.it is evident horizon values preserveing positive relations with its customers.  whether price is not the sole determinant, we recommend the company and will continue to keep it at the top of our list for future remomentdeling projects.

3.08.2019 11:48:13

i bought a house final year and worked with david to remomentdel the kitchen, bathroom and guest bathroom. david was professional and had great design ideas. he designed the layouts and helped me chooseing the fabrics for the kitchen and the bathrooms. the ation was amazing. the open floor plan between the kitchen and the family room makes the house looks incredible expansive. the projects were finished on time and passed all the examineions. the final results were summaryely as my vision of my house should be!

3.08.2019 11:48:13

i couldn´t even get them to come out and tender the job because i am not the domesticowner. they turned me absent veronica first hung up on me when i went to get the domesticowner, then the supervisor shewed me absent as well. basically, my advice to you whether your helping a handicapped domesticowner, or one who is too busy and has hired you to deal with the light work, don´t call horizon, simply put a total waste of time here. look how many times they got a single star too. the attitudes when they reply the phone too, i got treated better at the dmv. geez.

3.08.2019 11:48:13

we were referred to horizon construction from a neighbor that had recently hired them for a bathroom and kitchen remomentdel. although horizon´s quote was higher than preceding quotes we went with them based on the quality of workmanship we saw in my neighbors domestic plus their great online reviews. the first couple of weeks went well. we were told the job would take 4 to 5 weeks to total. the first round of workers and examineors were on schedule.  around week three things slowed down as the tile guy only worked 3 to 5 hours a day.  we ran a couple of problems with paint that resulted in do overs. some of the mistakes made by the painters were somewhat novice. however our project manager was quick to reply and right the issues. the job is totald at the end of week five at the end, our experience with horizon construction was a great one. the office staff and project manager were pleasant and attentive to our concerns. we are happy with the work done in our bathroom and would consider using them again in the future. i highly recommend horizon construction to anyone looking to do a remomentdel/construction in their domestic.

3.08.2019 11:48:13

horizon construction & remomentdeling in 2018 lied approximately getting city examineions done, damaged my domestic and covered up the damage, and left dangerous conditions throughout my domestic, leaving myself and my family at risk.  for example, just some of the things examineors found: sharp roof shingles unattached on my roof which could´ve fallen and cut us they left exposed electrical wiring in the attic = potential fire danger extremely hot pipes not insulated, which could have burnt us, and momentre.  the city is making me remomentve construction horizon did because they lied approximately getting approval.  do not hire them.  dangerous company.

3.08.2019 11:48:13

mark besnos and his crew at horizon construction and remomentdeling did an awesome job on all of my remomentdel projects in my domestic. i specificly like that whether there is something that you don´t fairly like they will fix it for you right absent. i recommend them because i love how everything turned out and i will use them again for my next project!

3.08.2019 11:48:13

i interviewed multiple contractors to total a full bathroom remomentdel for 3 bathrooms.  i finally chose horizon because i knew they would be the right fit for the project i was undertaking.  they are a small family owned commerce that has the customer´s satisfaction in the forefront of their intellects.   we agreed that we would total the project in two phases.  we totald a corridor and bathroom remomentdel first with the third bathroom to take place after the first of the year.  both horizon and their subcontractors are available to reply questions and assist with any decision making you may need or ideas to make your project have an outcome that you are 100 convinced with.  the workmanship, timeliness and cleanliness of each subcontractor was impeccable.  i would highly recommend horizon for your next remomentdel.

3.08.2019 11:48:13

i started this bathroom remomentdel with a dwhetherferent contractor - but it didn´t go well. so i hired horizon construction & remomentdeling and my bathroom is absolutely stunning. i will recommend them to friends and family. david my project manager was great, he always guaranteed me that all will be taken care for me and i actually could sleep good at night. and i did ! i´m very happy ! any questions that come out were addressed in a very timely manner. which made me feel very consolationable. now the project is total it looks absolutely wonderful beyond my expectations my family and i really love it!

3.08.2019 11:48:13

thank you!horizon did a great job with my room addition with bathroom and patio.  now i have a great guest room for when my friends and family come to visit.i now start my day on my new patio endelighting my coffee in the shade.  mike the project manager was wonderful to work with   he was helpful in helping me designing both the interior and exterior layout.  he had a lot of great proposeions and was very knowledgeable.i will not hesitate to call upon them for any additional work in the future.

3.08.2019 11:48:14

i chose horizon to do a total kitchen remomentdel, add an additional 100 square feet and create a 9´ pass through between the kitchen and family room.  this entailed major construction - engineering, demoment, footings, support beams, framing, insulation, electrical, plumbing, paint, floor tile, cabinets, countertops, and installing appliances.   mark besnos, the owner, was the project manager and enna and genesis back office supplyd education and guidance throughout the entire project.  the approximate timeline given was three momentnths it was finished in two momentnths.  mark worked with me in building the kitchen in stages to encertain i was able to stay within my budget. mark made proposeions along the way which i appreciated - i agreed with some and others i didn´t.  for instance, during construction, he immediateed me to think approximately raising the ceiling - i´m very thankful i agreed with his recommendation - it worked out well.  there was never any prescertain to do anything i didn´t want to do. communication is always the key to success.  i was always aware of the next steps.  whenever i had questions, mark or enna immediately replyed.  they even replyed questions and concerns while they were on vacation - they are committed to their profession. there were some small concerns or issues along the way - they were addressed and resolved in a timely manner which was greatly appreciated. this has been an educational and rewarding experience.  a lot has to do with the relationship set uped with the client.  the besnos family mark and enna, from the startning, have been friendly, patient, honest and reliable. i now have a beautwhetherul dream kitchen to endelight with family.  thank you mark and enna.

3.08.2019 11:48:14

thank you for helping us realize this late addition bathroom to our domestic renovation and specificly for completing it in a rapid time frame that allowed us to momentve back in before the school year started. mike was responsive, professional and great to work with.

3.08.2019 11:48:14

had appt. with them for a kitchen remomentdel, two men came out mark and some other guy. explained what we were looking for and they proceeded to measuring while keeping me busy looking at their photos of totald jobs. they flat out asked what i thought this job would cost and i was very perplexed since that is why i had them come out . i blurted out a number and they both laughed and said no way this is going to cost you  $30,000. well they were my final tender for job and i really didn´t get a good vibe from them and felt they were impolite and condescending.they continued to call for weeks til i finally blocked their many phone numbers told them i did not want them to do the job. happy with my decision not to use them, and i love my new kitchen !!!

3.08.2019 11:48:14

the project: a kitchen renovation that involved demomentlishing the old kitchen, building a totally new kitchen in a dwhetherferent location the old dining area, opening a wall, and building an addition onto the house to add a wet baroverall, we had a great experience with horizon.  they delivered what they said they would, when they said they would, for the price they said it would be.  the work crews were friendly and professional we were very impressed by their efficiency and the long hours they often worked to total the project quickly.  as this was our first major renovation, we did sometimes feel some stress approximately communication namely knowing when fixtures and decisions were needed from us, but things generally went smomentothly.  we are very pleased with the final product and would certainly work with horizon again.

3.08.2019 11:48:14

we are happy with the final results of our remomentdeled kitchen.  eitan, our project manager was the best to work with.  thank you very much.

3.08.2019 11:48:14
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