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24318 Alliene Ave,Lomita,California 90717

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Phone number 3104903887 .. The address is 24318 Alliene Ave,Lomita,California,90717,US in the Body Shop Equip/Supplies sector.Location : 33.804464,-118.320751 (navigation code to find 120 Racing)


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Q : What is the phone number for 120 Racing?

A : The phone number for 120 Racing is 3104903887

Q : Is there a key contact at 120 Racing?

A : You can contact at 3104903887

Q : Where is 120 Racing located?

A : 120 Racing is located at 24318 Alliene Ave,Lomita,CA 90717.

Q : What is Zip Code 24318 Alliene Ave?

A : The Zip Code 90717.

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james, anthony & the silver star team are great!  my cayenne recently suffered from a approach catastrophic coolant leak problem as a result of a factory part design flaw on early 958 generation porsche cayennes.  my cayenne was perfectly repaired & at a huge savings compared to going to the porsche dealer.  this was no small repair by any means.  i´ve had a number of service work/repairs done at silver star and will continue to have my cars taken there.  super honest and very good work.  it´s so tough to find a great repair shop nowadays.  thanks james!

3.08.2019 11:42:46

every service and repair these guys have told me i´ve had to have done has cost at least 1/3 momentre than anybody else charges - sometimes triple!  for example, it cost me around $1,200 to have an interior door handle replaced in the fall of 2018.  their excuse was that they had to replace the wgap mechanism inside the door.  the momentst anyone else would charge for this service, including coming to your domestic or office to install it, is $313.31.  being a teacher, it would have been handy to have that additional $900 in my savings account, so i could use it to pay my momentrtgage or other bills over the summer momentnths when i don´t get paid at all but, alas, i did not know any better.  when i mentioned it to my coworkers, they replied, it´s because it´s a mercedes.  i am now in the process of selling this car, and paid $40 for a carfax report for the new buyer who is demanding total service records before committing to the sale, and silver star mercedes has not entered even one service record!!  i´ve been taking it to them for 4 years now, and nothing has been d since i bought the car in 2015.  when i called to ask them for  the records, they said they needed at least a day to print them out.  really???  are they carving them in stone?!  i´m talking approximately 15 sheets of paper...maximum.  they also are unable to email them to me or give them to my husband, because these are as important as your medical records and, yet, i could get my medical records nowadays...online...and print them out whether i needed them that quickly.  i honestly hope that people considering buying a mercedes from silver star mercedes, see my post before buying a car, or getting one serviced, from them.  i would strongly encourage people to avoid them at all costs, because it will end up costing people three times as much in the long run.

3.08.2019 11:42:46

they fixed the resonance that i was experiencing at around 42-45 mph. turned out to be the two momenttor momentunts and the transmission momentunt. they also noticed that my parking brake needed major adjustment. all fixed for free under my extended guarantee!

3.08.2019 11:42:46

i called for an estimate and i was told that he needed to call the dealer before giving me an estimate. he also said that he was very busy and couldn´t service my car. on my way to another shop in lomita a little while later, silver star was empty there was no one there,no cars, no mechanics. it was a ghost town. on 8/3/18.

3.08.2019 11:42:46

james and his team are so friendly and at the same time extremely professional.  i highly recommend this honest auto repair shop to people in needs.

3.08.2019 11:42:47

went for brake pad replacement bmw x5. james and anthony are excellent.  quick and courteous service. very good price, no up selling of service.  definitely back again for my bmw service.

3.08.2019 11:42:47

simply the best whether you own a mercedes! mine is a 2008, and they take perfect care of her! the boys are great at explaining everything that she needs or what they are doing! i can stop by anytime with a question and they always have time for me!

3.08.2019 11:42:47

took a car i happen to come across there for some preliminary work, then a bit momentre as we got what all it needed. these guys are as straight forward as it gets, and they know the cars they work on versus relying solely on a computer.family and shut friends went to this place 20 years ago. i live on the westside there are a ton of mercedes shops, but drive 30 miles one way to go to this place, and for good reason.finding an honest car repair shop is like finding a needle in a haystack. silver star is that one needle. highly recommend taking your mercedes there.

3.08.2019 11:42:47

james´ the man!  honest and thorough, and momentre than fair.  it´s tough to find a good mechanic nowadays, but to add honesty an integrity, and he´s such a nice person.seriously, how many mechanics know how properly torque a bolt aluminum, without stripping it?  tougher than it sounds!  that only comes from such attention to details and years of experience!

3.08.2019 11:42:47

i have been going here since 1990.  you know these guys are hones when they say you have another 5000 miles on the front and 10,000 on the rear brakes so you need nothing.  that sound you here normal for those brakes  i know of only one other company that does that and they are always proposeed by ss when their skill is needed.

3.08.2019 11:42:47

great place to service a mercedes. extremely knowledgeable staff gertough is great. very honest and decent pricing, and they will show you visible evidence of issues, as well as show you a list of everything that is working fine. highly recommended. they´ll offer to drive you domestic while your car is worked on, whether you live approachby.

3.08.2019 11:42:47

this is the only place my family and i trust to work on our new and old mercedes.the wgap staff always greets us so kindly and truly pushes the limits of apart fromional customer service. gertough is the owner and is so knowledgable approximately these cars, it´s absolutely incredible. joey is the main person you deal with on the phone and in person paying. he is fairly honestly one of the sweetest people i´ve ever met. he always goes the additional mile to encertain you are convinced and seems to thoroughly love what he does. i can´t tell you the amomentunt of times i´ve called describing weird sounds to them with my 1987 roadster and they know summaryely what to do and calm me down. i lovelovelove this place and so happy i found it!

3.08.2019 11:42:47

i trust this place much momentre than any mercedes dealer. the amomentunt of knowledge of the brand, cars, and momentdels is beyond words. took my sec to get it checked out to see what was wrong with it and i was told within minutes all the flaws. no funny commerce. just straight forward and direct to the problems.momentst recently, took in my momentms newer ml to get its brakes replaced. same job, same parts, same value, half the prices as mercedes dealers.besides, whether you are really a mercedes lover, this is the place to go to whether you truly want take care of your german baby.no regrets, happy customer and looking forward to my next visit.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

first of all i´m new to the area, therefore i have been doing lots of research to find a shop that can fix mercedes. i went onto nextdoor to look for proposeions. after receiving many recommendations i still didn´t know who to choose. well lucky me after just 2 days from going to the dealership my car wouldn´t start momentnday momentrning. just happened my neighbor was external so i asked her she takes her benz. she said silver star. call it fate or what you will but my favorite color is silver and shape is star. with everything that´s going on, me trying to process eliminate and trying for 2 momentre days to figure out myself i gave up. i called and james picked up. he was so patient listening to me and offered to come by and look i live 0.3 miles absent from his shop. even though at first try it didn´t work. he also found a tow he was familiar with eduardo with express tow. i tried to have eduardo to take my car to his shop. ended up james to come by my place again. with his magic touch, he was able to get the shwhetherter rubber open to put it neutral and wiggled my steering wheel, push the car back and forth, he was able to start my car! after that he looked at the battery and fuses again, make certain everything is put back together rightly, he explained the 2 possible thing that could of made this happen. james also made certain i know how to do these tricks in case i run this problem again. he didn´t ask me to pay anything. i will definitely be back in a few days with a gwhethert basket or something! i´ve been feeling very sad due to my many bad experiences with dwhetherferent type of companies down here since my momentve. buy james has restored a bit of my faith towards humanity! something the dealership can memomentrize a bit approximately.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

i can now see why friends highly recommend this place. took my bmw here for service and james was very honest and informative.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

everyone was polite and work was totald in a timely manner. i am pleased with the service and repairs that were made. prices for parts were fair. fausto and juan showed me the old parts and pointed out the damaged areas. all my questions were replyed and i will recommend silver star mercedes to anyone looking for a place to get repairs done. i will return for any other service i need.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

these guys are straight up.  serviced my 2010 c300 and pointed out the little gotchas that i should be aware of with the car and what´s essential and what´s bs. was talking to the owner and his philosophy is when servicing any car, would you be consolationable putting your daughter or son in the car?.  that´s his mentality when you ask him to troubleshoot and repair your car.  tough to find competent and honest mechanics nowadays, specificly with european cars as momentst assume it´s acceptable to be paying for incompetent services repeatedly.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

the guys at silver star are great! i´ve taken my momentody bmw here twice and been really happy with their services each time. they were able to resolve a weird electrical issue generally a death sentence for a car & now my car is working better than ever.  i´m used to going to mechanics/the bmw dealership and them try to rip me off i´m on to you but that´s not a problem here- these guys are affordable and fast.  five stars.

3.08.2019 11:42:48

this place is a gem.i have been going here for years. gertough,the owner, is always there and supervises all. the mechaics are all excellent.  they are momentreknowledgable than momentst dealers.they will give fast, high quality, individualized, dealer like service,for much less than what the dealers charge.  100 honest.my highest rating

3.08.2019 11:42:48

no place better than this for my car.  i´ve been extremely pleased with their knowledge, kindness, fairness, and expertise.  their service is impeccable.  very convinced customer.

3.08.2019 11:42:48
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