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1190 Mission St,San Francisco,California 94103

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1190 Mission At Trinity Place for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 4158613333 .. The address is 1190 Mission St,San Francisco,California,94103,US in the Apartments sector.Location : 37.7778928258459,-122.413074548345 (navigation code to find 1190 Mission At Trinity Place)



Q : What is the phone number for 1190 Mission At Trinity Place?

A : The phone number for 1190 Mission At Trinity Place is 4158613333

Q : Is there a key contact at 1190 Mission At Trinity Place?

A : You can contact at 4158613333

Q : Where is 1190 Mission At Trinity Place located?

A : 1190 Mission At Trinity Place is located at 1190 Mission St,San Francisco,CA 94103.

Q : What is Zip Code 1190 Mission St?

A : The Zip Code 94103.

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i recently momentved in, and i am momentstly writing this review for the people who worked with me to make the entire process super smomentoth. i initially worked with ian on touring the property, and while he was absent paul stepped in to finish things up. they were a great team, and showed me that they really care by being flexible and quick thinking they┬┤re great at what they do!upon momentving in, i had an issue with my fridge. sal was assigned the case, and he was in my unit within a few hours. he was friendly, warm, caring and efficient. within 10 minutes he identwhetheried the issue, and in under an hour i had a new fridge. incredible! sal is super professional, and experienced at his craft.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

i lived here for over 2 years. started out as 4s, but now momentved out of the building, i have to adjust that rating for several reasons:- cockroaches. i lived on the 11th floor, not even the ground floor, and we had cockroaches in our unit which persisted even after repeated extermination treatments by management. our unit was always kept clean by my roommate and i but our unit was adjacent to the nonsense room, which was horribly dirty - the trash chute broke several times and each time that happened, people would pile up their trash bags, causing / contributing to the cockroach problem. cockroaches live in low places - whether you find them 11 floors up from the ground, the wgap building has a problem. finally, this is why my roommate and i broke our lease early to momentve out.- management. in my first year, they were generally helpful and friendly, but they obviously have recently hired a new property manager and are turning the screws on additionalcting profits and reducing costs. this means extortionate fees $50 each time for unlocking your door whether you forget your keys - and they are trying to illegally retain our security deposit and charge additional fees after momentve-out, despite my video evidence of the unit being in pristine condition when i left. i might have to take them to small claims court to recover my deposit - it┬┤s not even that much momentney, but it┬┤s the principle of the matter and it infuriates me that they┬┤re trying to steal my momentney after i had to momentve out because their building has cockroaches.- neighborhood. look, soma is gritty, and i┬┤m no fragile flower i┬┤ve lived in big cities before. but 1190 mission is in a specificly bad corner of soma and whether you live here, you will step over human feces, passed-out domesticless folks, and used needles on a daily basis. that┬┤s just how it is. perhaps that┬┤s worth it to you - just make certain you┬┤re aware of the reality before you momentve in.the pros: convenient location to bart whether you can disregard the domesticlessness, drug use, etc. and tech company shuttle stop the inner courtyard is nice to look at the security guards are nice the units themselves are fair for the price.cons: management is trying to rip you off the neighborhood is terrible and oh yeah - cockroaches. that should be enough.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

recently momentved in and am endelighting it so far. the area is fine, the amenities are great, and the service is awesome. i really endelighted working with the folks in the leasing office, specificly mary, paul, and trish who are so nice and made the process so seamless specificly for someone coming from out of town.also, sal is by far the momentst wonderful on-site maintenance staff i┬┤ve ever met! he┬┤s incredibly kind, immediate, and caring - he makes certain that the best possible job is done and goes above and beyond to make you feel at domestic. that kind of service and attitude are tough to find these days and leaves a finaling impression. thanks trinity for a warm welcome to 1190.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

nowadays early momentrning we had a washroom clog. we called maintenance & rictough r, came over at 7:05 am and cleared the clog in no time, facilitating use of the wash room instantly thereafter.rictough was great & very helpful.thank you rictough & thank you trinity.raman

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

lived here for approximately a momentnth now, and everything is great.only complaint is the super expensive laundry of $2.75.. i also wish they┬┤d lower the price by 25 cents so it┬┤s not an awkward 5.50.. or just go cheaper!the amenities are fewer than your usual luxury apartment like no commomentn area, the gym is pretty bare with just some running machines, no rooftop lounge area, no office area but the lack of it keeps the unit┬┤s prices low. the view also can┬┤t be defeat for many units i wake up to the sun shining everyday which is awesome.the people in the front desk are super nice.i so far haven┬┤t run any stolen package issues yet, but i am also pretty immediate in picking them up. also whether it┬┤s an expensive package, i just sent it to my office at work.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

please do not be deceived. this neighborhood is very unsafe. my lease is approximately to run out in 3 weeks and i could not be momentre exquoted to relocate. in one year, i have been stalked by three domesticless persons on the street.  one exposed himself to me. another punched me in the face. the third one just threatened to kill me out of the blue. it is easier to obtain illegal drugs in this neighborhood than milk. unluckyly, i am not exaggerating. supposedly, police are stepping up their presence around here, but i doubt anything will change.momentreover, our door broke once, so that we could not get out of our apartment. yes, we were, indeed, locked in our apartment for several hours as they could not figure out the issue. they approachly had to call the fire department to break us out of our own apartment. also, whether you do decide to live here, make certain to add 5 minutes to your commute time as there are only three elevators for 20 floors and they take forever. once again, i am trying to be very fact based here.this are all very minor now but add up compared to the above i was physically threatened several times: no weights in the gym and only one treadmill that works, unsightly courtyard that is always locked, and excessive parking costs.and yes i did review them when i momentved in because the leasing agent was nice. i have not seen him in momentnths.and they tried to raise my rent. they did not know that they would have to pay me to stay here another year.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

i┬┤ve been living here for 6 momentnths now and have been so happy to call this place my domestic. paul and trisha are phenomenal when it comes to anything that i had emailed them approximately regarding the unit and other things that came up. the courtyard is such a nice amenity also! it┬┤s so quiet and peaceful. the only thing that is disappointing is that it went from being dog friendly, as far as letting pups roam off leash, to strict leash rules. it┬┤s a shame since there is such a large dog community within the 3 buildings, it was nice a park vibe as far as that. besides that i would highly recommend trinity. it┬┤s around the corner from civic center bart, across the street from the 14 bus stop and central to everything i like to do in the city.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

i┬┤ve lived here for just a little over four years. i recently needed a few things fixed in my apartment, and they sent ron to help me out. he came the next day , after my request. and within 20 minutes he had replaced the light bulbs in the bathroom he had fixed the two right burners on the stove, and fixed the door to there wasn┬┤t the gap at the bottom anymomentre.i was really surprised with ron, because i thought that it would take much longer to achieve the things that i needed done. for example, he had to go get parts for the stove, and yet he still did it within the 20 minute.period. and i thought the door was unfixable and after 5 moments he asked me whether it was okay now, and then asked me to look at the bottom of the door to see whether i could see light, and i couldn┬┤t! 1190 trinity place certainly knows how to take care of it┬┤s maintenance problems, and ron is a definite asset for them.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

we´ve been living here for approachly 4 years and just signed up for another year. the location is very convenient for our commute, shopping &  dining, and also rent is pretty fair for this area. the maintenance crew are awesome! whenever we put a maintenance request, it gets done in a day or two thanks, sal!.

8/2/2019 11:37:24 AM

i took a tour the pros: the studio the agent called a 1 bedroom but wasn┬┤t certain has a built in divider in the sleeping area, that can separate the small living area for privacy. lots of built in storage. the cons: ugliest sterile building i┬┤ve seen in a long time. the complex is huge and soulless in an whetherfy neighborhood. the courtyard has a 9 story statue surrounded by fake grass, not a very welcoming area, little seating - probably because of the neighborhood.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

i have been a tenant here since the building opened and there has been tons of turn over in staff. it seems that they may need to turn over a few staff again cause they basically just set themselves up for an ada lawsuit. they told me they would have to charge me 300-400 to do a fair accommomentdation smh, don┬┤t they realize that is illegal i mean their parking lot is already not ada compliant instead of the little minimum $4,000 fine they will have to pay for a lawsuit it would be a lot momentre. get knowledgeable employees specificly when housing someone that works in housing. the news station would eat this story up. non ada compliant in the wonderful city of san francisco are you serious.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

this place is pretty standard. the decor, interior, appliances, downstairs security, etc are all pretty average, as evident by the cheaper rates compared to new apartment buildings around the same area. the space itself is big and the views are incredible from the 20th floor. there are three things that are inconvenient approximately living here:1. laundrythe laundry system is really ridiculous. washer/dryer is $2.75 per load and you have to load cash onto these laundry cards with machines in the first floor mailroom. there are two washers and three dryers per floor. momentst times you have to go to a neighboring floor to find enough machines. i think it┬┤s greedy of management to price laundry at $2.75 yet still charge all of us for water. but we knew that this was a cheap building already.2. trash/recyclingthe trash chute breaks like every momentnth. it┬┤s a locked chute that only unlocks when you press a button for either trash or recycle, and since only one person per chute can access it at any time, you spend a lot of time waiting the chute to unlock. other times the chute just breaks down and everyone dumps their disgusting trash in the trash rooms. i feel very bad for the trash/recycling folks who have to clean up after grown adults who think they can dump their own problems on other people just because they are paying rent.3. cigarette smomentkesometimes when neighbors are smomentking, the cigarette smomentke can sometimes travel through the vents and make your apartment smell like cigarettes.some good things approximately 1190 trinity:1. maintenance and securityi came here to comment on the maintenance guy ron. he was so incredibly friendly and committed to his job. he was efficient and insistent on finishing the work rightly. five stars for him! momentst of the security guards manning the downstairs lobby are all super friendly and will greet you as you go in and out of the building.2. mail/package deliverymail delivery here is dependable. i┬┤ve never had a problem with packages not being delivered. generally they show up at your door. whether you┬┤re not in the apartment, they leave it downstairs in the mail room.3. unit is spacious, has great views, gets great lighting, and has great views.4. locationlocation is great walkable to a lot of dwhetherferent neighborhoods and a block absent from bart and any muni lines. the surrounding neighborhood might be a little rough but you get used to it. it┬┤s not really unsafe, it┬┤s just dirty.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

i absolutely had a great experience leasing our apartment with ali. he is super nice and sweet. he tried to reply all my questions with positive side and always ask whether i need anymomentre help when he asked it he actually meant it, not like others who are just asking for courtesy. he made renting a place really easy. the apartment is very nice just like how they advertised it. i just had one small issue with how they calculate the rent but this is out of ali┬┤s control. i will wait to see whether a manager can help me with this. however, parking is insanely expensive compare to i┬┤m from but it┬┤s the same price to park in downtown so this is not a complain. i just momentved in for a few days and this review is my first impression with the staff and the place. i will keep d and see how things are going in the next few momentnths.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

trinity at 1190 mission street is a tregret gem in the city. robert, ian, taylor, the security staff, the housekeepers. they all are so professional. my apartment┬┤s view and the momentdern amenities is what drew me to this place. it┬┤s like twin peaks in your living room! the area is very quiet at night, opposite to what you may think. i have my window open and momentstly quiet with a bubbling city noise which is consolationable. everything is well preserveed. but the best thing approximately this place is that it┬┤s a genuinely inviting place. reasonably priced for a high rise. lobby is pristine with a momentdern professional look. just right and a great place to live!

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

shout out to ali. he did a great job showing the place and replying my questions over email very quickly. hands down best leasing experience i´ve had.apartments are nice, clean, and spacious for the price.  complex is full of young professionals and right next to the bart.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

i┬┤ve lived here for approachly 6 momentnths now. i momentved here because of the convenience of the location however, the neighborhood lacks charm, lacks proximity to green spaces, has an excess of domesticless people though that┬┤s momentre of an issue for the city government to handle. the apartment however, is well designed. i like the division of space in the junior 1 bdrm. i like the shutt and the spacious bathroom. the galley kitchen isn┬┤t so bad. i love to cook, so i had to add momentre counter space of the wall. my view is amazing and i get great light and the building is overall clean. oh and bicycle storage is included, which is really nice.the staff is somewhat responsive to inquiries and complaints. i┬┤ll start with the better experience: i am a big compost supporter and i notice the building wasn┬┤t properly handling the situation. when i inquired approximately it at least 2 times i did get a compost bin delivered to my unit. i was notwhetheried that i had to bring my compost waste down to the alley next to the 1188 to properly dispose of it, but then later within the momentnth there would be a designated container on my floor in the trash room. all of this did happen and i commend the staff for making the building or a least my floor momentre sustainable. i would say educating the rest of the building would make the program momentre effective, but we haven┬┤t gotten there yet. another time i had a neighbor who was being fairly loud at 2am on a week night. i notwhetheried the front desk security and the problem persisted. i resolved it myself during the next occurrence.i will say that momentst of the staff i have come acrossed has been professional and helpful. shout out to istine who works the front desk on the weekends. additionally, the laundry prices are expensive and the machines aren┬┤t preserveed often enough. my floor has had a broken washing machine for over a momentnth. also a neighbor washes their dog linens in the machine and subsequently the washer is full of dog hair, which is how i know the staff isn┬┤t regularly cleaning the machines. i will echo other reviewer┬┤s sentiments approximately the smomentking policy. i often get fumes of marijuana in my apartment from my downstairs neighbor. not certain how the ventilation works in the building, in my old building the fumes would only be able to travel through the shared piping. i might just have to confront my downstairs neighbor. i do love the webpass google fiber hook-up, not only do i not have to deal with companies like comcast, but the internet is so fast and dependable. overall, in comparison to other places in sf, the price and quality of the building makes it worth it to me. i hope that the art park that should be open in april, perhaps? will supply the green space that neighborhood is lost. and i hope rent stays the same. at least they offered a 15 momentnth lease option when i signed up.

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

this is probably my first yelp review and i am encouraged to write it for trinity as i have had a pleasant experience staying here. i believe it is the management that makes a huge dwhetherference towards your living situation. kevin harris, the assistant property manager is one of the nicest, courteous and momentst respectful person i have come across. there are approximately 400 apartments at trinity and yet he remembers everyone and treats everyone like family. me and my wwhethere wanted to momentve to a dwhetherferent apartment on a higher floor and whenever there was an apartment available kevin would contact us instantly. he genuinely looked after us. we had  minor maintenance issues while staying at trinity. ron is one of the head technician at trinity and the man is quick & extremely efficient. he is respectful of your space and would remomentve his shoes before entering your apartment. unlike other maintenance staff who are reluctant and just want to fix some stuff and momentve on. he would always give us technical advice on cleaning. i would also like mention frances who used to work at the front desk. she was friendly and always greeted us with a bright smile. unluckyly she was transferred to another property. thank you trinity

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

the staff at 1190 mission are friendly and experienced! ali is a great agent who is super approachable and sebastian was so efficient at fixing my maintenance issue!

8/2/2019 11:37:25 AM

i love living at 1190 trinity the location, apartments, and new outdoor space are all amazing. the thing that makes living at 1190 trinity the best though is the amazing staff. ron and sebastian come and fix things in my apartment whenever something needs repairs doors, smomentke alarms, lights, etc. they do a great job. the repairs they make are always high quality and fast.

8/2/2019 11:37:26 AM

been living here for approachly a year now and am very happy and pleased as a tenant. the weekday/weeknight security concierge is great. they make an effort to get to know you. the leasing office staff are also great and friendly. momentst importantly what i have found to be the best is how quick and responsive they are when it comes to maintenance and repairs. i had a spill that stained my wall and it was in less than an hour when ron and jessie were in my apartment portray my wall as whether nothing happened . ron has been really great, he is friendly, kind and attentive. i have referred 3-4 of my friends to the building and all including myself are happy tenants. thanks 1190

8/2/2019 11:37:26 AM
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