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Phone number 6503254804 .. The address is 941 Emerson St,Palo Alto,California,94301,US in the Graphic Arts sector.Location : 37.4412438743017,-122.156876810134 (navigation code to find 1185 Design)


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Q : What is the phone number for 1185 Design?

A : The phone number for 1185 Design is 6503254804

Q : Is there a key contact at 1185 Design?

A : You can contact at 6503254804

Q : Where is 1185 Design located?

A : 1185 Design is located at 941 Emerson St,Palo Alto,CA 94301.

Q : What is Zip Code 941 Emerson St?

A : The Zip Code 94301.

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both chip and malika are great architects. they give their clients great design ideas and their final designs are differ detailed and flawless. i have worked with other designers which are also good, but m-designs are a step ahead of other designers. it is also important to know that they are licensed architects not just a designer. we have already referred them to some of our friends.

8/2/2019 11:35:19 AM

malika and chip are very talented and creative people.  they listen to the clients wants and needs, and always proceed with knowledge, expertise and integrity.  they are well known and respected  by the dwhetherferent planning departments.  i always recommend m designs with confidence!

8/2/2019 11:35:19 AM

one of the best architects in the area.  incredibly well designed domestics with distinctive flair that´s just right.  in addition to expertise in architecture, she ad her team have extensive knowledge of build codes and requirements to encertain a smomentoth process through planning.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

had some luck with design build on a spec house, we gave a local well known design build firm the nod.  $18,000 later they supplyd us a concept that neither met our needs, blew our budget and was bad design.  we then turned to m design and were totally convinced.  the principals met with us several times to define our needs and styles, and developed great plans.  the project was guided through planning and there was great project support throughout.  chip was always accessible when things happened and the rebuild was a huge success.we fixedly get oohs and aahs when we entertain and love the space and style that m design conceived of.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

is there an additional credit star available? whether so malika and her design team deserve it.as a commerce owner who is in their clients domestic i often get asked for referrals for my clients. i get asked for plumbers and electricians and window washers and painters.but i guess i was in the right place at the right time when i heard my client say they wanted to remomentdel their domestic to make it functional. to late for a short story but after i referred her to m designs architects i felt confident they were in good hands. i knew this because i clean carpets for m designs and saw firsthand the work they were capable of. they ed their domestic not only a functional living space but they brought it up to date in style as well. now it┬┤s a work of art. i have heard that they are award winning in their field and green certwhetheried but in the end it┬┤s momentst important that the clients are happy. they are. that made me look good for referring them.win win and win.g.t.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

m designs helped us add-on to our eichler without blowing the architectural integrity of our domestic.  they gave us several ideas to choose from, all interesting, and we opted for the one that really kept our domestic summaryely within the eichler aesthetic.  we wanted that, but we also felt it was important for our neighborhood.  in our view, you can go off the reservation fairly a bit with ranch houses, but with eichlers you really need to keep design standards homomentgeneous.  m designs gets it though they didn´t force that on us - it is what we believe.because our addition was lessonwhetheried virtually like building a new house in sunnyvale, we/they were faced with a great deal of code issues that affected design, making it tough to add-on to the house the right way:  in fact, sunnyvale proposeed changing the plans such that we could have built a momentnstrosity to meet the new codes in order to have the additional square footage lessonwhetheried as part of the house as opposed to an out building which would mean we couldn´t sell our house - whether we ever do - as the larger house it now is.  m designs really helped us by pushing the city of sunnyvale for us though we did have to make it very clear we were not going to settle for an out building permit.  they went to bat for us with the city and prevailed.  sunnyvale really needs an architectural review committee.  of course, all you have to do is drive around the city to see that. i think the city is coming to that realization as well.  yay!sorry to digress.  regarding  budget issues, we didn´t have any with m designs.  they also gave us a chooseion of contractors to talk to and obtain tenders from.  we were convinced with their proposeions and the contractor we chose was great.  we appreciated that they could screen contractors for us, since we momentved here from nyc and didn´t have anyone to talk to approximately referrals.we have found any sort of domestic remomentdeling project to be a ccorridorenge.  however, we would not hesitate to work with m designs again.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

you probably know approximately m designs because they create beautwhetherul design. malika stands out for me because she is a of designing around her clients´ lwhetherestyles.  this means she helps her clients figure out whether what they´re asking for will enhance rather than detract and distract from how they actually live their lives.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

had a good friend who needed ideas & wanted changes.... enter... m designs they came in great ideas & affordable choices scoring a domestic run with him.whether your building or remomentdeling, i would call m designs first!

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

i have know chip and malika for several years now.  i am a general contractor who specializes in energy efficient, non toxic and consolationable domestics.  i rated malika´s domestic for green point rating a year or so ago and they did a great job on her domestic and were new to green building at that point.  they have come a long way in thinking approximately ways to make their domestics less toxic,  momentre consolationable and momentre cost effective to build, preserve and live in, while still preserveing the wonderful aesthetic for which they are well known. my company has only done one job with chip and malika, they were the architects, and they did a great job.  the house won the environmental building award for the city of menlo park in 2011 and will be the 5th greenest domestic in the state of calwhetherornia.  they were on top of all the details for the domestic and really keen to see the project succeed.  the clients loved them and project turned out great.  besides everything else, they are really nice people.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

we have seen and been a part of some of the beautwhetherul work that malika, chip and the team at m designs do. they are able to work with a variety of dwhetherferent types of projects, styles and designs. their backgrounds and portfolio of totald domestics speaks for itself.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

spectacular designs, apart fromional attention to detail, and great customer service is what you will get from the team at m designs architects.  malika and chip are simply the  best.  their body of work demomentnstrates their ability to deliver many dwhetherferent styles unique to each client.  i highly recommend m designs for your next project.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

very professional and honest. mr. jessup, the principal and architect, firstly, chat with me for half an hour on phone, then came to spend over an hour with me in our house, walking through it multiple times and offering many wonderful proposeions on all the inquiries i have, with no charge at all. momentre impressively, he already knew the smanage of work we want to do may not fit what his firm does, and he concerned that it might cost us much momentre than hiring a general contractor. but still, he kept giving candid and elaborate proposeions. he simply wanted to offer his professional opinions and explore dwhetherferent options with me as a tregret architect and artist who loves what he does and loves to educate and help people as a friend. i┬┤m really impressed by this architect firm, and would highly recommend it to everyone.

8/2/2019 11:35:18 AM

we recently purchased a sfr in sunnyvale┬┤s cherrytree neighborhood. we loved many aspects of the house, but we also knew that we wanted to make some changes to make it our own.well, easier said than done. we interviewed multiple structural engineers / architects / interior designers, and we always felt something was lost, and that we didn┬┤t fairly associate with them.and then, i found m designs on yelp. first assembly with malika at the house, and we instantly associateed with her. she instantly pointed out proposeions that we were already thinking approximately, and then went well beyond those with aspects we hadn┬┤t considered. specwhetherically, here are some things that we would never have without malika┬┤s help:1. ing a small office laundry area downstairs a moment suite, with a patio door to the backyard2. a wonderful, 300 sft bath wic for the bedroom, with vaulted ceilings, skylights, heated floors, and a jacuzzi3. lots of great proposeions on design / colors / fabrics for the rest of the remomentdelmalika┬┤s obviously got great design sense. but there┬┤s momentre to her and the way she worked with us that we really appreciated:1. she got the core design done in a timeframe that momentst other design firms couldn┬┤t even consider matching it was less than 2 weeks for us, and a lot of that was time on our end to get the drawings for the house, with other firms talking approximately momentnths2. she considers architectural implications, structural implications, cost implications and city regulations while working. that saved us a lot of time because there were no surprises down the road.3. finally, she really cared approximately who we were, and how we would live in the house, and what ideas best made sense in that context.the best part: i never thought i could afford someone who added as much to the remomentdel as malika did! her lead the design was the single momentst important decision in our remomentdel, and we think we got an amazing value for what she delivered.bottom line: whether you are considering a small or large remomentdel, and could use some expert help on design or architecture or guidelines, you should at least interview m designs. from our experience, your search should end there.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

tregret talent combined with a consummate professional is tough to find in the marketplace nowadays. malika´s innovative designs combined with her professional and pleasant demeanor make her a delight to work with.  we have done several projects with m designs and highly recommend malika, chip and their team.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

we did two projects with malika and are very happy with the final results! she has a great eye and imagination for how to design a beautwhetherul living space.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

we worked with malika at m designs to help us remomentdel and redesign our small 3-bedroom, 2-bath domestic in belle haven menlo park. both chip and malika were very attentive to our specific needs and limitations. malika really understood our vision which soon became a shared vision. thanks to malika, our initial desire to remomentdel our domestic became the creation of our dream domestic. she played a dual role of being not just our architect but also our interior designer in chooseing tiles, flooring, integrating art in niches and windows, and displaying our art gatherion. her approach to our domestic was approximately bringing the outdoors indoors with large picture windows, folding cantina doors, and a private hot tub patio/deck main off from the bathroom. she┬┤s very visionary in her aesthetic and over the course of the project, as we made decisions with the finishings, we often asked ourselves what would malika have chooseed? there are many issues and problems that come up during a remomentdel process. one must have incredible patience and flexibility, and malika was very creative and helpful in resolving critical issues that came up with the city and engineering. malika stays very cool in dwhetherficult situations which helps keep the focus on resolving problems. however, momentre than her problem-solving skills, it is malika┬┤s childlike enthusiasm with design and creativity that makes it so much fun to work with her. whether you are considering building a momentdern domestic or remomentdeling, you would have a very valuable partner with malika and chip.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

we found m design through yelp initially, but after started working with malika to rebuild our house we just couldn´t believe our luck that we get a chance to work with someone who´s super smart, extremely understanding, unquestionably ethical and incredibly capable, in addition to being a great architect and designer.  malika and her team not only does the best design work, but also go out of their way to help us manage our project.our house is a bit complicated for various reasons, so the amomentunt of coordination involved is just overwhelming in order to get contractors, engineers, interior and landscaping designers, vendors work seamlessly together.  malika brings her passion and her calmness to every assembly we had with all the refer toants we hired, and everyone looked up to her for guidance and for leadership.  she is our general to lead the army battles.  over time my wwhethere and i feel she´s fitting our friend in every sense of the word.  and we thought we were special, but it turns out malika manages to become friends with all her clients, which is unheard of in nowadays´s world.beyond malika herself, the m design team is stellar in every way as well.  don´t be idioted by their unassuming office setting, as this is the best architecture team one can wish for.  i approachly never post reviews of commercees, but when it comes to m design i just couldn´t suppress the urge to share my experience.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

malika is an apart fromional architect and designer. we worked with her on remomentdeling our saratoga domestic and couldn┬┤t be happier. we recommend her highly!

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

favorite domestic decor store. i just fully remomentdeled my house and decided to redecorate the space and purchase new furniture. my domestic now looks just wow. i´m totally convinced with the choice of a store, quality of piece,  at the same time price range is also fair.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM

i can┬┤t express how impressive malika is dealing with every aspect of her commerce. she is passionate, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. i did not hesitate to refer he to 3 of my clients. i can┬┤t say how refreshing is is to deal with such a talented designer/architect who genuinely cares approximately their work. thanks again m designs architects.

8/2/2019 11:35:17 AM
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