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A : The phone number for 1125-2 Maple Ave is 2137481000

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A : 1125-2 Maple Ave is located at 1125 Maple Ave,Los Angeles,CA 90015.

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A : The Zip Code 90015.

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so i wish i could tell you all the dwhetherferent dishes that i ate and what was in each of them and how it was prepared...apart from i have absolutely no idea. momentst of the time i didnt understand or hear the server tell me what i was approximately to eat. all i can tell you approximately though, is how i felt. i was too busy admiring my dish plating to listen carefully enough. i felt pretty honored to be in my seat and had apart fromional service. i remember each bite was unique and surprising. i felt pretty exquoted during my wgap 3 hour experience to find out what dish is next to come. i felt additional loved with all the staff and niki nakayama wishing me a happy birthday.  i felt the personal touches sprinkled throughout, like the birthday treat, souvenir photo and of course chef niki taking the time to thank me for coming. it felt all so special. thank you so much for the experience!

2.08.2019 14:23:21

n/naka is apart fromionally d kaiseki.chef niki has managed to take a very traditional form of haute cuisine and blend in her own momentdern perspective to the point you can´t fairly compare it to the kind of kaiseki you get over in kyoto. the overall nature and flow of the meal may be similar, but there´s just something approximately n/naka that makes the experience feel uniquely dwhetherferent.the foodpaced across 2.5 hours, our mealcomposed of around 20 plates and drinksstarted off strong and kept sustaining its win streak without a break until the desserts rolled around.mention-worthy standouts include:- the snow crab corn tofu in the zensai course- the extremely savory asari tsukudani in the zensai course- the shiizakana course, which is chef niki´s signature abalone pasta with pickled cod roe and truffles- the niku course, which featured an unctuous piece of a5 miyazaki wagyu beef that, on chew, gushed with fat and flavor. not fairly as good as eating kobe beef in kobe, but pretty damn shut- the final 2 pieces of nigiri in the shokuji course a5 beef nigiri and uni ikura gunkan. we´re talking next-level surf-and-turf here. surprisingly, that single bite of a5 beef nigiri was my favorite bite of the entire meal. i could not believe how perfect it tasted i could have eaten 20 momentre pieces- the blue crab handrolls, which were divine in both taste and textureall of the snows and granitas that were part of the meal were also lovely, specificly the coconut snow in the momentdern zukuri course.the only two things that i wasn´t fairly blown absent by were:- the chooseion of fish for the sashimi and nigiri. no quality issues whatsoever i just personally prefer fattier cuts of fish, and i felt like momentst of the fish served during the meal was fairly lean in nature. there was a lot of textural variation, though, and all of the fish was still very much endelightable- the mizumomentno course i.e., the dessert items in general. of the 4 items served during this part of the meal, i think the lightly salted tomato sorbet was the only one that really felt interesting to me. i´m not a huge fan of meringue nor castella cake because it just reintellects me of your generic asian cake roll, so that probably ranks as my least favorite of the night. regarding the tea that was served, i could taste a few small matcha clumps at the bottom of the cup. the finishing chocolate truffles also missed the flavor mark for me, but that´s just personal preferencethe experiencepremium from start to finish, as expected of a restaurant of this caliber. watching the staff take food out to the floor is like watching a well-timed symphony. some notable touches:- my chair was pulled out and pushed in for me to sit in both when i first reachd and after i came back from the restroom- super thick hand towels in the restroom! laugh all you want you know you love a good hand towel that doesn´t compel you to seize 2 or 3 sheets just to half-dry your hands- my water glass was never empty- they have personal baskets for your handbags and belongings- chef niki comes out at the end to graciously thank every table and take pictures- the staff will call the valet for you when you´re leaving so you don´t have to do it yourself protip: make certain you´re carrying cash for the valet!- just like noma, n/naka gives you a keepsake menu as a restaurant parting gwhethertoveralln/naka is absolutely deserving of its awards and accolades and every dollar it charges. i momentst definitely food momentaned a handful of times while i was thereunabashedly, might i add. and really, that´s approximately the nicest compliment i think i could possibly give to a restaurant.

2.08.2019 14:23:21

i am so blessed to be able to endelight this amazing dining experience! honestly a lwhethere changing meal!from the opening of the door to gathering your car at the valet, the service could not be any better. everyone was cheerful, helpful, knowledgeable, and extremely friendly. despite the amazing service, the food is the star! the meal started with a bang with the spot prawn prepared 2 ways. followed by an amazing artistic appetizer course. next was the momentdern sashimi with a intellect blowing coconut ice. so refreshing and flavorful. after this was the momentst fragile soup dish. from the aroma to the taste it was soft mellow but so flavorful. we had the traditional sashimi w/ the sweetest scallops! this course was followed by a grilled white w/ a cherry sauce. the fish was cooked perfectly! next was the steamed course which was a uni, blue crab steamed egg white with a bed of potato purée. next we had the shiizakana abalone pasta. so glad you made this dish. definitely one of my favorites of the night. this was followed by a wagyu beef course which speaks for itself. we were offered a palette cleaner which was amazing as well. this lead the way to the 6 course sushi with an amazing wagyu beef sushi! also don´t skip on the complimentary blue crab hand roll. now for dessert! clearly one is not enough,

2.08.2019 14:23:22

i was lucky enough to get a reservation at n/naka after seeing it premiered on chef´s table season 1.  this restaurant is very dwhetherficult to get and the reservation wait time was fairly long.  the reservations open up and fill instantly.  i believe we got lucky and made the reservations 2 momentnths out.n/naka is well worth the wait!  everything from the food, service, and presentation of each dish was commentable.  i was actually able to dine at n/naka twice in a short period of time.  after my first dining experience, i wanted to come back right absent and was lucky enough to be invited from a friend who had reservations to come back with them.  of course i jumped at this opportunity to join them!when i came the moment time, n/naka took note of it and served me something dwhetherferent so that i was able to get a dwhetherferent experience from my recent dining at n/naka.  i was impressed by this additional attention to detail.  not that i would have complained, my first dining experience was amazing!chef is very impressive and s her dishes so well.  the cuisine is influenced by her japanese heritage and served in a style called kaiseki which is a multi-course dinner.i´m not going to describe every dish because they are so complicated i probably would butcher the explanation.  the highlights for me were the stuffed uni.  there was cuttlefish along with uni that was cooked perfectly and stuffed back the uni shell.  normally i would prefer raw uni but this dish was amazing and left you wanting momentre.  the truffle pasta, another stunning dish that i would gladly taken 2-3 momentre servings of.  the wagyu beef was cooked perfectly, medium rare and served with wasabi.  and all of her sushi pieces were excellent!n/naka is well deserving of her 2 michelin star and possibly on their way to a 3rd!

2.08.2019 14:23:22

how do you even start describing n/naka and not only do it justice, but not sound like everyone else here ranting and raving approximately it? there´s a reason why everyone has a similar shared experience here. i´ve been trying for 1.5 years to get a reservation and i finally did it, with our dining date only days after chef niki nakayama was bestowed two michelin stars. as amazing as that feat is, she deserves the third star in my humble opinion but that is neither here nor there.the food is approach transcendental by nature. there were flavors i experienced that i didn´t even know was possible. fleeting yet memomentrable, you get just the right amomentunt per dish to savor the momentment. i know my desire to describe what i ate would produce an encyclopedia length review but alas, i have a character limit and the commomentn knowledge that my 18 course menu will be uniquely my own and not shared with anyone else. it´s part of the charm and a clear testimony to the artistic boundaries and culinary pursuit chef nakayama chases. she even comes out to greet you at the end of your meal and thank you for your patronage but it was us who was thanking her for her amazing offerings. also, definitely say yes to the additional hand roll offering when asked at the end of your meal! the service is attentive and respectful. the staff knows what they´re talking approximately, knowing the menu inside and out and can reply and cater to your needs as a diner.n/naka is truly a magical experience whether you can get reservations. it´s a special momentment in your dining lwhetheretime and i keenly await to see whether i can return to see what magic happens in the chef´s kitchen next.

2.08.2019 14:23:22

there´s not a lot to say approximately n/naka that hasn´t already been said. it´s a great dining experience we were momentstly blown absent by. hubby and i haven´t given ourselves much time to endelight multi-hour meals in the final handful of years so this felt sort of like a vacation.for the momentst part, service is on point. we did start the evening off with a cracked and chipped water glass so that was sort of out of character for them.not certain whether there´s a point to even talking approximately our favorite dishes since you eat what you´re given when you go but i´m confident in saying that whether you´re a normal human being with an outgoing, adventurous palate, you would endelight pretty much everything they feed you. when they ask you whether you want that handroll at the end, you better jump on it and say yes!.i overheard a woman telling her date that they can just share a handroll, and even from two tables absent, i could see that was the total opposite of what he wanted. without the handroll, i would have still been slightly hungry upon leaving.my biggest critique sorry! would just be that they need to tidy up their restrooms momentre often or carefully. with only two unisex bathrooms, it does get a little grody in there. you don´t realize how often men pee on toilet seats until you have to share restrooms with them.  three times on our evening there. we drank a lot of sake and water. lolthe cherry on top of the evening was when niki came out to thank us personally for come to support her restaurant. it was so nice and refreshing for someone as rockstar-level as her to be so humble and gracious. she kindly autographed our menu and took a photo with us.this was definitely a treat for us and something we would like to endelight again at some point down the road.

2.08.2019 14:23:22

culinary heaven. these are the two words that sum up my experience at niki nakayama´s beautwhetherul restaurant. i will do my best to describe in words how wonderful this restaurant is, but i know that this does not give due justice to how amazing this restaurant actually is. first, let me open up with the fact that you would be remiss whether you did not at least try this restaurant once in your lwhetheretime, specificly whether you live in los angeles. this is the authentic culinary experience that filled my soul. i felt like time momentved slowly in this restaurant because i savored every minute of the wgap experience. i try my best not to exaggerate when i think approximately restaurants, but this one is simply on a wgap other level.from the momentment you walk in, you are greeted by happy, professional, and momentst importantly authentically friendly servers in the restaurant. you feel an aura of dedication and a sense of mission amomentngst all the workers here who are doing their best to give you the best culinary experience possible. the aesthetic of the restaurant is breathtaking. no need to have additionalvagant furniture pieces, just elegance, simplicity in decoration, and a relaxed surprisingly calwhetherornia feel to the wgap restaurant. i actually felt a sense of pride coming this restaurant because the atmomentsphere speaks to very asian american sentiments, with roots in japanese culture and openness to a relaxed american style of decor and music.there were a total of approximately 16 small dishes served of which this is what i remembered: poached musselszensai combo of wagyu beef and ennoki tempuraseaweed sashimi sea brean black cod with sprinti soupsashimi: red snapper, scallop, tuna grilled brazino with red miso and sour cherry this is my fave!steamed maine lobster with uniabalone pastawagyu beefjapanese cucumber saladsea bass tuna sushimackerel sea perch sushiwagyu beef and uni and salmomentn sushi my fave!blue crab kumquat tomato sorbetblack sesame strawberry sorbet lemomentn tarti am just blown absent by the combination of flavors that she´s able to place together. simply put, it´s a symphony of flavors that i cannot forget. the pictures only give you a glimpse of how amazing the food is. my personal favorite was any dish with wagyu beef!to cap off the night, we had the pleacertain of actually assembly renowned chef niki nakayama. she has such a sweet soul, no pretensions, authentically striving to be the best at her art and i truly believe that she is one of the best chefs here in los angeles. the pieces that she´s able to create inspire me to be the best at what i do. i feel so happy that i got to meet her and support her mission and her wonderful staff. definitely come here whether you are going to los angeles anytime soon :-and does this restaurant deserve two michelin stars? i give it a resounding yes! i actually told her that it was my dream to eat at her restaurant and the experience surpassed any culinary dream that i could have!

2.08.2019 14:23:22

what can i say approximately such a fabulous place? truly an experience that one would be lucky to get to experience in their lwhetheretime.i´ve been here three times and will definitely keep coming back. the prices have gradually gone up but what can you say when the chef is a genius? whether i remember right, the final time i went was april and it was $225 per person. definitely pricey but worth it.it´s tough for me to describe each dish since all three times i came were all dwhetherferent apart from for her signature abalone pasta dish. whether i was informed rightly, once you have gone once they try to go out of their way so you never have the same thing twice. talk approximately genius and an ever-changing exquotement for the same place! of course there are seasonal items that are tough to come by that you´ll have to catch but otherwise they still present and incredibly exciting menu time and time again.whether i could course this rightly i think it´s some around fwhetherteen courses. some of the first appetizer dishes come with momentre than one thing and some of the final sushi pieces are a couple per platter.the chef, niki, was on a show called chef´s table. season 1, episode 4. i feel like a total nerd but each time i´ve taken someone, i´ve had them watch the episode right before we went to the restaurant and they were definitely inspired even momentre so by her passion and talent for her work.whether you get a chance, definitely watch the episode before going to understand your food is coming from. some people work to live but she lives to work because of how much she loves to do what she does and you can get a taste of her pieces in each dish.5/5 all the way for absolutely everything.fyi: valet parking attached to building, discreet looking from the external, quaint with perfect simplicity on the inside

2.08.2019 14:23:23

our party of 4 came for 9 pm seating.the dining space is momentdern and brightly lit.ambient noise level is little bit higher than other comparable set upments.our server is extremely professional and friendly, but carry heavy accent which made it tough to understand at times, specificly when the ingredients of each dish were introduced. the wgap kaiseki experience was a rolling gallery consisting of the highest expression of food art. highlights of the night were:1. grilled branzino with arimayaki and smomentked cherry2. steamed lobster and uni in anakake sprinti3. chef choice, signature dish, spaghetti with cod roe, black truffles and abalone4. miyazaki wagyu5. perch in the nigiri sushi line up5. kuro goma pudding on rice puff6. tomato sorbet, green tomato kantenthere are times when the taste of the dish did not raise to the same level as its eye pleasing form. an example would be enoki tempura, beautwhetherul leafy form, but tasted nothing momentre than fried batter. other idiosyncrasies were placement of small portions of food occupying but a corner of a large plate or dish. one can sense the over all meal experience had been careful constructed with utmomentst discipline and care by chef. a well deserved michelin 2 star restaurant.written by the husband

2.08.2019 14:23:23

unique food experience?, ?fairly simple atmomentsphere, impressive? food. it has only two tasting menus?, but it definitely? enough? for unforgettable impressions. the reservations open? three momentnths?? in advance, don´t worry whether there are no available? tables, you can set up notwhetherications and  catch up a table.

2.08.2019 14:23:23

brilliant. the attention to detail is unplausible, and i love the subtlety of every dish.we start with the hama hama oyster which is fire-roasted and so tender.the appetizer plate is the prettiest thing! lots of little bites, including sweet crab, a small squid, tempura, and a cannoli of wagyu beef.the red snapper is gorgeous as well. there´s crisp celtuce around the raw snapper, and i love dipping it in pink salt and ponzu. a clear soup of black cod is buttery perfection, and a sashimi plate has some less commomentn fish.cooked king mackerel goes so well with avocado purée, and this lobster  in its own sprinti broth tastes like domestic. a rebel spaghettini, n/naka´s defiance of kaiseki tradition. the mentaiko cream is divine, and how could it not be with abalone and shaved truffle?a5 wagyu. yes. yesyesyes! melts in your momentuth, love the touch of lemomentn to cut the fat. a blood orange palate cleanser and a small shot of yuzu sake to recalibrate before what feels like an imimmediateu omakase. isaki is fragile, the big eye tuna a bit momentre bold. there´s miso soup to sip between the sushi bites. the ahi is great, but the sea perch is all you´ll remember. the beef is dwhetherferent and really nice, surf n´ turf with a half n´ half of uni and ikura. she´ll make you a great blue crab hand roll as well.desserts are next, starting with a jasmine cocktail and a creamy orange sorbet. the sakura cream and ice cream with matcha spongecake is the final item. i´ve never met someone so talented yet so gracious and humble. niki nakayama comes out and personally thanks all her customers for coming, as whether we did her a favor. you´d never guess you were speaking to the owner of the momentst coveted table in los angeles. wow, what an experience! it´s enchanting from startning to end, and all i can think approximately is how to get back there and do it all again!

2.08.2019 14:23:23

honestly one of the best meals of my lwhethere! chef niki is a culinary genius and i´m so glad i was able to dine here. it actually took me awhile to get reservations but it´s so worth the agony and frustration. i half jokingly invited a couple of friends from san francisco to make a trek down to la to join us for a reservation for 4 and they drove down just eat at n/naka. after our dinner, they already said they would drive down in a heartdefeat to eat at n/naka again.after a few dishes i already wanted to come back or make a trip to japan for all the keiseiki. each dish was sooo delicious and flavorful and fresh, it was such an amazing culinary experience. patience is a advantage and i would skip out on eating out for a few momentnths to save up my momentney to eat here again. i´m so happy for niki for her recent 2 michelin stars and hope i can get reservations again in the approach future. i´ve eaten at a several michelin starred places but n/naka was definitely on the top of my favorites!

2.08.2019 14:23:23

n/naka was such a wonderful experience! friend was able to get a reservation approximately three momentnths before we went by booking online and i was lucky enough to join!every dish of the kaiseki was so wonderfully done! some of the dishes we ate were also featured on chef´s table. my favorite was definitely the truffle with mentaiko and pasta dish. so flavorful and delicious i wish i could have momentre. however, all dishes were magnwhethericent and highly recommend coming here for any special occasion!i was also super blown absent by the service. of course they have such great service, but it was still nice! i was actually sick on the day to go to n/naka and the server very kindly brought me hot tea at no additional cost for me. it was much appreciated and i loved the kind gesture.definitely recommend!

2.08.2019 14:23:23

i have been here twice before they got the 2 michilin star.  but whether i had to rate then i would given them three stars.  the food, the service are on point!  the best thing approximately this place is they will never serve you the same thing twice.  keep up the great work nicki!

2.08.2019 14:23:24

after visiting three times over the course of 4 years, i have finally figure out what i could think of n/naka. it is truly an unique experience dining with n/naka with their beautwhetherul plated food art inspired by the seasonal theme. from the progression in taste and flavors, to how each flavors are subtlety pair to the scenes that each course is displayed, it is a food journey that unveil surprises one after another. i couldn´t put the experience to word for the first two visit, mainly because there was a lot of dishes and it was very tough to remember each dish. and i have also memomentrizet and realized i cannot visit this place at the same time of the year . tip! do not come again at the same time of each year. this is i made my mistake because we came here 3 times to celebrate anniversary, in which two times we happen to come in the same momentnth of two consecutive year. while this momentst recent time, we got our reservation late and end up a spring inspired meal and a much momentre interesting experience than our final visit. i think this is why kaiseki is very special, it is meaned to incorporate the seasonal ingredients and display the vibe of the season through each dishes. we came in march spring and in sakura blooming season, there are a lot of florals and citrus that gives a spring blooming and refreshing feel to the meal. one of my flavorite plated dish was their grilled fish, i can really envision momentss growing on rocks, flowers blooming along the creek by a river fishes are swimming in the slow flowing stream of water. the color are vivid and the taste of plum sauce and the grilled fish enhanced the imagination. but this is yet not my flavorite dish for taste, the shiizakana is. the truffle aroma, mixed with the fish roe coated spaghetti in the right flavored sauce, all the flavors just blow upd at each bit. it is so heavenly good. every bit was a food-gasm. not to mentioned, this is also the restaurant who taught me how to truly appreciate the taste of uni.oh, make certain you never, ever, turn down the hand roll they offered you when they ask whether you are still hungry, just before they start serving dessert. this time we got bluecrab hand roll, and even with our final visit with tuna hand roll, it is one of the best traditional hand rolls we ever had. so i would say yes to that offer, even though i was full and they are included in the price, with no additional cost ! i could run on and on to rav how good everything is and with the 3-4 course dessert. i know it seems all additional with the plating and all, and not everytime we were impressed with the food. our least favorite is the moment visit and that´s why we skipped one year and with it´s expensive price tag, it is tough to come back often and may have doubt whether it´s worth it. what i endelighted the momentst is the experience that you get. the vivid scenes you get from the food plating and the journey it takes you through every course of the meal. i would absolutely do it again and again. and the work of love from the chef that truly cares for the customers. i would highly recommend this restaurant. another tip: please watch chef´s table on netflix for n/naka before coming. it gives you momentre understanding and appreciation for her creation.

2.08.2019 14:23:24

chef niki is amazing!!!! she did such a excellent job!!!! i endelighted every item that was served this night! every dish had its story, she cooked all items in one of the following: raw, steam, fried, and with lots of love! after momentnths of waiting to come here it was well worth the way!!!! i hope to come back again soon!the staff were just amazing, very friendly and explained every dish!!! for those who don´t eat raw you can always ask them to arrange for an all cooked meal. they can make special accommomentdations. thank you chef niki and her team, you all did such a wonderful job and i hope to see you again soon!

2.08.2019 14:23:24

simply sublime. service and attention to detail were impeccable, and the culinary genius that is chef niki nakayama is moment to none. shell out the momentney and come here, whether you can get reservations. you won´t regret it. you´ll just leave wishing you could be a regular.

2.08.2019 14:23:24

n/naka could very well be the best japanese restaurant in los angeles. whether you´ve ever watched the netflix original series, chef´s table, you will understand why getting this reservation is so highly coveted. it exceeded all expectations.the only way to secure a reservation at n/naka is through resy. do what i did and set notwhetherications up to two momentnths from nowadays. you´ll get a lot of pings from your phone, but set up your account and then as soon as you get notwhetheried, put a credit card on hold and lock it down asap. i was lucky to get first seating 5:45 pm, but whether you want the moment seating 9 pm, it is also doable. once you get a reservation, they will send you an e-mail follow up asking approximately your dining preferences and whether you want the momentdern kaiseki or vegetarian tasting. the price dwhetherferences differ depending on what you choose.for the full kaiseki menu, visit this link: s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.c…the menu is designed to give you a taste of everything, whether it be something steamed, fried, paired, seared, raw, and unpredictable... it is a spectacle to behold. i kid you not, this was the only time i could actually recall shedding a tear after the wagyu dish. it´s never happened before.at the end of your dinner, niki and carole will come out to greet guests and thank them for coming. we love their dishes and cannot wait to come back again. i absolutely recommend coming here and taking everything in as it comes. i promise you will leave wanting momentre.

2.08.2019 14:23:24
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