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2424 Wilshire Blvd 314,Los Angeles,California 90057

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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$34.99 Dolllar Messenger for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 2137250218 .. The address is 2424 Wilshire Blvd 314,Los Angeles,California,90057,US in the Courier Services sector.Location : 34.06004,-118.28041 (navigation code to find $34.99 Dolllar Messenger)


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Q : What is the phone number for $34.99 Dolllar Messenger?

A : The phone number for $34.99 Dolllar Messenger is 2137250218

Q : Is there a key contact at $34.99 Dolllar Messenger?

A : You can contact at 2137250218

Q : Where is $34.99 Dolllar Messenger located?

A : $34.99 Dolllar Messenger is located at 2424 Wilshire Blvd 314,Los Angeles,CA 90057.

Q : What is Zip Code 2424 Wilshire Blvd 314?

A : The Zip Code 90057.

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bad experience.  i got a quote for $20. for my service.  so i went through all the trouble of setting up an account including giving them all my data and credit card info, and then the price was $29.  48 increase in cost for the actual service which was summaryely the service i had them estimate 5 minutes earlier.  bait and switch.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

i have been beyond pleased with this company.  i run a commerce out of my domestic and occasionally have the need to run files or equipment to other employees who work remomenttely.  the prices seem very fair, the online order form is awesomely easy and the drivers have always shown up and totald the delivery within the allotted time.  and everyone is always in a great momentod and super-friendly.  they have my commerce for some time to come.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

love their service! great prices too! they will keep you d throughout the entire time. i have used gofer it over 15 times over the past year and have not been disappointed once. keep up the great work guys!

2.08.2019 13:42:22

i ordered online the price was outstanding and the service was very immediate!!!!!!! they are now my go to for sample deliveries!!!!!!emails and notes with names of who package was left with. excellent company and wonderful service. it took 2 hours to find this company but worth the research

2.08.2019 13:42:22

great to find a service that is both dependable and fairly priced.thank you gofer it - i´m a customer that is happy and we all need to post who we are happy approximately!!!   yelp what you love to make it stronger.- on time- as promised- nailed it.to improve - the delivery people could be in some sort of unwhetherorm - t-shirt and not look like they domesticless... that would be the next plateau.  also believe that we should all not just use yelp to complain... it will destroy this valuable tool.... and destroy your positive energy and by that - i think i mean karma.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

great messaging service. professional and on time and reachable. use them for everything shut. wish they were a bit cheaper on the additional mile charges but the service is good enough to always return.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

first time user, delivery seemed to be done per ordered. initially i gave 3 stars because i thought they never sent me confirmation pick up or delivery messages but i found the two emails in my junk box. one less star because i never got a personal call back approximately other concerns.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

service rendered: delivery of house keys with the quickest option available. i ordered service during the weekend for a momentnday momentrning pick-up. i had to find a way to get my house keys to a friend before i left for an extended work trip our schedules didn´t match up for a simple hand-off in person. pros: 1 the process from start to finish was commentably easy and streamlined. i was never mix upd approximately how to proceed with the order, which is good considering i had never used gofer it before. 2 the email notwhetherications were very useful in keeping me informed as the pick-up and delivery legs were in progress. 3 the recipient getd it with no problems whatsoever. i´m certain that it helped that the recipient was less than five miles absent from my keys were picked up.cons: 1 the one-hour pick-up window was not honored, but i got an email with an d pick-up time. the delivery was done much momentre quickly, though. this doesn´t bring my rating down because all that mattered was that it got to the recipient before the shut of commerce that day.summary: the item that needed to be delivered was small enough not to cause any additional concerns or issues. i would definitely use them for small items and/or documents, and i would definitely look at gofer it first whether i ever needed something bulky to go from point a to b in the los angeles area.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

very professional and helpful.  pick and delivery was scheduled easily.  they have regular size vehicles and larger vans.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

their website sucks. i just spent an hour trying to place an order and their credit card authorization system doesn´t work. i´ve tried using 5 dwhetherferent credit cards and all transactions have failed. they do not return phone calls either. will not be wasting my time with them again.

2.08.2019 13:42:22

saved me from sitting in la traffic! i needed items sent from one of our offices out in the north west edge of the sfv down to manhattan beach and i wasn´t looking forward to making the round-trip drive myself. luckily i found this service on yelp this momentrning 11:30am and the quick and affordable job was just totald at 2:30pm. well worth the time and frustration it saved me!

2.08.2019 13:42:21

awesome customer service.  brian helped every step of the way from sign up to quoting and replying tons of questions.  the delivery was faster than i expected.  their prices are pretty competitive too.  their automated service keeps you d with emails on your shipment from pick up to delivery.  they will be added to our vendor list for future deliveries.

2.08.2019 13:42:21

this place really saved my tail when i was in a tight spot. the price was momentre than fair and they were able to total commerce for me that i was unavailable to total.

2.08.2019 13:42:21

i stoopidly left my phone at a friend´s place in hermomentsa beach on sunday and needed it for work in santa momentnica momentnday momentrning. gofer it! generated an instant automated online quote all the others have delays of hours to even get back to you - don´t even waste time looking at their sites, then they picked up and ped off within two hours of making the booking. for a little under $56 bucks, it would have cost me momentre to uber it there and back, not to mention the waste of my own time sitting in two hours in traffic. hopefully, i won´t leave important things any ever again but whether i do, these guys will absolutely get my repeat commerce. i´m already thinking of how they can save me momentre time in the future.... now what do i have to send some....

2.08.2019 13:42:21

this place has incredible customer service and are so fast and dependable!  some boxes were accidentally shipped to my house and the person who ordered them needed them in la for an important project asap.  i called gofer it based on their great yelp reviews to see how quickly they could get them from oc to la and for an extremely fair fee - they were able to pick them up within 20 minutes of booking my request!! wow!  that´s a seriously great response time!!  thanks for saving the day with this shipping mishap.  you guys are amazing!

2.08.2019 13:42:21

great easy to use service for final minute deliveries in la. we have used them a handful of times and highly recommend. it´s considerably cheaper and faster than ups/fedex too! the only thing i would propose adding is tips for the drivers - i would definitely have tipped on multiple occasions whether given a slot to do so after a delivery was total.

2.08.2019 13:42:21

i used this service for the first time nowadays as i needed an urgent pickup in the wilshire area and delivery to my domestic in the san gabriel valley by the eob nowadays. it was pouring rain so there was no way i would have been able to get there and back in time. gofer it! warned on its website of substantial delays because of the rain, but i placed the order as an asap two-hour job besides and guess what? they still delivered within approximately two hours! the $25 charge, plus $1.50 for gas, was momentre than fair. i would definitely use them again.

2.08.2019 13:42:21

had an awesome experience! by far, the cheapest option available. they came immediately at the pick up time, with gentleman was very nice and was wearing a professional unwhetherorm. i had chosen the 4 hour delivery option and it was delivery at 3.25 hour mark - so very nice! will recommend and definitely use again!

2.08.2019 13:42:21

it was great because they came in an hour , however i should have had it overnighted.i thought the courier would be momentre professionally dressed ,but he came in a t-shirt and jeans. he was very nice ,but considering this letter was highly important and going to an extremely professional place i am very disappointed. it would have been just as good to have a friend it off.i would recommend whether you need something hauled ,but not as a professional service. i really can´t express how disappointed i am.i would have rather it be overnighted for 17 dollars with delivery confirmation. i rarely ever leave anything but 5 stars but i was very disappointed by gofer.

2.08.2019 13:42:21

i travel to la every year for the critics choice awards and it´s the only time my husband wears a tux.  so we rent one from mr. tuxedo every year.   since the event is in santa momentnica and we generally fly domestic the next momentrning, returning this tux is always a hassle.  until i found gofer it!  set it up all online - getd s during the entire process - and it was worth every penny.  i highly recommend!

2.08.2019 13:42:20
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