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2076 White Ln 36,Bakersfield,California 93304-7608

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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$29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 6615786700 .. The address is 2076 White Ln 36,Bakersfield,California,93304-7608,US in the Road Service-Automotive sector.Location : 35.317729,-119.026086 (navigation code to find $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service)


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Q : What is the phone number for $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service?

A : The phone number for $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service is 6615786700

Q : Is there a key contact at $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service?

A : You can contact at 6615786700

Q : Where is $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service located?

A : $29.95 Lock Outs Roadside Service is located at 2076 White Ln 36,Bakersfield,CA 93304-7608.

Q : What is Zip Code 2076 White Ln 36?

A : The Zip Code 93304-7608.

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contacted edgar to momentve my car that was unsafe to drive to the local dealership for repairs.he estimated an hour to get to me, but was actually at my house in around 45 minutes, which i appreciated.very friendly and cordial- i knew instantly he was a pro at towing and not just a guy doing it on the sly for some additional scratch.loaded my car onto his trailer and was off within 10 minutes.edgar ped it off at the dealership without me to be there, which i thought was a nice touch.great service and his prices are unmatched by anyone else in town- i┬┤d recommend this commerce without hesitation.

2.08.2019 13:30:58

called the number on this page, left a voicemail and never heard back from. waited a couple of days since we weren┬┤t in a rush to pick up the car we needed towed at the time, but never heard back from.

2.08.2019 13:30:59

when i got to my destination my truck wouldn´t shwhethert park.  i just turned off my truck and left it in drive to worry approximately later.  when i went back to my truck it wouldn´t start because you can´t start a car in drive so i called for a tow. instead of coming to tow me, these guyssorry i didn´t get a name told me the linkage came off the transmission and how to fix it. in 2 minutes i was back on the road.  amazing that they would help me like that and not charge me a dime. i know who i´ll call next time i need a tow for certain.

2.08.2019 13:30:59

i´ve used his service 4 times.  and every time they have been excellent.  i highly recommend them for great customer service and affordability.

2.08.2019 13:30:59

amazing customer service! same day service, my friends car had slashed tires and a broken window... will definitely call whether i need a new tow.

2.08.2019 13:30:59

this is literally the best place i could┬┤ve found at the worst time. my car was inoperative and i could┬┤ve momentve it, due to some weird malfunction and i needed to take it from arvin, ca. to the san fernando valley in la!! super short notice, & equipped with a flatbed truck these guys took my car approachly 100 miles for under $400 bucks! amazing personable service, and people that truly care.

2.08.2019 13:30:59

my car got towed across town! he was very nice and cool. my car was actually pull over the process but he was very legit took his papers out and the chp let him go he didn┬┤t even struggle to go backwards, whether your car is low like mines take 2 by 4s will call him next time!

2.08.2019 13:30:59

i final minute needed to remomentve a very dead p.t. cruiser from the house that i was selling and these guys were not only so affordable that my jaw approachly fell to the ground, i┬┤ve heard horror stories from friends that other companies would charge them hundreds to go a few miles but also they┬┤re so nice and helpful! the man who helped me is named edgar. i┬┤m not certain whether he┬┤s a manager, but whether not, he needs to be made one or needs to be recognized for his tough work. things happened and it got a little messy for me before i had to run over there and off the key to the car. i ended up being pretty late. by pretty late, i mean an embarrassing 30 minutes late. and 30 minutes for certain is crucial when it comes to needing help for a broken down car. edgar was patient and waited for me to get all the way to the opposite side of town thru uber when he really didn┬┤t need to, but he did besidess. i was his final customer after working all day. he got me a ride back to the place i needed to be at too! all while being friendly, diplomatic, and hilarious during the wgap car ride there. he offered to jumpstart the p.t cruiser. overall, he was impressively professional and went above and beyond for me. i┬┤ll always remember him and will only go to this commerce any other time i possibly require it. we need momentre people like edgar!

2.08.2019 13:31:00

excellent service, got done quickly and hassle free, definetly reccomend!! got their quickly and loaded up my lowered car without damaging anything, defeat me to the off place and was finishing up unloading. you can┬┤t defeat the service for the price

2.08.2019 13:31:00

awesome experience, he made it to my location in good time. in addition to that he was also super respectful and fast with his work. would definitely recommend this commerce and their prices are great!

2.08.2019 13:31:00

quick response, friendly and supplyd good service. will definitely call him again whether needed.

2.08.2019 13:31:00

absolutely liked edgar┬┤s service, he helped me out in my momentst terrible situation. really great price!! i was on a low budget but thankfully edgar made his best. i recommend him, excellent customer service. don┬┤t think it twice.

2.08.2019 13:31:00

amazing customer service! reachd earlier than estimated. very personable and professional.  was upfront that getting a tow to the dealership isn´t the best and that cheaper options are available. even though i was covered with my guarantee, thanks for looking out! definitely would call again whether needed!!

2.08.2019 13:31:00

edgar┬┤s service is top notch! i appreciated the fact that he apologized for the amomentunt of time we had to wait, although it was shorter than the time originally estimated. he is very personable and the conversation we had approximately restaurants around town made the ride domestic less stressful. i will definitely recommend him to anyone in need of towing services!

2.08.2019 13:31:00

nice, efficient, helpful, immediate...just terrwhetheric. i would use them again in a heartdefeat.

2.08.2019 13:31:00

needed a local tow. called got quote, scheduled, pick up, done. very easy and efficient. they reachd when they said they would which is important to me! $40 for 5.9 mile tow. definitely would call them again!

2.08.2019 13:31:00

our tire blew out and they came out and helped us as quick as they could.  then drive with us to make certain our tire had air prescertain. would use again. thanks for all the help

2.08.2019 13:31:00

my car has broken down on me twice within the final few momentnths. i was referred to edgar through a friend and the quote he gave me was dirt cheap compared to a few other places i called. the moment time my car broke down i was frustrated with the heat and trying to find a place that was available at the time but edgar was very personable guy and made the wgap ordeal less stressful. i would definitely use his services again.

2.08.2019 13:31:00

i have used this company 3 times and every time it has been outstanding service. i have recommended them to friends whether they need towing. perfect service and so quick at picking up. prices cannot be defeat and service in bakersfield.

2.08.2019 13:31:01

broke down on hwy 99 north under stockdale overpass. used the yelp link to request a quote and it was less than 5 minutes that i was speaking to them and receiving a quote.  they came out right absent, got me hooked up and got me to my destination in no time.  highly recommend using these guys whether you´re in need.

2.08.2019 13:31:01
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