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630 Fremont Ave,Los Altos,California 94024

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$29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630 for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 6502004630 .. The address is 630 Fremont Ave,Los Altos,California,94024,US in the Doors-Garage sector.Location : 37.362245,-122.099593 (navigation code to find $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630)


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Q : What is the phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630?

A : The phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630 is 6502004630

Q : Is there a key contact at $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630?

A : You can contact at 6502004630

Q : Where is $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630 located?

A : $29 Garage Door Repair 94024 Ca 650-200-4630 is located at 630 Fremont Ave,Los Altos,CA 94024.

Q : What is Zip Code 630 Fremont Ave?

A : The Zip Code 94024.

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my garage door bracket associateed to the momenttor broke and i had sent a request for a quote - which matt had quickly replyed to on a friday night. my rollers and spring was badly worn out as well.matt came by the very next momentrning and i appreciated how obvious he was with his repair work. he was easy to talk to, friendly, and totald the job in a few hours.the parts he replaced were higher quality and thicker steel than anything i had on the original door. definitely would recommend his service to anybody!

2.08.2019 13:32:03

i want to share my experiences with matt: my garage door and opener are relatively new, approximately 4 years old. recently the door acts weird as it opens itself once a while. i called matt for an appointment the 2nd day with a window of 8:30-10:30am but he showed up around 11am without even calling with an eta. after arrival and listened to my description, he said he never saw this issue before and he quickly concluded it was the lwhethert door opener┬┤s circuits might be gone bad inside, and this momentdel is known for not being a good momentdel, and he offered to replace it with a new one shut to $1200. he also played around the door opener, and the opener control panel, and messed them up. i was able to open/shut the door with control panel before but now it does not work any momentre! he showed me how to manually open/shut the door by climbing a ladder to push buttons on the door opener. when i asked him to get back to the momentde before he said he can not, and i have to replace the door opener, or call lwhethert customer service. he left within half hour but he did waive the $89 fee given he messed up the control panel.i called another garage door repair guy in sunnyvale, he listened to my description and he told me over the phone it 90 was due to the control panel malfunction. he came in within half hour and replaced the control panel which costs less than $150, and the door works like a charm. when i asked him regarding the door opener momentdel and quality, he said it was a good product with good quality.to me, the experience is night and day.

2.08.2019 13:32:03

my garage door spring snapped just after i had ped the kids off to school, and my car was stuck in the garage and i badly needed to get it out by the end of the day, so i could get them domestic, but was unable to get the garage door open. so i reached out to a bunch of places on yelp. matt was one of the few who replyed quickly and agreed to do the work for a fair price. he was nice, fun to talk to, and didn┬┤t intellect me staying to observe while he did the work. however, as soon as he came, he said that i would have to change the rollers and the drums because they were worn out. i was hesitant, but he was persistent and explained to me that my garage door was noisy because of that and because there was no insulation on the door. so i agreed. suddenly, the price went up by $400! when i exclaimed at the high price, he agreed to give me a reduction. since my repairs were covered by my domestic guarantee up to a fair amomentunt, i also mentioned that they may not cover the drums and the rollers, but he said he would talk to them and make certain they covered everything. when he remomentved the drums, he showed me they were worn out and why they needed to be replaced, he also showed me the nylon rollers that he was putting in and they did look to be better.during the job, his son also came to help him, which was nice father/son working together. they replaced the springs and when i checked the work, the new drums were rubbing against the wall, so he agreed to redo it. once it was all done, he gave me the receipt and was off. the next day, insurance called me to say they would only cover a portion of the payment because rollers and drums are not covered. so i asked them to speak with matt, which they did. at the end of the day, i still landed up to spend $100 out of pocket. i┬┤m certain matt has been doing this a long time, so it would have been nice for him to be upfront approximately the fact that insurance generally don┬┤t cover these things. i would call matt again whether i had any issues with my garage door, but i hope he┬┤s done a good enough job that i don┬┤t need to... :-

2.08.2019 13:32:03

i backed my car with back door open. my son, didn┬┤t shut it al the way. my metal rod got bent. he thought he needed to replace it but was able to bend it to make it work. i also donot want to create a waste / landfill whether it can be used. overall good experience. i had this job done approximately 3 momentnths ago in sunnyvale.

2.08.2019 13:32:03

i compared a couple shops for a garage door replacement. matthew┬┤s quote came out a bit momentre expensive but after comparing with the door momentdel he is offering to others, it is worth the momentney. he can be a bit aggressive on getting the deal but he is actually very honest. good guy and good work.

2.08.2019 13:32:04

matthew was able to help fix the broken spring for my garage.   he was a friendly guy to talk to, and performed the work in a timely fashion.i am overall happy with the work.

2.08.2019 13:32:04

great service! the big spring that is needed to raise my garage door snapped in two and trapped my car in the garage. i┬┤m not strong enough to manually open the door so getting this repaired fast was critical. i called and matt came the same day with all the essential parts and fixed it on the spot. he even cleaned up and took absent the broken pieces so i didn┬┤t have to get greasy. great experience!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

my handyman installed my new garage door shutrs don´t do this wrong.  matt came out the same day i called and got them fixed quickly.  memomentrizeed my lesson!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

matthew and his crew were awesome - responsive to my initial outreach, scheduled me in quickly i had a broken torsion spring so needed help asap and wanted to replace my old garage door, walked me through the dwhetherferent options, and worked around my schedule. the project was done as promised - high quality and on time. he charged me summaryely what he quoted me on the phone, no added fees. i know who i┬┤ll be referring my family & friends to. thank you mc garage!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

it was serendipitous when we ran in to matt while he fixed our neighbor┬┤s garage door because ours had broken a few days before. it was a sunday momentrning and he was willing to come back just a few hours later to fix ours! i had anticipated calling around until we found a place that could come over during the week, never expected a same day service company.matt showed up as promised a few hours later and replaced our broken spring and old rollers. he was very fast, efficient and friendly. matt also walked me through everything he changed, showing me the broken parts and also demomentnstrating how to do preventive maintenance. his work and parts include a 1 year guarantee which is great.i highly recommend him whether you need any garage repairs!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

we tried working with another garage repair company that claimed to be fast but actually took over 8 weeks to get us a part due to many excuses. besides, to make a long story short we contacted mc garage doors and were pleasantly surprised to memomentrize that 8 weeks is a ridiculous time to wait for new springs and even a custom one could be made in like a day. wish we called them sooner. fast and professional. don┬┤t bother messing with any other garage repair company!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

matt was a pleacertain to work with. i needed my ancient sliding garage door replaced and called a couple of other garage door guys but they were clearly not certain of what needed to be done. matt took on the job at short notice since i was trying to momentve in. at the time of the installation he ended up charging me less than he had quoted since he was able to figure out an easier way to take care of the job!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

our garage door spring broke and we could not leave the house. i called several dwhetherferent places and it was matt from mc garage door who came within an hour to replace the spring in a snap. i had one of the springs replaced six years ago and remembered a great, quick service and it turns out it was mc garage again. these guys are genuine and knows what they are doing. thanks matt!

2.08.2019 13:32:04

our pretty-new garage door was acting haunted as in, it would start to shut, and then give up, as whether ghosts were standing in its path. we phoned mc garage doors in the late aftermidday, and the owner, matthew, agreed to come out later that evening. he reachd when he said he would, and diagnosed/fixed the door in a short time. he was easy and pleasant to deal with. we would hire him again.

2.08.2019 13:32:04

these guys are the real deal. after main them on for 5 momentnths, they replyed every message, understood my situation and always said, with no prescertain, when you are ready and you need us, we´ll be there generally the next day. well they went above and beyond that statement. once i cleared out enough space so you could turn around in the garage, i gave them a ring and they were there the next momentrning ready to go. but oh no i´d degreed it wrong so they had to get a dwhetherferent door and wouldn´t be able to get back til momentn. my fault no biggie, but i had messed up the door even momentre than when my daughter drove through it on thanksgiving, how could i protect it from cats, rats and coyotes? they actually helped me seal it back up so nothing could get in, unplausible.then approximately two hours later, they called back, on a friday aftermidday intellect you, and said they´d found a new door and they could rush it and get it installed right absent. then came the but... but, it´s a slightly momentre expensive door than the one we had in our estimate... oh the old upsell, nice right? wrong. another but.... but since you´ve been waiting so long, and we couldn´t get your door installed on the day we said we would, we will just forget approximately it and stick with the original estimate.  i said huh? what? they were back at my house in 40 mins with the right size better door at no additional charge because of my mistakes? wtf? yup. great, friendly servicemen, owner came to check everything was right and done strongly and by the book, charged me just what he´d estimated final thanksgiving, cleaned everything up perfectly, programmed the remomenttes for me and finished the entire job just as the sun was going down. the new door and momenttor are so quiet you can´t even hear them at all inside the house, the tracks have twice as many braces so they are solid as a rock and don´t momentve a mm as the door goes up and down, our old door sounded light a freight train going through our living room. i checked all the safety features so the door doesn´t crush anything that might be in its way, all perfect. friendly, smart, toughworking clean knowledgeable crew, great owner who would be the kind of guy you´d like to have a burger and a beer with, just absolutely no bs in any part of the entire process and bent over backwards to make their customer happy. outfits like this are tough to find, i would recommend them with confidence to anyone looking for a new garage door installed right and carefully that you can count on will do what they promise. five stars and a big thank you!!

2.08.2019 13:32:05

the tension spring broke on a sunday. called around, mathew was the first one to reply back. because it was an emergency, didn┬┤t really shop around for prices, but he came over pretty quickly and the work seems like it was done well. the garage door functions much quieter and smomentother now.

2.08.2019 13:32:05

matt at mc garage door did an excellent, immediate and thorough job replacing our broken garage door within 24 hours. i would highly recommend using them.

2.08.2019 13:32:05

i contacted mc garage doors when our garage started making horrible sounds and would not shut properly. matt came the same evening. he advised us honestly that it was not worth rebuilding our 40 year old door. i accepted his offer to replace the door and opener. the installation crew did a professional job. the door fits perfectly and runs smomentothly and quietly. the workers cleaned up the job site and matt reviewed the installation to encertain that all agreed upon items were properly d. i highly recommend mc garage doors.

2.08.2019 13:32:05

we called mc garage doors to ask approximately a new garage door installation.  we already had a good idea of the type of momentdel we wanted, and istina very quickly identwhetheried the momentdel and options we were looking for based on our degreements of the garage.  later that evening they came out to do a degreement on-site to verwhethery the size and installation requirements, and after getting a very competitive quote, we went with their services.on the day of installation, they worked with our schedule, and their workers did a fabulous job of installing a new garage door.  the installed parts were sturdy, level, and aligned, and the garage door with new opener, also installed functiond without any problems.  they gave us a run down at the end for how to function it, and matthew came at the end of the day to encertain that the installation was up to his standards.overall we were very happy with the responsiveness of matthew and istina, the quality of the installation, the attention to detail, and the ability to work with our schedules.  we would use their services again in the future and would recommend them to others.

2.08.2019 13:32:05

matt came over and looked at my garage door on the same day i called, and seemed like a really upfront and personable guy. he said he ┬┤didn┬┤t have the heart┬┤ to charge me $89 to do a repair that wouldn┬┤t final, so we shook hands and he charged me nothing. unluckyly his diagnosis was that our door was past repair, so we left it there - i can┬┤t comment on his work.i got the impression that he was an honest guy who wanted to feel good approximately his work, so i┬┤m giving him a good review.

2.08.2019 13:32:05
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