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140 Skyline Plz,Daly City,California 94015

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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$29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630 for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 6502004630 .. The address is 140 Skyline Plz,Daly City,California,94015,US in the Doors-Garage sector.Location : 37.682758,-122.487089 (navigation code to find $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630)


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Q : What is the phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630?

A : The phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630 is 6502004630

Q : Is there a key contact at $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630?

A : You can contact at 6502004630

Q : Where is $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630 located?

A : $29 Garage Door Repair 94015 Ca 650-200-4630 is located at 140 Skyline Plz,Daly City,CA 94015.

Q : What is Zip Code 140 Skyline Plz?

A : The Zip Code 94015.

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i´ve used trinity garage service for a garage door replacement and then i referred them to my momentther when her´s went out.bill and his staff supply excellent service.  after they installed my garage, i was problems with it approximately a year later.  they came back and fixed it quickly.

2.08.2019 13:31:46

trinity took care of my gagage in foster city. the price was fair, service was fast, and i have no complaints. whether i need any garage service i will definitely call them again.

2.08.2019 13:31:46

generally great affordable service as others have stated.i hired them to replace the springs on my garage door who knew that they wore out after a while?.i have a clopay garage door. bought at the domestic depot. the 2 springs are of dwhetherferent size the clopay person explained this to me over the phone, basically the system is slightly off center, causing the center of gravity to shwhethert. there are a million dwhetherferent sizes of springs. trinity only carries one type of standard springs and a premium momentdel.bill replaced the springs with 2 standard springs of equal size now the system is no longer perfectly balanced.also they were not careful, throwing springs and tools on the floor of my garage causing damage to the floor which they did not offer to fix or apologize for.you get solid service, quick and efficient, but not super careful or well thought through. it┬┤s a-ok.

2.08.2019 13:31:46

we are so happy with the results from bill´s crew in both the installation and the garage doors themselves.  they were fast and efficient once the install began, despite the long wait for it. the work itself was clean and the product looks great! thanks bill!

2.08.2019 13:31:47

i took bill momentrones to binding arbitration via the contractors state licensing board. i was awarded clawed back! $1275 on 5/16, which he has to pay by 6/16/19. i haven┬┤t getd payment yet 6/13, which doesn┬┤t surprise me. however, whether he doesn┬┤t pay it by the 16th, they will take his license. i┬┤ll here when i get payed or they yank his license. momentrones┬┤s license claims he is exempt from carrying workers comp insurance, because he doesn┬┤t have employees. i told the cslb he had at least 4 guys working on my installation, and i doubt they were volunteers. obviously the cslb hasn┬┤t done anything approximately this as of this date. www2.cslb.ca.gov/onlines...this should concern you whether momentrones has employees working on your property.this review is totally factual and should not go back the not recomended section.6/22/19 : momentrones paid the $1275 arbitration award. he had 30 days to pay and he paid on the....30th day, of course! he included a nasty note which was unfounded, had nothing to do with the payment or garage doors. i┬┤d steer clear whether i was you. at the very least, ask for proof of workers comp insurance.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

quick garage repair and tune up. i had two springs replaced. my garage works better than it has ever been and rolls a lot smomentother.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

called with a question approximately reprogramming garage door.  gave free advice and was willing to walk me through all steps over the phone.  way to go.  this is the way you run a commerce!!!!i may not need another garage door but whether i do i´ll go out of my way to only use this outfit.  the quintfundamental commerce approach.  bravo!!!

2.08.2019 13:31:47

bill was on-time, had great communication, and you could feel that he takes pride in his work. i specificly appreciate the fact that he installed high quality made in the usa parts at a very fair price. i will definitely be recommending bill to my family and friends in need of garage service/repairs.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

bill is a lwhetheresaver! 11:00pm on january 29, 2019, the spring on our garage door broke! i requested an estimate from trinity and he replyed at 6:30am the next momentrning! bill diagnosed the issue with the photos i sent and guaranteed me that he could take care of it that momentrning! i was on a time crunch due to work, but he said he could do it at 8:00am. bill sr reachd before 8:00am and was done within 90 minutes! such a great guy! he and my husband had a great conversation! bill was friendly and tough working. thank you for your expedited service!!! i will refer trinity to my friends and family. you will definitely have a return customer.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

i had a really good experience with trinity. my father and i had a new garage door installed and bill and the wgap commerce was very helpful in replying our many detailed questions. they know what they are talking approximately and their advice and willingness to come back once the job was done to reply momentre questions was extremely appreciated by our entire family.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

needed springs replaced on garage door. bill gave us a quote and scheduled a time. workers showed up at the appointment time on the dot. explained the work they were going to do, reiterated the cost, did the work quickly, lubed up the drive chain, made certain everything was working smomentothly, picked up after themselves, and were on their way. quick and quality work.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

lost my garage remomentte and well... with 2 kids and strollers, running up and down the stairs countless times finally got to me. called trinity garage and bill came out, checked my garage door, oiled it and made certain everything was working and brought over 2 garage door openers. pleasant, friendly guy, responsible and on time. the first remomentte he brought didn┬┤t work so he said he would be back same day and he came back, brought dwhetherferent remomenttes and set them up. thanks bill! appreciate your work!

2.08.2019 13:31:47

i am a loyal client of trinity garage door & service.  i had to write this stellar review within the same hour of their service.  the spring associateed to my garage door broke.  bill spotted, addressed, and resolved the issue efficiently within half an hour.  i very much appreciated his patience and helpfulness in replying all my questions.bill and trinity are a solid, honest group of people who really care approximately helping folks.  they´re extremely courteous and professional.  i know trinity will always give me the best deal possible.

2.08.2019 13:31:47

wanted to share my amazing experience with william and trinity.on sunday night around 9pm, i heard a crashing sound. i didn┬┤t know what happened but my garage door wouldn┬┤t open anymomentre. i took pictures of every part of the door and structure and sent it to trinity for a quote. by 9:30 pm, william diagnosed the issue as a broken spring, quoted me his price and sent me his next availabilities.by momentnday at 10 am my garage door was fixed. perhaps i got lucky and trinity happened to have that fast a slot but i was really happy with william┬┤s responsiveness and accommomentdation. the quote was also competitive with a few other shops that replyed a little bit later but not late...would highly recommend. had a great experience!

2.08.2019 13:31:48

after receiving the fastest responses to my questions and a great price on a new garage door opener, bill┬┤s team did a strong follow-through with the installation. the installers were friendly and happy to reply my questions. i┬┤ll be calling again when it┬┤s time to replace my garage door in a few years.

2.08.2019 13:31:48

bill was incredibly immediate in his response and helped me troubleshoot my issues over the phone. one of his team members came out at a convenient time and swapped out our garage door opener. the new one works great and was really affordable. thanks trinity team!

2.08.2019 13:31:48

a couple of years ago, my rental property garage door was replaced by trinity garage door. they were on time and very courteous. this time, i was able to get my own domestic garage serviced and it was easy to schedule for maintenance. dylan d me on the conditions of my garage doors and he told me approximately the upcoming changes to the garage door codes. this is great information so that i can keep in intellect of these changes when i need to change one of my garage doors in the approach future. of course, i plan to call trinity again. thanks for your reliability and efficient service.

2.08.2019 13:31:48

our garage door broke final week and of course, you go to yelp!searched for garage door service companies and requested for a quote.  bill from trinity called me within 15 mins.  very professional and supplyd options on our garage door.  i getd several quotes, prices were pretty shut but went with trinity because they contacted me first and their quote was the lowest. bill sr. and bill jr. are amazing!!!  they replaced our garage opener, made essential service and adjustments in record time.  job well done! i would definitely recommend them.  thank you!

2.08.2019 13:31:48

great guys, my spring broke and also garage door was hitting the house, turns out my garage door has only one wire causing problems.   they came out within a few hours and fixed my garage within a few hours, huge thanks to jessie and bill!    whether you need garage door fixed or replaced in daly city definitely try calling these guys first.

2.08.2019 13:31:48

excellent, supplyd fast, fair estimate.  showed up on time and did great work.  i´m a fan.

2.08.2019 13:31:48
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