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8640 Skillman St,Dallas,Texas 75243

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Phone number 2145535200 .. The address is 8640 Skillman St,Dallas,Texas,75243,US in the Hair Salons sector.Location : 32.895115045639,-96.7219706624334 (navigation code to find $ 100 Braids)


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Q : What is the phone number for $ 100 Braids?

A : The phone number for $ 100 Braids is 2145535200

Q : Is there a key contact at $ 100 Braids?

A : You can contact at 2145535200

Q : Where is $ 100 Braids located?

A : $ 100 Braids is located at 8640 Skillman St,Dallas,TX 75243.

Q : What is Zip Code 8640 Skillman St?

A : The Zip Code 75243.

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a little unprofessional when it comes to keeping appointment times, but they do good work and they finished pretty quickly

2.08.2019 13:21:13

i am visiting dallas and 100 braids was recommend to me from a gal at the store. i called to make an appt,  super easy and quick to get in.  when i got here mary and awa helped me choose the best style braids and color all staying within my budget. getting braids in takes fairly a long time,  but they both worked tough and fast all the while all the patrons and employees chatting absent like a beauty shop should be. i loved the atmomentsphere,  i love my braids, i loved the care that was taken by mary and awa to help me feel beautwhetherul.  i would highly recommend.  every time i come to texas i will come here to get my hair done!

2.08.2019 13:21:13

stop complaining, half of you all are impolite! have very nappy brittle hair and donot wrap yout hair at night. just cut it all off guys because you all complain every you go. fyi doing nappy hair is not easy nor cheap!! perm it, flat iron it. better yet comb it out.

2.08.2019 13:21:13

whether i could give a negative star i would. first of all, do not let the name idiot you. i could not find much on their menu of services that were actually $100.  momently, they are so unprofessional. what is the purpose of an appointment time whether you aren´t going to honor it and just keep taking walk-ins?  i went to this place off of a referral for quick, cheap service. this was neither. for typical box braids, the cost will be approximately $180. although i was guaranteed 2 people would work on my daughter´s hair and that it would take 3-4 hours, it took approximately 6 hours!!! for rather large braids i might add. ladies, i know we love to have our hair done but please stop spending your momentney on poor service and mediocre service.

2.08.2019 13:21:13

i wanted to give a new review due to a new experience, which lead to a downgrade in my review! i wanted to do a follow-up, so that everyone can benefit from my experience with the salon. i went back to get my senegalese  twist and first let me say that whether you want to have a better experience you may want to do what i did, and that is to call them before your appointment to make certain that they are on time so that you´re not sitting there waiting, momently make certain you have a experience braider. when i got here at my appointment time after calling and making certain that i would be seen in a timely manner, i still waited 45 minutes, one of the braiders started on the back of my hair, and i think she was not as experience because it took her a long time, but then a momentre experienced braider came and did the front which didn´t take her as long, but 6 hours later my hair was done. the momentre experienced braider that did my hair apologize profusely and said that normally it would take approximately three-and-a-half to four hours and she was very sorry that next time it won´t take as long. also, the less experienced braider was worried because my hair was natural, and i always get braids with my hair natural, and that was very concerning. after this experience i must say my hair did come out looking good again. this is my third visit and i haven´t had any complaints approximately my hair until now, after day two i had 5 twist come down, and i had to retwist them, now week two half of them have slipped, now i have to get my hair redone in a week. i think because my normal braiders are there anymomentre, i am going to try bithia braiding salon, wish me luck!! ugh

2.08.2019 13:21:13

i´ve been going to this braid salon fo approximately 1.5 years.  i like the way they braid my hair, but they can be unprofessional at times. i can tell they don´t like to braid natural hair. whenever i get senegalese twist, they always try and talk me getting box braids. ann the ethiopian girl complained approximately doing my hair because it was too thick. i told her whether she had an issue doing my hair that i would leave. they do good work, but need a lesson in professionalism.

2.08.2019 13:21:13

whether you have thick or natural hair dont go here.they for some reason cant handle that type of hair you have been warned !!!!!i went in yesterday just for a takedown and the lady that was  remomentving my braids was very very rough! on top of that ,she kept pulling and yanking out my hair.i had to tell her to please don´t pull my hair...and then the lady kept huffing and puffing as whether i irritated her.another big issue is that the people that work on your hair likes to´ pick and choose´ on who hair they want to work on. the first lady she told to do my hair made this frown as whether my hair was disqusting im100 naturali wont return to this unprofessional place again

2.08.2019 13:21:13

i don´t even want to give this place one star. their customer service is damn approach non existent. it is truly terrible. the manager doesn´t even know anything approximately how a hair salon should be run. appointment times don´t matter because you´ll get there and there´s a long wait or they´ll ask you to come back in another 1-2 hours. no phone call ahead of time to reschedule,  heads up, apology or anything. do not go to this shop

2.08.2019 13:21:14

buyer beware! this will be long because i´m pissed approximately not only the poor service i getd but the insulting treatment by this salon. i got senegalese twists done sunday 7/14/2013 and at first glance and from far off, they´re okay. but many are frayed looking the braider didn´t make much attempt to trim, and some are loose and one has even come totally a part...that was the one i could see. now the ones that are done properly look great the problem is there were so many that were loose, or jagged and i don´t see them finaling the standard two momentnths, whether that. whether it were only one or two, i´d be okay. but i paid $180 and many are not neat. the worst part is when i expressed my grievances to the owner, she said they are beautwhetherul and my experience was normal. the actual braiders in the salon however, were silent when i asked them the same question.  when i looked at the owner´s own hair that were older than my own by at least 2 momentnths judging by her new growth, but didn´t even look as worn as mine, her reply was that hers were $350?? they were smaller than mine, but the same length...no does her site advise that price determines quality!!   and for $180 i should´ve gotten better than my braids looking ragged and coming a part after 72 hours. the owner was only willing to fix the twist that had totally come a part, and two others. she flat out stated that she wasn´t going to go back and fix a lot of them...bc i was searching for problems??? whether there were no problems to find, then there would be nothing to fix right?!!  the owner is a sleaze.  even momentre ridiculous, when i began questioning the owner momentre, approximately whether or not the way my hair was looking was normal or standard, bc i have never worn senegalese, she would never reply a question directly, pausing when i compared mine to her own, and then threatening to call security!!! intellect you, she had not even asked me to leave!!! she wasput on the spot, and nervous because she knew the service i had getd was not up to par, but she wasn´t willing to have to pay one of the braiders to spend momentre time to fix it, so she began cowering.  the salon has great photos on their fb page, and even when i compared the photos that lured me in to what i getd, her exact words, were photos can sometimes be deceiving!!!!  i realized many of the reviews i read are from 3 momentnths and older and they momentnitor what stays on their site.  unluckyly, i missed a post by a young lady under the recommendations on their facebook page who was actually complaining that her 2 week old micros are already slipping out! had i seen her post before i went, i would have contacted her before scheduling. as i stated, the twists in my hair that are not frayed or coming apart are very pretty. but there are so many that are bad, i know that the $180 i spent will not take me further than a momentnth. my hair does not look like i just got it done 3 days ago and definitely not like i paid what i did. yeah, these braids fit the name of the commerce, definitely $100 not $180.  do not go to this braid salon. when they mess up, the owner will not honor the work, so you´re playing russian roulette, depending on who´s braiding and whether or not they are in a rush. 12 photos

2.08.2019 13:21:14
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